How To Post A Bereal

How To Post A Bereal, Step-By-Step Guide

Are you new and want to know how to post a Bereal? Kindly read this guide to get full details on that and many more.

Bereal is the new social media platform that is taking over all the excitement and connecting people to real-time socialization.

With the Bereal platform, everything you share there is without editing, which case makes the platform real.

However, many of us have been very limited in using social media and the already existing app features.

This time around, Bereal is here to give you a new experience and a way to share content on social media.

So you should not worry if you are new to the platform and do not know much about that.

In this guide, we shall give you a step by step guidelines on how to share content on Bereal.

If you are ready, let us begin.

When Can I Post On Bereal

Just like any social media app, you can share content on Bereal at any time of your choice.

However, Bereal sends you two notifications daily to share a Bereal.

These notifications can come anytime, and when they pop up on your phone, you have 2 minutes to share a Bereal.

How Many Times Can You Post On Daily

You can share as many times as you want on Bereal, but they normally send you two notifications to post daily.

Requirements To Post A Bereal

Here are the things you need if you want to share a Bereal:

1. Bereal App

2. Active internet connection

3. Working front and back cameras.

4. Active Bereal account.

How To Post A Bereal

If you want to post Bereal, please follow the steps below:

1. Kindly open the Bereal App on your phone.

2. Enter your Bereal login details to sign in to your account.

3. On your timeline, you will see “Post A Bereal.”

4. Tap on “Tap Post A Bereal.”

5. Kindly switch between your front and back cameras depending on which one you prefer to use for the snap.

6. Now, take a shot of what you want to share with your camera. Note that it will feature an image with both your face and the image you took.

7. Now set up the audience you want to share with, either your friends only or the public.

8. Now tap on “SEND” to share your Bereal.

That is how to share a Bereal.

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