best real estate companies in Ghana

List Of Best Real Estate Companies In Ghana, 2023, Buy Affordable Properties

Are you looking for the best real estate companies in Ghana for 2021? Maybe you are an agent or a broker who wants to partner with a credible estate company.

Worry no more!

There are many real estate companies in Ghana.

best real estate companies in Ghana
Real Estate Companies

I may not be able to cover all the companies that deal with the sale of properties in Ghana, but I will do my best to give you the most reliable ones.

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The real estate companies are primarily responsible for the acquisition and sale of land, renting and leasing of properties, as well as building and selling their properties.

It can be residential real estate or for commercial or industrial purposes.

What I can promise you is a complete list of the best and the most reliable real estate companies that are operating in Ghana now.

Some of the estate companies are only found in Accra while others too have offices in different towns like Kumasi, Kasoa, Takoradi, Koforidua, etc.

I have handpicked a few trusted real estates and given an overview of what those companies are all about.

These include Devtraco, Trasacco Valley, Appolonia city, Castle gate estate, KAS estates, and Lakeside Estates.

Now, here is the list of the best real estate companies in Ghana:

1. Devtraco Real Estate Developers, Ghana

With Devtraco, you enjoy quality housing and state-of-the-art building technology.

Employing over 500 people, Devtraco is one of the prominent and largest real estate companies in Ghana.

The Devtraco properties span the length and breadth of Accra.

These include Devtraco Courts at Tema Community 25, the Greda Housing project at Teshie-Nungua, Devtraco Villas at Baatsona, and Dovehill Estates at Spintex.

It is only the real estate developer in Ghana to receive the CNBC International Residential Property Award.

You can find their head office at the 2nd plot after Coca Cola plant, off Spintex road.

Call Devtraco real estate on this telephone number: +233 302 810275.

Visit their website here

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2. Trasacco Estate (Best In Accra)

The Trasacco Valley is a destination for those who want a serene environment for a home.

It is a real estate company in Ghana with much dignity and reputation.

Trasacco has excellent state-of-the-art products and construction techniques to give you the comfort you deserve.

You will enjoy several unique and decent homes at Trasacco Estate.

The address 0f Trasacco estate is UPO PMB, LG 21, Accra – Ghana.

Telephone: +233 302 823 475.



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3. KAS Estates Ghana Limited

Located at Tesano and opposite the Ghana Telecom University College is one of the most excellent real estate company in Ghana.

KAS estates provide affordable real estate development ranging from Building and construction, land sales, the sale of building materials, land documentation, etc.

The prices of the plots of land at KAS Estates range from GHS 3,500 to GHS 25,000 depending on your budget and the location.

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For those who cannot afford the instant payment, KAS estate has an installment payment plan that can bring some relief to all.

Call KAS Estate’s main office on +233 302 963 740 or send an email to

Visit the website for more information

4. Appolonia City Estate, Accra

It is one of the biggest real estate companies in Ghana.

Designed purposely to suit your comfort and lifestyle, Appolonia City real estate is a world-class master-planned city in Accra.

With over 30,000 acres of projects in major countries in Africa such as Kenya, DR Congo Nigeria, and Zambia, Appolonia city is a trusted real estate in Ghana.

The main aim of the Appolonia City estate is to provide quality housing and commercial property in Ghana.

If you want a real estate in Ghana that you can trust, live, work, shop, relax, and enjoy much more, then check Appolonia City.

They are located within Accra and situated between Oyibi and Afienya.

Contact then on this phone number: +233 542 777 222.

You can also email Appolonia City real estate at

For more information about Appolonia properties, visit

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5. Lakeside Real Estate – Ghana

Lakeside is another leading real estate company in Ghana which specializes in providing quality and affordable homes for residential and commercial needs.

The lakeside communities are well-planned for school, residential, and industrial projects.

The road network at the Lakeside estates are well connected to enhance vehicular flow.

Also, the Lakeside Marina provides recreational centers for the residents and the public at large.

The prices of the plots of land and other properties are very flexible.

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Locate Lakeside estates on the 7th floor, Silver star tower, Airport City.

You can place a call on +233 302 775 043 or +233 (0) 204 775 043.

Send your inquiries to

For more information about Lakeside Estates, visit

6. Castle Gate Estate Ghana Limited

It was established in Ghana as a real estate serviced plots marketing company in Ghana.

The Castle Gate Estate can boast of putting smiles on the face of many Ghanaians who purchased plots of land and other properties from them.

Castle Gate makes acquiring litigation-free properties very easy.

They have also completed many affordable housing projects for all manner of people ranging from low, middle, to high-income earners.

Locate castle Gate Estate near the Tema motorway roundabout on the 2nd floor of the West African decor tiles building just adjacent to the Total filling station on the Akosombo road.

Call Castle Gate estate on the following numbers: Tema office (+233 5012 89314), and Adenta office (+233241398176).

7. Regimanuel Gray Limited (Top Estate Developers)

Since its incorporation in 1991, Regimanuel Gray has been one of the formidable real estate companies in Ghana.

The company is a partnership between the Ghanaian company Regimanuel Limited and two (2) other companies, namely ABRAAJ Group and STI Global.

They have acquired much expertise in land acquisition, building and construction, as well as electrical and water distribution networks.

Regimanuel Gray Real Estate is located at Number 2 La Bypass. It is opposite the Accra Beach Hotel.

You can call Regimanuel on 0302764682. For further details about them, visit

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8. Penny Lane Real Estate Ghana

With over five thousand (5000) houses already sold, Penny Lane Real Estate Limited is the best place to secure your home.

They came into existence in Ghana about 12 years ago and have contributed immensely to the estate industry.

As with many estate developers in Ghana, Penny Lane is into the following:

  • Houses for rent in Ghana
  • Property acquisition in Ghana
  • Accommodation in Ghana
  • Affordable housing in Ghana

They are located at Number 9 Sir Arku Korsa road at Airport residential area.

The email address is

You can call Penny Lane on this phone number: 0302763946 or 0244329343.

9. Rehoboth Real Estate Company – Ghana

This real estate company in Ghana provides comfortable, luxurious as well as affordable houses in a well-gated community.

Their estate and facility management are exceptional. Rehoboth Real Estate delivers outstanding customer service.

You can contact Rehoboth Real Estate in Accra.

Their office address is P. O. Box AT 1940, Achimota.

Call Rehoboth properties on +233 244-764499.

Email Rehoboth at

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10. Elegant Homes Ghana Limited

Are you looking for a property in Ghana that will match your exotic taste as well as offer value for money? Elegant Homes real estate is your solution.

Elegant Homes will accommodate your personal preferences and build an amazing and luxurious home at an affordable price.

They will give you an outstanding finishing and lighting system that will blow your mind.

Elegant Homes is one of the best real estate companies in Ghana, providing affordable yet premium properties.

Locate Elegant Homes behind PH Hotel, near the American House in East Legon, Accra.

Call them on the following phone numbers: +233-244-699-053, +233-248-974-428, and +233-576-597-419.

You can visit their website at

Send your emails or inquiries to

11. Adom Real Estate – Best In Ghana

Adom City Estates specializes in property valuation, sales, and rentals, building, and construction, as well as facility management.

At Adom Real Estate, you are assured of non-stop security in a gated community.

On top of that, you enjoy luxurious and affordable housing.

They have a network of drains, tarred roads, water and electricity, street lights, and other basic necessities for a comfortable home.

All the properties offered by Adom real estates are situated in secure and serene environments equipped with all city living lifestyles.

The building prices of Adom city real estate range from GHS 170,000 2-bedroom, through GHS 230,000 3-bedroom to GHS 400,000 4-bedroom.

Contact Adom City Estate

Adom real estate is located at House Number 106 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue.

You can call Adom estates on the following phone number: +233-501-289-066 or +233-307-098-768.

Send your emails to

For more information, you can visit their website here

12. Willet Properties Ghana Limited

Willet Properties Limited is one of the best real estate developers in Ghana. They offer a wide range of services in many locations across the country. Most of the estate houses by Willet Properties are located in the Greater Accra region and the Central region of Ghana.

Their main locations are Apolonia, Kasoa, Dawenya, Dodowah, Amasaman, Afienya, and Shai Hills.

Willet properties offer services such as:

  • Land registration
  • Roofing
  • Supply of sand
  • Building and Construction
  • Supply of cement
  • Architectural services
  • Supply of gravel

Yes, with WIllet properties, you get value for money.

13. Amanark Real Estate In Ghana

This is another credible estate developer in Ghana. With their motto: You Dream it, We Build it, Amanark real estate company limited has expertise in the real estate business with many years of experience.

They sell litigation-free lands at Tsopoli, Dodowa, and Shai Hills. Their lands are very large at affordable prices.

All their properties have 24/7 security, electricity, water, and easily accessible roads.

At Amanak real estate, they supply cement, iron rods, stones, blocks, and many other building materials.

Even if you want your building to be designed and built for you, Amanark real estate can do that at a very affordable price.

What is more, Amanark estate has a very flexible mode of payment.

Yes, with all these good services I know you would want to contact them. You can locate Amanark real estate company limited at Ashaiman Municipal opposite the Queen’s Hotel.

You can also call them on 0201427331.

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14. Moworks Real Estate Company – Ghana

Moworks Real Estate is one of your contribution partners in Ghana. They are poised for major onsite construction for all kinds of civil infrastructure.

Here are some of the services by Moworks real estate company in Ghana:

  • School construction
  • Church projects
  • The building of shopping centers
  • Construction of warehouses
  • Mass excavation
  • Grading
  • Demolishing
  • Road construction
  • Drainage channels and culverts
  • Portable water supply
  • Septic systems
  • Electrical and communication infrastructure.

As you can see from the wide range of services offered by Moworks, they are not just a real estate company in Ghana but a versatile team of construction experts who can take up almost every project.

15. Wachild Estates

This is one of the estate developers in Ghana who offer the best rates in 2021.

You can visit their website for more details about the land and housing projects available at Wachild Estates.

List Of Other Top Real Estate Companies In Ghana

The following are some of the real estate developers in Ghana:

16. Asadtek Properties Limited

17. King City Real Estate

18. Blackwell Realty Ghana

19. Westfield Real Estate

20. Great City Real Estate

21. Protean real estates

22. Manet Real Estate

23. Earlbeam Realty

24. GHS Housing Limited

25. Blue Rose Limited

26. PS Global Ltd

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How Foreigners Can Buy Properties In Ghana

Many foreigners keep wondering if it is possible to buy land, a house, or any form of property in Ghana.

Here is the secret!

In Ghana, the land belongs to either the Government or the Tribes.

This means that foreigners cannot own land completely in Ghana unless the property is leased to you.

So, if you are a foreigner or even an indigene and you want to buy land, you must find out who actually owns the property.

Many real estate companies in Ghana acquire the lands either from the government or the leaders of the various tribes.

For example, Devtracco, KAS estates, Castle Gate estates, Rehoboth Properties, and all those companies outlined above all acquired the land either through either the state or the traditional leaders.

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How Can You Become A Real Estate Agent In Ghana

It pays to be a real estate agent in Ghana. It is interesting when you are adequately prepared by grounding yourself with the required knowledge in the real estate industry.

For you to be a successful real agent in Ghana, follow these simple steps:

  1. Acquire the necessary knowledge about estate development.
  2. Decide on the Location.
  3. Get connected to a reliable brokerage firm such as Ghana prime properties.
  4. Obtain the requisite certification.
  5. Develop a business plan.
  6. Build a strong network.

After you have established your company, you can join other real estate developers’ associations such as the Ghana Real Estate Professional Association (GREPA).

This way, you get more, and it opens several opportunities for you to take your estate business to the next level.

Estate developers like Appolonia city, Trasacco valley, and lakeside estate have all utilized this method successfully.

So, these are some of the best real estate companies in Ghana with excellent products and services.

I know there are more to be added to this limited list.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have any personal experience with any of the companies listed above or if you also have a suggestion.

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  1. Jefferson Elijah

    I wanted to be a real estate agent in Ghana but mentioned about having a business plan and also get connected to brokerage firms. Most of the requirements you mentioned are ok by me but only these two. Can you help me with further details?
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Elizabeth serwaa

    Is it understandable to buy property in Ghana through real estate developers while am outside Ghana

    1. Yes, most of their processes are simple and not cumbersome. However, be sure you are dealing with a credible company first

  3. Sebastian Buer Okutu

    Castle Gate Estate are fraudsters, please remove them from your list otherwise it tarnishes your credibility. They have defrauded several people including me of over $ 18 000 – the property i didn’t get and the money too they could not refund- their CEO Redeemer has been making promises to repay since 2016 – not even $1 has been paid to date

  4. Hi abrokwa, for the leading real estate developers in Ghana it is Penny lane real estate limited in Accra. They have a wonderful customer service as well as affordable housing units.

  5. Rehoboth real estate is the best estate developer in Ghana. I personally purchased a property with them and I must confess that they are on top of the rest. For litigation free properties, Rehoboth is there for you.

  6. so do you mean if a foreigner buys a land and build a house or buys a finished property, the ownership wouldn’t be his for life pls educate me better?

  7. Akum-ra Amen-ra

    I am certified to start a medical NGO in Ghana but really haven’t put together a concise business plan as yet. I am a nurse with medical skills and want to establish a clinic or partner with an existing clinic to get started. I aready have my certification TIN number for the business can you give me ideas on land and or location space to start.

  8. My real estate company, properties portfolio Ghana is not on the list, it is one of the most credible, if not the most, real estate companies which deals specifically in luxurious properties in prime communities like East Legon, Cantoment, East Airport, Lakeside Estates etc. it is thriving in the industry and i think deserves to be recognized as part of the top ten best and most reliable real estate companies. Everyone who wants to acquire a property should contact properties portfolio, our office is located at No 4 flower road- East Legon, just opposite the East Legon Police station. you can also contact properties portfolio on the following numbers 0303972350 or 0200903091/092/093/095. You can also visit any of our social media handles; on tweeter @pportfoliogh, youtube properties portfolio GH, facebook propertiesportfolio Gh

  9. These are my favorite real estate companies in Ghana:
    Appolonia city estate
    Devtraco real estate
    Clifton Homes
    Dreamfix Realty

    They offer the best services and affordable yet luxurious housing.

  10. I have 10 50 plots that i want to sell. If you are interested please kindly call me on 30242494449 or 0249783633.

    The plots is located at Ejisu District. From KNUST to Onwe main road through Ejisu.
    The area is already develop and the plots are bare and ready for building or any kind of project.
    Am selling 40 plots out of the 50 but if your money is ready and you want to but as low as 1 plot you are welcome.
    You can whatsapp me on 0242494449 if you are interested in also developing the place into estate.
    You looking forward for serious clients only. thank you.

  11. cosmos Armoh Acheampong

    Am cosmos Armoh from Ghana but live in Spain
    I have a land over 5 acres on tema akosombo Road for sale if any company is interested please contact me for an affordable price. My email address is cosmoska2002 at

  12. Thanks for the real estate information provided. They are very educative. Please how can I subscribe to your business alerts?

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