How To Buy ECG Prepaid In Ghana With Mobile Money

How To Buy ECG Prepaid In Ghana With Mobile Money – Step-By-Step

Are you wondering how to buy ECG prepaid with mobile money?

If that is what you seek to do, then you are in the right place. The Electricity Company of Ghana has introduced this revolutionary means of buying prepaid credit on your meter very quickly.

There are several instances when you may be in dying need of credit on your ECG prepaid meter, but the time of the day, as well as the distance between you and the nearest ECG vendor, makes it difficult to recharge your meter.

That is a thing of the past.

Yes. You no longer need to walk several hours or travel long distances just to buy the ECG prepaid units on your meter.

There are actually several and better options available for you to buy prepaid units right on your phone and in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are in Ghana.

Nowadays, there is no more a long queue at the ECG outlets. With your phone, and with or without internet data, you can buy ECG prepaid in Ghana with mobile money.

In this very article, I will take my time to teach you how to recharge your ECG prepaid meter using mobile money.

Follow me gradually as I walk you through the process step by step.

How To Buy ECG Prepaid Credit With Mobile Money Through Third-Party App

The advancement of modern-day technology has paved the way for the introduction of mobile apps. Apart from the commercial intent with the creation of these apps, its usefulness in our daily lives is evident in our domestic activities.

Gone were the days when no one would have imagined buying credit and loading it on a meter. But now, we are in 2020. We have gone past those orthodox ways of using electricity.

Myriad of mobile applications have been developed that will help you recharge your ECG prepaid meter at the click of a button.

Here are some of the mobile apps that you can use to buy ECG credit on your prepaid meter:

  • ECG Power
  • Epower
  • E-Prepaid

All these mobile applications help you to buy your ECG prepaid units and pay with your mobile money.

Sounds convenient, right? Yes, that is the power of technology.

Having listed the essential mobile apps that you can use to buy ECG prepaid in Ghana, let me take my time to explain how to download and use each one of these apps to buy units on your prepaid meter.

Please note that the official app released by the Electricity Company of Ghana is the ECG Power app.

How to buy ECG prepaid unit with mobile money

ECG PlayStore Rating screen

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How To Use The ECG Power App to Buy Credit On Your Prepaid Meter

The Electricity Company of Ghana developed the ECG Power app, and it seeks to help you load credit on your prepaid meter right on your mobile phone.

To download the ECG Power app on your android phone, follow these steps:

1. Open the Google PlayStore app on your phone.

2. Enter ECG Power in the search bar.

Searching for the ECG Power app on PlayStore

Search for the app on PlayStore

3. Tap on the search icon.

4. Select the ECG Power app.

5. Click on the “Install” button and the installation process will begin.

Click on the install button to install the ECG prepaid app

Install the ECG app

6. On average, it should take less than 1 minute to download and install the ECG Power app on your phone.

7. After installation, tap on Open.

8. Wait a few seconds for the ECG app to launch.

When you first open the ECG Power app to buy prepaid

ECG Power App

9. You will be taken to a screen to register on the app.

Please note these important features of the ECG Power mobile app:

The ECG Power app is the first on the list when you search, and it has the official ECG logo.

As at the time I was writing this article, the ECG Power app had a file size of 6.4MB and was rated 3.9 out of 31 reviews.

The app had been downloaded over 100 thousand times.

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How To Register For The ECG Power App And Buy Prepaid Units

After you have successfully downloaded the ECG Power app and installed it on your android phone, it is time to register and use the app.

Here are the steps to register on the ECG Power mobile app:

1. Tap on the app on your phone.

ECG prepaid registration screen

The ECG Prepaid registration screen

2. Enter your email address in the first box.

3. In the next box, enter your phone number.

4. Next, enter your password.

5. Confirm your password.

6. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Accept ECG prepaid Terms

Accept ECG Terms

7. Click on the small button to accept the terms and conditions.

8. Lastly, click on Register.

After clicking on Register, you may be asked to save your password.

Click on save to store the password on your phone to allow you to quickly login to the app.

That is it. You have successfully registered for the ECG Power mobile app on your android phone.

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How To Login To The ECG Power App On Your Android Phone.

Before you can log in to the ECG Power app, you need to first of all register and install the app on your android phone.

If you have completed the previous steps of registration and installation, then follow these steps to log in to the app:

Login screen when buying ECG prepaid credit via mobile money

ECG Power App Login Screen

  1. Tap on the app on your phone.
  2. Enter the actual email address you used to register the app.
  3. Next, enter your password.
  4. Click on the Login button
  5. You will then come to the home screen with some icons indicating what you can do with the app.

Yeah, it is as easy as that. You are logged in to your ECG Power app.

You can now start buying prepaid credit on your meter.

Steps to Purchase Your ECG Prepaid Using The ECG Power App

Now that you have downloaded the ECG prepaid app and installed it on your phone, what are you waiting for?

It would be best if you started by purchasing your prepaid units online using the app.

Yes, that is the main reason why you downloaded the ECG app.

ECG Prepaid Home Screen

ECG Prepaid Home Screen

Follow these steps to buy the ECG prepaid credit:

1. Login to the ECG app.

2. On the home screen, select “Make Payment.”

3. Tap on the “Prepaid Top-Up.”

How to buy ECG prepaid using mobile money

Make Payment

4. You will receive a prompt to add a prepaid meter to buy the credit.

Add ECG Ghana prepaid meter

Add ECG Ghana Prepaid Meter

5. Click on OK.

6. After that, another prompt will pop-up indicating that only smart prepaid meters are currently supported.

Click on Proceed to Add ECG prepaid meter

Click on Proceed to Add prepaid meter

7. Click on Proceed.

8. Enter your meter number.

9. You can enter the account number and the unique name, but those are optional.

Buy ECG prepaid through mobile money

Enter your ECG meter details

10. Click on OK to continue.

11. Follow the prompt to enter the amount you want to buy.

12. When all is set, select your payment option, thus MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, or other options.

13. Enter your mobile number and the amount you are buying.

14. Finally, click on Submit to make the payment.

Please note that you can download the ECG app for Android here. For those who use Apple devices like the iPhone, you can download it here.

How To Buy ECG Prepaid In Ghana With Epower App And Pay With Mobile Money

Another useful app you can use to buy the Electricity Company of Ghana prepaid credit via mobile money is the Epower App.

Like the official ECG Power app, we discussed previously, the Epower app is also available on PlayStore. You can download and use the app to buy ECG prepaid while you make the payments with your mobile money.

Follow these steps to download the Epower app and buy ECG prepaid credit with your mobile money:

  1. On your Android phone, go to PlayStore.
  2. Search for “Epower.”
  3. Select the app which has the red and white logo by Fucah Technologies LTD.
  4. Click on “Install“.
  5. Wait for a few seconds. Depending on your internet connection, the app might take some time to install on your phone.
  6. When the installation is completed, tap on “Open”.
  7. Sign in with your phone number and password.
  8. You will come to the “Buy Prepaid” page.
  9. To buy prepaid credit, enter Meter ID, Amount, Meter owner name, City/Town.
  10. Click on the Buy button to purchase ECG prepaid credit and pay with your mobile money.

That is all you need to do to buy your ECG prepaid credit with the Epower App.

Types Of ECG Prepaid Meters By The Electricity Company Of Ghana

Prepaid meters were introduced in the year 1994. Since then, it has helped to eradicate power theft, making billings easier between both the ECG and it’s consumers (Ghanaians).

Due to the fast-growing technology in the way of carrying out services, the ECG prepaid meter services have gone through several phases.

The prepaid meters help the consumer to know the status of power, how much of energy they have consumed, how much they have left to spend, and how many days they have left.

Since then, the ECG has introduced different types of prepaid meters to consumers, with each of them taking the task efficiently.

Though due to the introduction of smart services and billings, the ECG has taken into account to move all its customers to the smart prepaid meters. This may take time, and it is ongoing in various areas.

You should know the type of prepaid meter you use, in order to understand the services compatible with your meter. The list below is the types of ECG prepaid meters offered to consumers.

The following are the types of ECG prepaid meters:

  • E-CASH I
  • ECG E-CASH I prepaid meter.

The ECG E-CASH I prepaid meter is deployed in the following areas:

Cape Coast, Kasoa, Kasoa South, Swedru, Akim Tafo, Koforidua, Nkawkaw, Ho, Agona, Bibiani, Takoradi, Afienya, Krobo, North Tema, Nungua, Prampram, South Tema, Akim Tafo, Koforidua, and Nkawkaw.

In case you live in any of those areas, you are likely to have the ECG E-CASH I prepaid meter.

How To Know You Have The ECG E-CASH I Prepaid Meter?

The ECG E-CASH I prepaid meter comes with the following features:

  • It is not a smart meter.
  • It comes with a smart card, given to customers upon the issue.
  • The smart card that comes with the meter is what users will use to loading money unto the meter from vending stations.

So at a glance, and with these features in mind, you will know that you are using the ECG E-CASH prepaid meter.

Just take note of the features outlined above.

How To Read Your ECG E-CASH I Prepaid Meter To Know The Status

To read your ECG E-CASH I prepaid meter is very easy, use the following steps below:

  1. To read your meter, you need physical access to your meter.
  2. Stand in front of your prepaid meter.
  3. Look at the top right corner of your meter and locate a push-button below the card slot(reader).
  4. Press the push button five (5) times to display your monthly consumption information.

If you have done this successfully, you will be able to read your ECG Ghana ECASH 1 prepaid meter easily.

Yes, it is as simple as that. You do not need to stress yourself that much.

However, on the information that will display on the screen, you will see the following message:

1)The total amount of energy consumed since the meter installation on the page (1) in kWh.

2)The amount of money you have left on your meter in cedis, on the page (2)

3)Amount of power consumed since last recharge kW on the page (12)

When the meter is recharged, cash is received, and the meter computes customer’s tariffs as they keep using electricity each month.
Bear in mind, VAT and NHIL levies are all included in customer’s bills. Also, the service charge is billed to every customer at vending stations each month. And this applies to all other meters.

How to get your ECG meter in one week

Are you in a new house, that requires you to get a new meter? Don’t worry, it is easier than you think.

Among the Ghanaian residents, has always been a mentality that you will need to pay huge sums of money before acquiring a meter from ECG for personal use.

However, many of these people get it wrong. The Ghanaian constitution makes it possible that every citizen has the right to acquire basic amenities such as education, hospitals, electricity, etc. through any legal means without stress.

While ECG itself has been campaigning against such act (paying ECG official bribe to acquire meter), it is also the customer’s responsibility to use legal means to apply for meters.

Just follow these easy steps to get your ECG meter in one week.

1) Locate the nearest ECG office.

2) Fill applications form and submit your application.

3) After submitting your application, pay for both meter fees and any service charge included.

4) after going through the process above, you will be given an estimated time for processing.

5) if you have gone through all the process hurray!! You are one week away from getting your ECG meter for your new house.

NB: Before installation could be done for a new house, a pole needs to be erected, and usually takes some time as it requires engineering study.


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