15 thoughts on “Fidelity Bank Ghana, 2023, Flip Account, Mobile Banking, Fixed Deposit Rate”

  1. Obed Mensah Sarbah

    what do ur service charge for current account?I’m Mobile money merchant and susu service as well and l wanted to open an account with fidelity bank.l want to kwon abt it.

  2. Rosemond Kyerewaa

    Great guide for new customers to fidelity bank. But with the way the banking sector in Ghana is suffering, a strong regulatory body is needed to restore confidence in the sector.

    1. Hello Rosemond,
      Thanks for passing by and leaving your comment. The banking industry in Ghana is undergoing a serious transformation. Let’s hope for the best for Ghana and Africa at large.

  3. Anita Brunstedt

    I think I’m cheated from people who use Fidelity Banks name.
    I’ve sent money in 2018, because they have a fund in my name, but I think it’s a scam. I totally ruined because of this and today I got another mail, where they want me to get my money, but I’ve to pay for the transfer.
    The one I suspect is involved is a former UN Barrister Jared Smith, Accra
    The “banker” has never written his name.

    Is this mail address to you:

    1. Hi Anita,
      Sorry to hear your plight. I strongly suggest you contact Fidelity Bank and let them know about this. You can call Fidelity Bank Ghana on 3355 or +233245226400.

  4. Asantewaa Nancy

    I’m in Finland now but i want to know my account balance in Ghana i was saving at Berekum branch.
    I finding difficuties in checking it.

  5. koranteng Bernard

    Hello sir ,
    how much is the interest rate if i make fixed deposit of 3,000.ghc for 3 months.

  6. Christopher Botchway

    Pls, I still don’t understand the explanations on the flip account. I opened a flip account just two months ago. However, I already have a salary account. I have downloaded the app which I use frequently, but my problem is that I’m unable to withdraw money from my flip account. Though both accounts are showing on the app. As soon as I want to transfer money to my mobile money and I want to select the flip account to be debited, the app only gives me access to the salary account to be debited instead of the flip account. Pls, help me.

    1. Hi Christopher,
      Sorry to hear that. Please kindly contact the Fidelity Bank customer care and I believe they will sort you out.
      Looking forward to positive feedback from you soon.

    1. Hi Christiana,

      Glad to see you around.

      Sure, you will be able to open an account with Fidelity Bank Ghana but that can be done under totally different conditions, though very simple.

      All you need to do is to download the forms using this link: https://www.fidelitybank.com.gh/downloadables/forms.

      After downloading the forms you need to fill it and send hard copies to this address:
      Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited
      Ridge Towers – Ridge, Accra.
      PMB 43 Cantoments Accra, Ghana

      Please note that the documents needed are the following;
      1. Your passport with Visa stamp
      2. Your resident permit
      3. Address confirmation (Driver’s License /Bank account Statement)
      4. One passport size photograph

      NB: You will also need confirmation from an existing Fidelity Bank customer.

      Please note: The final decision to create an account rest with Fidelity Bank Ghana, so it is advisable to contact their customer service before you begin to open an account with them.

      Good luck in your endeavor.

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