How to register, login, reset password of Access Bank Nigeria internet banking

Access Bank Nigeria Internet Banking, 2022, Register, Login & Use Online Banking

Today, we have a detailed guide on how to register, login, recover password, and check account balance for Access bank Nigeria internet banking service.

Since Access bank introduced online banking to its Nigerian customers, it has given many of their customer total control over their bank accounts as they can do more online through their bank account.

We all know how tedious it is registering for online banking services, but with Access bank Nigeria, it is very easy and simple.

Although the application process is simple, it still troubles some customers to sing up for the service. Hence, this guide helps you set it up very easily and quickly.

You have to need their requirements, and with an internet connection, you are good to go.

Before we proceed, let’s find out what their requirements are.

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Access Bank Online Banking Requirements

What is required of you, if you want to register or apply for online banking of Access bank in Nigeria?

  • You should have an active bank account with Access bank
  • Bank account information
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email address

If you have the above details, let’s find out how you can register for the online banking service.

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How To Register For Access Bank Nigeria Internet Banking Service

These the steps you must follow if you want to register for Access Bank online banking in Nigeria:

  1. Open your browser and visit the Access Bank Nigeria official website here
  2. Hover your cursor over the internet banking tab at the top right corner.
  3. Click on “Individual” to continue with internet banking registration.
  4. The Access Bank Nigeria online banking website will open for you.
  5. Click on the “Sign Up” button to register for the online banking account.
  6. Enter your Access Bank ten (10) digits account number.
  7. Follow the instructions to complete your online banking registration and make sure you provide valid detail.

Now you are signed up for the service, and the next thing you should do is log in with your details.

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How To Log Into Access Bank Nigeria Internet Banking Account

Follow these steps if you want to log into your Access bank account online:

1. Go to the Access bank Nigeria internet banking website below

2. Enter your Access Bank Nigeria username.

3. Click on “Continue” to login to your internet banking account.

4. Input your password and click on submit.

5. If you entered the right login credentials, your account would open for you.

Also, it is vital to note that you can lose your password, maybe you forget it or have some challenges.

When that happens, it makes it very hard to access your account.

The good news is that you must not worry when you face such a dilemma as there is a way to recover your account password.

You can read below to find out.

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How To Reset Or Recover Your Online Banking Password

These are the simple steps you can use to rest your Access bank online banking password on Nigeria:

  • Open your browser and visit the password recovery page here
  • Next, click on “Forgotten username or password”.
  • Click on “Reset Password”.
  • Enter your Username.
  • Input your Access Bank Nigeria account number.
  • Now, click on “Get New password” and continue the password recovery process.
  • Follow the next instructions to reset your Access Bank Nigeria internet banking password.

We highly recommend, you always check your account balance more often.

That is a good measure as it helps to give you update information about your account status.

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How To Check Your Access Bank Online Banking Account Balance In Nigeria

If you want to check your Access bank internet banking account password in Nigeria, follow the steps below:

1. Open your browser and visit

2. Enter your Access Bank Username.

3. Click on the “Continue” button to check your bank account balance.

4. Type your password and click submit.

5. Once your online banking account opens, navigate to account information or click on accounts to view your current balance.

That is how you check your Access bank online banking account balance.

Features Of The Digital Banking Service

These are some of the features of Access bank online banking service in Nigeria.

  • View your account balance.
  • Access your bank statement.
  • Send and Receive money from in and out of Nigeria.
  • Pay your utility bills instantly.
  • No fees are charged for accessing the service.

That is how to register, login, reset password, and check account balance of Access Bank Nigeria internet banking account.

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