some ways to make money fast online

12 Best Ways To Make Money Fast Online A Young Entrepreneur, 2022, Follow These Steps

Ever thought of making money online? That is a beautiful idea! But how can you possibly achieve that? In this post, I am going to outline exciting and easy ways to make money fast online and wean yourself off poverty.

A lot of people contact me either by phone call, Email or other means, and the most critical question that runs through our conversation is:

  • “Tell me how I can earn money urgently.”
  • “What ideas can you give me to make money fast”?
  • “Is it possible to earn quick cash with online business”?
  • “Give me the proper ways to make money from home.”

The truth is that these questions make all the sense in the world, especially in a period as complicated as the current one in which there is a lot of unemployment and people without an unemployment benefit.

I will try to give you a serious answer without making false promises. Before starting, let me clarify that I will not talk about illegal practices or services.

some ways to make money fast online
Strategy to make money online

Why Should You Establish Business Online?

The Internet has changed so much in our world. As consumers, the standard letters have been replaced by emails. We talk to each other via Skype instead of burning our wallets with long-distance phone calls.

And we shop at Amazon instead of fighting to find a parking spot and deal with the crowds at the local mall.

The internet is a real space for people to start their own business, reaching an “endless” audience, without barriers of space.

It is important to remember that a great deal on the internet requires more than a good idea, requiring effort, dedication, time, knowledge, and experience.

When your business is based on generating income online, you access clients around the world that you do not know. Your products or services do not depend exclusively on how your country is economically, and sales are not limited to your working day.

And the best thing is that you can make money online from your home, in a cafe, on the beach, in your free time or basically, from anywhere with a computer with an internet connection.

So much so, that for some years, the traditional business world has been completely transformed. And today, it is challenging to find a successful entrepreneur who has earned his fortune and who is not online.

Enough of the talking shop!

How to Make Money Online Without Investing Much Money:

With so many alternatives to make money online, not only has the reality of the business changed, but it has also changed the lives of people and, therefore, the labor market.

Today there are hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities to earn money online without investing much.

Indeed, today you can make money without working for companies or individuals, and this is what this article is about.

Below you have a series of very interesting alternatives to earn money online, which require little investment and will help you to make a living.

The idea of this article is that after reading each of the options you have here, choose one or two that catches your attention and start working on it in your free time.

It is not necessary that you give up your work and devote full time to develop this idea (although if you can do it, you will see the results faster), you can do it in free time while you take your business online and then take the leap.

Finally, before seeing the business ideas, it is essential to clarify that, the fact that it is a business online, this does not mean that results will be seen in seconds as many believe.

In order for these businesses to be successful, you must dedicate time, resources, and be constant so that you begin to see the results.

Now, this is how you do it!

1. Earn Money By Filling Out Paid Surveys

survey online make money
Answer survey questions

Making money online with the paid survey is quite straightforward. For many, it may seem strange that you can get money just by completing a survey, but there is a good reason for it.

Your knowledge and your opinion are worthy of gold for companies as all companies need to do surveys to test their products and it can be an excellent opportunity to make money.

There are significant differences between the various survey companies, and if you do not know where to do it, you can quickly sign up for useless pages.

Below is a list of the best pages for paid surveys.

Before you start waging money on those questionnaires, there are a number of things that are good to know.

When Filling Out The Form, Consider The Following

  • Make an email address dedicated to paid surveys
  • Check both the email and the survey platform
  • Register as many of the recommended portals as possible

It is not a mere coincidence that taking surveys is on top of our list. A research study was conducted by the PEW Research Center to find out what new internet users did after receiving a tablet computer.

The results speak for itself in the infographic below. As you can see, 39% of the people used their computers for online surveys. This shows how people using surveys to make money online.

what users do online
The study by PEW Research Center

The study also shows that only about 12% of American adults remain offline.

Pay attention to this on the survey pages:

  • Avoid having too much money with the survey company. By this, I mean cash out your money as soon as the minimum payout is reached.
  • Stay away from offers that seem too good to be true.
  • Keep track of completed surveys
  • Complain if you feel cheated
  • Never pay money to participate in online reviews. No serious company will ask you to pay money before taking part in their survey.

2. Sell Your Photographs In Image Banks

It is also very likely that, on your computer or your phone, you have a large number of excellent quality photos that have never seen the light, beyond a social network.

Are you aware that could be generating income if you take the time to build your online catalog with those pictures?

How does the sale of photographs on the internet work?

It is a relatively simple process. Basically, you can sell pictures on the Internet through “microstock” or image banks.

Why will we focus on this online sales mode? Because once you build your catalog, it will only be necessary to wait until the hundreds of people, companies, and agencies that visit these catalogs daily, are interested in your photographs and want to buy them.


You register, arms your catalog and these agencies, which act as intermediaries, sell them directly to those people interested in acquiring them. It’s that simple.

share beautiful pictures make money
Make money with your beautiful pictures

Where To Sell Your Pictures?

  1. Adobe Stock Photos
  2. iStockphoto
  3. Stockfresh
  4. Fotolia (Now Adobe Stock)
  5. Shutterstock
  6. Dreamtime
  7. BigStockPhoto
  8. CanStockPhoto
  9. GettyImages

Mind you, do not expect to become a millionaire overnight, nothing like that has ever happened. The business is not to sell a few photographs at a very high price but rather the opposite.

Sell many of your photographs at a lower price (and in many agencies), and that will make a difference.

3. Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants help small businesses that can not afford to hire a full-time secretary or who need, from time to time, to delegate specific administrative tasks.

As a virtual assistant, you have flexible work schedules, and you can earn up to $250 per hour. Does that seem to be something for you?

Setting up your own Virtual Assistant business may seem like hard work, but I’m sorry to tell you that it’s actually the easy part.

You must have some experience in this area before you start as a virtual secretary though.

If you have some experience with administrative tasks, this may be the best way for you to become a successful entrepreneur.

4. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

earn extra money from affiliate program
Earn from affiliate marketing

Simply put, you are a brand ambassador for a company or a product.
Affiliate marketing has been around for decades. This kind of marketing is where the companies ask someone else to advertise the product.

When this person becomes the salesperson, the company pays him/her the percentage of the sale. In 2016, U.S. retailers spent $4.7 billion on affiliate marketing.

Projection is made that by 2020 U.S. affiliate marketing expenditure is expected to rise to $6.8 billion. So why wait?

You do not necessarily need a website or blog for that, but you need an audience. Although affiliate marketing is well suited for bloggers, creating and distributing content is not necessarily the case.

If you are a member of a business or affiliate network, you have a link that allows you to track purchases made by your link. This can be shared through social media networks or even via Emails or messages.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, completely distant, and passive.  According to a study by marketing firm Custora, 16% of all online orders are generated through affiliate marketing.

You only need time and effort to promote your recommendation and content and then spread it, and that is it!

5. Write And Sell Your Books Online

As an e-book publisher, you have several options available to sell your works.

You can create your website and sell your digital book directly online. You could make a PDF available to your readers, for example.

A simple cart or PayPal link can be used, and you are good to go. A reader visits your site, they order, and they get a download link and get your book.

It’s almost entirely automated, and you just keep an eye on the process to make sure the site is working well.

The advantage is that you control the entire process, get all the customer information (so you can promote additional products, services, or books) and you can charge higher prices.

One of the easiest ways to sell e-books is to work through a third-party site like Amazon.

You may have ordered products, even books, from Amazon in the past so you can grab this excellent opportunity and make money with your e-books fast.

6. Earn Money Online With A Blog

make money from blog
make money with your blog

The moment comes when you may want to start making money from your blog. Or you might start a blog with the intention of generating revenue from it.

In any case, blogging has grown into a hugely profitable business over the past few years, and it’s natural to want a piece of that cake.

Do not make things worse: it takes a lot of time and effort to earn a decent income from your blog. It may take three years for you to start earning a living from it.

Maybe it will not take you so much time, but it does not happen immediately.

It is the same patience that was exercised by successful bloggers like Jim Harmer before he earned a steady stream of income of over $40,000 a month from just one of his blogs.

It means that though this will take some time, the returns on investing your time is almost always positive.

Some Practical ways to make money fast online with your blog:

  1. Join Advertising networks. The best-known platforms are Google Adsense,, ADman Media, Taboola, among others.
  2. Promoted content. That is what we talk about in affiliate marketing.
  3. Sell advertising space on your blog.
  4. Offer personalized advice via Skype or other means about the subject you are experienced in on your blog.
  5. Use your blog to sell your own physical or digital products.
  6. Use your blog for seminars and events.

7. Make Money By Writing Articles

People who find it easy to write, especially journalists and people related to social communication, have an excellent opportunity to earn money. The emergence of the internet has become a new source of income.

Writing online pays well and is in very high demand with fireworks and continuous web growth.

Major corporations often outsource their content to independent contractors, allowing authors to have the freedom to write from home.

Most employers want a writing style that is easy to understand and relate to their readers.

This means simple, conversational English rather than formal academic writing

8. Earn Money Online With YouTube

Many experienced artists are well familiar with YouTube Content ID, but a large number of people either do not know much about it or understand how it works.

Although Youtube has modified its policies on how to earn money with their system, it is still one of the most lucrative alternatives to make money online for those who create audiovisual content.

The whole World Wide Web was brought to a standstill when Fusion, (now SplinterNews), reported that one of the Youtubers Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg earned $7.4 million from his YouTube channel in a year.

The question you may be asking yourself is whether Youtube is a license to print money? Of course, nothing is ever as simple as it looks, and YouTube is not the panacea of your dreams.

Your target may indeed not get to where “PewDiePie” has gotten to on the ladder of Youtube. The trick is, Start small, Be dedicated, and Grow BIG!

9. Buy And Sell Web Domains

The sale of domain name to Quinstreet, which paid a record price ($ 16 million) in 2009, but even longer domain names are regularly sold for hundreds of dollars each day.

The result is a unique opportunity for investors to invest in domain names that can be sold for a profit in the future.

Creating a high-quality domain portfolio can take months or years to complete. Often the key is to find domain names that can become popular in the future and buy hundreds of domains.

Others choose to buy some high profile domains and keep them, hoping their value will increase.

10. Earn Money In Fiverr Offering Your Services

Fiverr is a marketplace for odd jobs and services (gigs) that can be run by ordinary people working from home.

Fiverr has experienced substantial growth and now offers more than 1.9 million jobs and more than 4000 new services in 120 categories. You can never be left out!

The best thing about Fiverr is that anyone can register and offer their own little job and earn some Dollars.

How to make money on Fiverr:

  • Find out which gig to propose.
  • Register on
  • Describe your service in either a publication, a video or both
  • Start making money

11. Create And Sell Audiobooks

You can sell audiobooks that you have done in the comfort of your home.

However, you must market them for people who might be interested in purchasing these visuals and audio.

12. Offer Your Design Services In 99Designs Or Upwork

99Designs and Upwork are the two biggest marketplaces where you can sell or get connected for what you need.

You can also go there whenever you need a good professional service.

Depending on your experience, you can offer your services according to the needs of your clients.

Some Other Profitable Ways to Make Money Online

The following are some other ways to make money online:

  • Manage social networks for small businesses:
  • Earn money online with foreign currencies and the stock market
  • Review and test websites
  • Sell what you no longer use on eBay, Tonaton, and OLX
  • Earn money online by selling your tweets
  • Sell your used books on Amazon
  • Become a tutor and monetize your knowledge

Keep Calm and Implement These Strategies

As you can see, to make money online, you do not need to be very proficient with the computer. You do not have to be a rich person or invest thousands of dollars to achieve success.

I hope this post has helped you to know more about how to earn extra money online in the most “fast” way I know. And I also hope that it has become clear to you that making easy money and finding ideas to do it is not so complicated and not so easy too.

In summary, you must understand that the virtual world is like real life. There are similar businesses out there, but instead of their clients coming from their city, they come from all over the world.

Having a fair idea of the various ways to make money fast online, I implore you to sit back and analyze each point mentioned in this post.

Have you already chosen a way to make money on the internet that is working for you? Is there anything I forgot to include, or you have tried but simply not working for you?

I think it will be very helpful to share it with us in the comment section.

Please, if you found this page useful, kindly share it with your friends.

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