WhatsApp Block Screenshot Of Chat In 2019 Update feature

WhatsApp Update Block Taking Screenshot, 2023, Activate Screenshot Notification

WhatsApp has recently announced that its new update will bring a series of changes. Notable among the changes is that WhatsApp will block taking a screenshot of chats when the authentication feature is enabled.

This option is similar to the update announced some time ago by Instagram.

In that update, Instagram indicated that by taking a screenshot, the user of that account would be notified.

This alerts the user that a screenshot had been taken in one of his photos.

Most people want to enable WhatsApp screenshot notification in 2021.


Many WhatsApp screenshot apps have been developed solely for capturing statuses, chats, profile pictures, and other stories including video calls.

So, to some people, there is a need to introduce something to provide some sort of privacy for users.

The new beta update of WhatsApp on Android brings new security features and an improvement in facilitating the handling of Stickers and emojis in your conversations.

WhatsApp works on improvements to the fingerprint authentication function on Android devices.

WhatsApp has been testing the possibility of restricting screenshots of chats protected by this security measure.

According to Wabetainfo, if you block the WhatsApp screenshot with the fingerprint feature, you will not be able to take screenshots when you enable the authentication feature.

At the moment, the reason why WhatsApp has decided to disable the WhatsApp chat screenshots when the fingerprint is enabled is unknown.

However, it would be an additional measure to protect conversations of a private nature.

The feature is temporarily available in beta 2.19.106 of WhatsApp for Android, according to Wabetainfo.

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How People Reacted To The WhatsApp Screenshot Block

This already generated a bit of dissatisfaction among users, because the fingerprint block is already active on iOS devices and the option of taking screenshots is not restricted.

So far no further details of what other changes WhatsApp will have in its new update have been revealed.

Because of that, you need to stay tuned to this guide and keep checking it from time to time for confirmation on the update.

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Improvements in the WhatsApp photo editor

The new WhatsApp beta update also introduces a change in the interface of WhatsApp.

For Android users, there is a panel in which the stickers and emojis are displayed in different tabs.

The photo editor, which comes out before sending a photo to a chat, will now show the stickers separated from the emojis.

And it is organized into different categories so that it is easier for you to find what you are looking for.

With this function, you can now put stickers in images, videos, and GIFs. Also, a search engine will be added.

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Does WhatsApp Notify When Someone Take Screenshot In 2021

WhatsApp does not notify you when a screenshot of your status or videos is taken.

Some time ago people had the belief that WhatsApp will notify you when someone takes a screenshot of your status, profile picture, or chat.

Later in the day, the CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum made a statement refuting that claim.

Most people are also particularly worried about the screenshot of WhatsApp video calls.

Just three (3) days ago, after WhatsApp introduced the fingerprint authentication feature blocking screenshots, people have started asking questions.

Some people are confused as to what will happen to those who don’t like the fingerprint authentication feature in the beta version of WhatsApp.

What I know for sure is that WhatsApp does not notify anyone of a status screenshot or whatsoever.

What you need to know is that WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for all chats.

Meaning, WhatsApp screenshot notification is not available in 2021.

Meaning, neither third parties nor WhatsApp can have access to your chats.

Therefore, it will be very unlikely for WhatsApp to know what a user is doing.

That is if someone takes a screenshot of your chats, profile picture, or status WhatsApp will not be aware.

It is, therefore, necessary to utilize the fingerprint authentification feature in the beta version in order to block taking screenshots.

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WhatsApp Status Privacy Settings For 2021

It is sometimes necessary to enable status privacy on your WhatsApp. For you to see the Status Tab on WhatsApp, tap on the three (3) dots at the very top right corner of the WhatsApp screen near the search icon.

Follow these steps to complete the settings:

  1. Next, select settings.
  2. Select Account
  3. Then tap on Privacy.
  4. You can enable or disable status privacy for either your contacts or a category of people.

You can also decide to share your profile picture with your contacts or not.

Can You Take a Screenshot Of Someone’s Profile Picture Without The Person Knowing?

Yes. That is possible. As you have seen earlier, you can take a screenshot of a WhatsApp profile picture without the person knowing because all messages on WhatsApp are encrypted. Because of the encryption, no one can see when you take a screenshot.

WhatsApp does not inform you when someone opens your profile picture, and so are you or any other person not notified when a screenshot is taken.

Is It Illegal To Screenshot WhatsApp Messages?

It is not illegal to screenshot WhatsApp messages. Usually, problems arise when you post a screenshot of the message you have taken online and that can result in serious legal action.

So you are free to take a WhatsApp screenshot but you must be careful with what you use the picture for and also how you even save the screenshot.

It can be a video call, status, or even a WhatsApp DP, you still need to know how to use the Screenshot.

WhatsApp Video Call Screenshot In 2021

Can we take a screenshot while doing a WhatsApp video call?

This is one of the numerous questions some of our readers keep asking about the WhatsApp screenshot method.

Taking a screenshot of your video call is possible.

Yes, you can take a screenshot while you are making a WhatsApp video call.

You need to note that you still need to use the default screen capture system on your mobile device.

For example, if you are actually using an iPhone device, you can take a screenshot of your video call by simultaneously pressing on the volume up and the side power button keys.

If you are using an Android phone, you can take a shot of your WhatsApp video call by following the same procedure as you used to take a normal screenshot on your smartphone.

There is no policy that prevents users from taking a screenshot of the video call.

So, for those asking how to take photos during WhatsApp video call, you have it now.

How can I find out if a person is taking a screenshot during a WhatsApp video call?

To find out if someone is taking a WhatsApp video screenshot is very challenging to find out.

This is because WhatsApp does not give any notification when someone takes a screenshot.

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