Current Treasury Bill rates in Ghana for 2019

Current Treasury Bill Rate In Ghana (2019) – By Bank Of Ghana

Are you interested in treasury bills? In today’s topic, I will walk you through why you should have one and the latest treasury bill rate in Ghana.

Treasury bills are the most easily traded securities of the money market. The main reason why many people use it is due to its security and simplicity. T-Bills are in essence used by the government to raise funds from the public.

Here, we refer to the Government of Ghana treasury bills, but many other governments issue equivalent securities.

What are the main types of treasury bills in Ghana?

As it has been stated earlier, treasury bills are short term. The various treasury bills listed on the Ghana money market are listed below:

  • 91-Day 0r 3 month Treasury Bill.
  • 182-Day or 6 month Treasury Bill.
  • 365-Day or 1 year Treasury Bill.

The chart below shows the latest T-Bill rates as published by BoG.

Current Bank Of Ghana Treasury Bill Interest Rates For 2019

Date91-Day Interest Rate182-Day Interest Rate364-Day Interest Rate
20th May 201914.9189%15.4674%18.0056%
13th May 201914.8706%15.3536%18.0255%
6th May 201914.7569%15.3263%18.0115%
29th April 201914.6688%15.0669%18.0105%
22nd April 201914.6634%15.0684%19.75%
15th April 201914.7078%15.1005%18.0472%
8th April 201914.7105%15.1192%18.0146%
1st April 201914.7266%15.1646%18.0964%
25th March 201914.7176%15.1595%18.0866%
18th March 201914.715%15.1501%18.1898%
11th March 201914.7071%15.1474%19.75%
4th March 201914.7085%15.132%18.0287%
25th February 201914.7079%15.1324%19.75%
18th February 201914.1888%15.1258%19.3827%
11th February 201914.7092%15.1537%18.1559%
4th February 201914.696%15.1446%18.2755%
28th January 201914.698%15.1452%18.2104%
21st January 201914.6908%15.1122%18.1602%
14th January 201914.6263%15.0865%16.5672%
7th January 201914.5963%15.04456%18.7341%

Note: You can use online treasury bill interest rate calculators to calculate your actual earnings based on the amount invested and the maturity date.

Furthermore, there are other options available if you want to buy treasury for longer years.

The Ghana treasury bills are short-term securities with maturities of one year or less issued by the Bank of Ghana (BOG).

Treasury bills are sold at a discount. The Government of Ghana uses this method to borrow money from individuals to embark on developmental projects.

In practice, the difference between the purchase price and the amount repaid at maturity is the interest paid to investors.

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The objectives of the T-Bills

The aim of treasury bills is to obtain short-term financing at the lowest possible cost. Due to the high liquidity of the letters and the low risk associated with them, the interest that the State must pay to use this method of financing is not high.

The country or government that issues public debt with Treasury bills seek to obtain funds from the markets by committing to their return together with previously established interests.

Due to the nature of these financial assets, it is typical for the interest receivable on an annual basis to be normally fixed.

In addition, the amount and the date of collection will be previously specified at the beginning.

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Advantages of Treasury Bills

This type of public financial assets has a substantially lower level of risk than others from the private sector. The reason why the Treasury bills have lower profitability levels.

They are considered the financial assets with the most moderate risk that exists in the market.

Treasury bill (T-Bill) is the main instrument that a country has to obtain financing in the short term. They do not usually offer annual coupons because of their short duration.

That is, as we have said, it is less than 12 months. The most common is that the letters have terms of 3, 6, and months.

In summary, the importance of the treasury bills are:

  1. They tend to have a lower risk. They usually have lower profits depending on the treasury bill rate in Ghana.
  2. For treasury bills, the interest is higher as compared to a bank savings account.
  3. Its maturity is short term
  4. You can use your T-Bills as collateral.
  5. You can decide to reinvest both your principal and interest or choose to withdraw your interest but roll over your principal.

The Treasury bills are issued at a discount. At the end of the transaction, the difference between the purchase price and the value of the bill is the interest you earn.

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Who can buy treasury bills in Ghana

Anyone can buy treasury bills in Ghana. The business is open to all Ghanaians as well as foreigners either resident in Ghana or living abroad.

There are no restrictions.

You can buy the T-Bills on either the primary or secondary markets.

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