How To Unfriend Someone On Bereal

How To Unfriend Someone On Bereal, Unfollow On Bereal

Are you no longer interested in seeing a Bereal from a friend? Kindly read this guide to know how to unfriend someone on Bereal.

After creating an account with Bereal, you are required to post a Bereal before you can add friends.

After adding friends, you can unfollow them when their posts are no longer interesting.

Most people, especially those new to Bereal, need to learn how to unfriend someone on Bereal, and in this guide, we shall give you step-by-step guidelines.

Can I Unfriend Someone On Bereal After Add Them As Friends

Yes, after you have added someone as your friend on Bereal, you can unfriend them if you are no longer interested in the content they share on their timeline.

Can I Add Someone Back After Unfriending Them

Yes, after you have unfriended someone on Bereal, you can add them back to your friend list. However, they must accept you before you can add them back.

How To Unfriend Someone On Bereal

Here is how to unfriend someone on Bereal:

1. Kindly open the Bereal mobile app on your smartphone

2. Enter your account details to log into your account.

3. On your timeline, navigate to the profile of the person you want to unfriend.

4. Open their profile.

5. Next, click on the three dots at the top right corner of the app.

6. Now, tap on “Remove Friendship.”

8. Click on “Confirm” to unfriend them.

That is how you can remove friends on Bereal.

How Long Does It Take To Unfriend Someone

Unfriending someone does not take more than 2mins, and they will be removed from your friend list.

If you remove their friendship, you can add them anytime you wish.

However, if you block them, you must unblock them before adding them back.

When you do not want to see their post again, you can choose to block them and more.

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