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MiLife Insurance Ghana – Their Contact Claim And Branches

MiLife Insurance Ghana started its operation in 2005 and has grown from 17th position in its inception to 8th position as of 2017. It was formerly called UT Life Insurance.

MiLife Insurance Company is one of the most powerful and respected insurers in the country. It is structured purely around life insurance in Ghana, and the good news is that it has a presence in all the regions in Ghana.

With MiLife insurance, you and your family are assured of the quality of life you live today and tomorrow.

They focus on giving its customers an affordable, simple, and the most accessible life insurance in the Ghanaian market.

Within the world of insurers, the competition to develop the best possible products and services translates into a constant struggle to respond to the new requirements of customers.

Winning and, therefore, growing in such a competitive market depends on being attentive to these changes and responding to them efficiently.

That is where MiLife insurance Ghana Limited comes in. They make life insurance simple and easy so much so that the ordinary Ghanaian will benefit.

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Insurance Policies Provided By MiLife Insurance Ghana

The three (3) main category of life insurance offered by MiLife are:

  1. Individual Insurance
  2. Group Insurance
  3. Company or Business Insurance

MiKids Insurance

The best way to secure your kids’ education is by subscribing to the miKids insurance plan.

If you buy this insurance policy from Milife Ghana, your kids will continue to enjoy uninterrupted education even after your death or should you sustain permanent disability.

You must be between 18 to 56 years old to be eligible for MiKids insurance plan.

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MiTribute – Funeral policy

The funeral plan offers extensive cover for you and your family in terms of the cost associated with the loss of a relative.

Milife insurance will pay you an amount of money for you to organize a befitting burial when a covered family member dies. For you to be eligible for the MiTribute funeral plan, you must be between 18 to 54 years of age.

Moreover, this policy can cover a family member less than 74 years. The minimum premium is GHS 2000, and the maximum is GHS 30,000.

What is more;

The MiTribute funeral insurance offers free cover for four (4) of your children less than twenty-one (21) years.

MiWay Insurance Policy

The MiWay plan is for you and a selected family member (child, spouse, brother, sister, and parent).

Milife insurance company has made the purchase of insurance in Ghana easy and flexible with MTN Mobile money.

The subscriber must be 18 years to 59 years while the family member must be 18 to 74 years to be eligible for MiWay insurance plan.

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MiLegacy Insurance

It protects you in any unforeseen event of total permanent disability, critical illness, or even death. There are two (2) forms of the MiLegacy life insurance:

Standard MiLegacy Plan: It provides insurance cover for total permanent disability and death.

Comprehensive MiLegacy Plan: In addition to the coverage offered by the standard policy, the comprehensive plan also caters for critical illness.

Whereas the critical illness and disability covers end when you are 60 years old, the cover for death continues till you die.

MiLife Group insurance

Milife insurance provides two (2) main group insurance policies.

GNAT Heritage Cash Back Plan: This is a ten-year insurance plan for members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT).

If you are a teacher, I recommend this policy to you. It reimburses all you premium contributions plus 20 percent bonus on all the contributions you made over the period if no claims are made or when you retire.

MiGroup Funeral Policy: MiLife insurance company has made a funeral arrangement for a group of individuals such as organizations, associations, and churches very easy. Milife pays a sum assured to the policyholder should a member passes on.

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Company or Business Insurance By Milife

Credit Life Insurance: This is another form of life cover by MiLife insurance to pay off a borrower’s debt in times of death or total permanent disability.

Moreover, the surviving family members have peace of mind since they have no obligation to repay the loan. The eligibility age for credit life insurance is from 18 to 65 years.

MiLife Group Insurance: This policy allows a recognized group or organization to provide insurance coverage for its members against unforeseen events.

Keyman Life Insurance: When a company buys Keyman insurance for its key employee(s), it pays premiums and therefore becomes the beneficiary of the policy.

In the unfortunate event of death, total permanent disability, or critical illness, MiLife Insurance will make payment of the sum assured to the company.

Mortgage Life Insurance: When you buy the mortgage life policy, MiLife will pay a sum of money that be used to repay any outstanding mortgage.

With mortgage life insurance, your mortgage lender is the beneficiary of the policy. The policy covers death, permanent disability, as well as critical illness of the borrower.

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How To Make MiLife Claims

Follow these steps to request a claim at MiLife insurance.

1. Visit the MiLife website at

2. At the top-right corner of their website, select “Customer Service” tab. From the drop-down menu click on “Request A Claim.”

3. A claim form will open for you to enter your details and the particular claim you are making.

These ate the requirements for making your claim to MiLife:

  • Your Name.
  • An active phone number.
  • Your email address.
  • Your policy number.
  • In the section for a National ID, choose either of the following:
  • Driver’s license.
  • National health insurance ID.
  • Passport.
  • SSNIT.
  • Voter’s ID.

4. Enter the ID number in the box below.

5. Select the type of claim you want to make. This include:

  • Cash Bonus
  • Cashback
  • Death
  • Maturity
  • Partial Withdrawal
  • Refund
  • Termination
  • Surrender

If the claim you are making is not in any of the categories mentioned above, select the “I don’t know what it is called.”

6. Next, select how you would like to receive your claim payment. MiLife Insurance Ghana offers two (2) main options:

Bank account or Mobile Money Account.

If you want to receive your payment by bank account, then provide your Bank Name, Branch name, and account number in the respective fields.

Moreso, you can receive your claim payments through mobile money. Milife support Airtel, Vodafone, Glo, and MTN mobile money.

To do this, just enter your mobile money number.

7. After filling the claim form, take a minute to go through and make sure the right information has been provided.

However, Correct any mistakes and if you are satisfied with the information you provided click on Submit to make your claim.

MiLife will receive your claim request, and it will take some days before they will finish processing and finally effect payment.

They may contact you via phone or email through the email address or phone number you provided.

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How To Request A Change To Your MiLife Insurance Policy

Fill out a miLife Change Form and add an affidavit or a valid national ID

In order to make changes to your insurance policy, you need a valid national ID or an affidavit. After you have either of the two (2) documents, you then fill the MiLife Change form. Follow these steps to make the necessary changes to your insurance policy:

  1. Enter your name.
  2. Next, enter your phone number.
  3. Fill in the email address section.
  4. Enter your policy number.
  5. Use the check-box to select the changes you want to make to your miLife policy. Some of the changes you can make include your name, lives to be covered, beneficiaries, payment method, or policy option.
  6. Click submit to send a request to make changes.
  7. If you made the request online, you need to print and send a copy to the nearest miLife Insurance branch.

MiLife Insurance Branches.

Locate MiLife insurance Ghana at the following branches:

  1. In Accra, MiLife is located at 18 Junction on the Spintex Road.
  2. You can also find MiLife in Kumasi at Dichemso, Along the Airport Roundabout.
  3. Takoradi: SSNIT Building, Adjacent Central Police Station.
  4. Koforidua: Linda Dor Plaza.
  5. Tamale: A Ext. 85, near the Agric Traffic Light.
  6. Sunyani: K. Badu Building, Opposite Sunyani High Court.
  7. Hohoe: On the 36A Doctor FK Morny Street.

MiLife Insurance Ghana Head Office Contact

You can contact the main office at miLife Plaza on the Aggrey Street, Kisseman in Accra.

The postal address is P.O. Box AT 1975, Achimota Market.

Call MiLife Insurance Ghana head office on this phone number: 024 243 9999.

For quick response and easy communication, you can send WhatsApp message to MiLife customer service on WhatsApp: 050 151 8609.

If you wish to send them an email, then contact them at [email protected].


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