Visa free countries for UAE resident passport holders.

List Of Visa Free Countries For UAE Resident Passport Holders In 2023

Are you looking for visa free countries for UAE citizens that tourists and businessmen can visit with an Emirati passport?

If visa-free country is what you are searching for, then you have come to the right place.

We are providing you with all the relevant information for your trip.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), traveling is a dream, more for economic activities than for a tourist venture.

Many people travel to the most interesting countries in search of new business opportunities or simply looking for ways to settle outside the Emirates.

Each country demands certain documents and requirements necessary to travel, and the traveler must know and strictly comply with.

You must meet these requirements to avoid problems once you arrive in the country.

Having a valid passport is an essential requirement as soon as you start preparing for a trip.

A visa is an authorization granted by a country that allows someone from another country to enter or leave that country.

There are many types of visas for travelers, including those listed below:

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Transit visa
  3. Student visa
  4. Work visa

But as a UAE citizen, you need to know which countries require a visa and which one does not.

And that is the main focus of this article.

We have compiled the list of all the visa-free countries for UAE citizens.

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How Many Countries Are Visa Free For UAE Passport?

According to the data compiled by Passport Index, UAE has access to 117 visa-free countries and an additional 59 countries which offer visa on arrival.

By that, it means citizens of the United Arab Emirates require a visa to visit only 22 countries in the world.

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Which Countries Can United Arab Emirate Citizens Travel Without A Visa?

As you know, there are many countries you can visit with the UAE passport. Below is the list of countries that are visa-free to Emirati residents. The list has been categorized into sections.

These are Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. Some of them have visa on arrival while others offer eTA policies.

Please take your time and go through the list of all the countries available to you. 

Note: The list will be updated every week, so you are assured of up-to-date information. 

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African Visa Free Countries For UAE Citizens

African CountriesExtent of Visa Free
Angolavisa on arrival / 30 days
BenineVisa / 30 days
Botswanavisa-free / 90 days
Burkina Fasovisa-free
BurundieVisa by email
Cape Verdevisa on arrival
Comorosvisa on arrival / 45 days
Congovisa on arrival / 30 days
Congo (Dem. Rep.)visa on arrival / 30 days
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)visa on arrival
Egyptvisa-free / 90 days
Equatorial Guineavisa on arrival / 90 days
Ethiopiavisa on arrival / eVisa
Gabonvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Gambiavisa-free / 90 days
Guineavisa on arrival / 90 days
Guinea-Bissauvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
KenyaeVisa / 90 days
LesothoeVisa / 14 days
Liberiavisa on arrival (by email)
Madagascarvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Malawivisa on arrival / 30 days
Malivisa-free / 90 days
Mauritaniavisa on arrival
Mauritiusvisa-free / 90 days
Moroccovisa-free / 90 days
Mozambiquevisa on arrival / 30 days
Nigervisa on arrival / 30 days
Nigeriapre-visa on arrival
Rwandavisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Sao Tome and Principevisa-free / 15 days
Senegalvisa on arrival / 30 days
Seychellestourist registration / 90 days
Sierra Leonevisa on arrival
Somaliavisa on arrival / 30 days
South Africavisa-free / 90 days
South Sudanvisa-free / 60 days
Tanzaniavisa on arrival / eVisa
Togovisa on arrival / 7 days
Tunisiavisa-free / 90 days
Ugandavisa on arrival / eVisa
Zambiavisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Zimbabwevisa on arrival / 90 days

From the table displayed above, you can see that Emirati residents can visit over 47 African countries without a visa. For example, you can travel to South Africa, Tunisia, Mauritius, Morocco, Gambia, Mali, Botswana, etc. without a visa for up to 90 days.

Other countries like Congo, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, etc. also offer visa on arrival to United Arab Emirates passport holders.

Emiratis Granted Visa-Free Access To Central African Republic

From today, 8th October 2019, UAE resident passport holders can visit the Central African Republic without a visa.

The Ministry responsible for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation made this announcement a few weeks ago.

MoFAIC stated that UAE citizens with special, diplomatic, and ordinary passports can now visit the Central African Republic without a visa.

Because of this agreement, the number of UAE passport visa free countries have increased, granting unfettered travel access for many Emiratis.

This is a significant move to allow UAE resident passport holders to travel beyond borders.

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Asian Visa Free Countries For UAE Passport Holders

Asian CountriesExtent of Visa Free
Bangladeshvisa on arrival / 30 days
Bruneivisa-free / 30 days
Cambodiavisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Chinavisa-free / 30 days
Hong Kongvisa-free / 30 days
Indonesiavisa-free / 30 days
Iranvisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Japanvisa waiver registration / 30 days
Jordanvisa-free / 90 days
Kazakhstanvisa-free / 30 days
Kuwaitvisa-free / 30 days
Kyrgyzstanvisa-free / 60 days
Laosvisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Lebanonvisa-free / 180 days
Macaovisa on arrival / 30 days
Malaysiavisa-free / 90 days
Maldivesvisa on arrival / 30 days
Mongoliavisa on arrival / 30 days
Nepalvisa on arrival / 90 days
Omanvisa-free / 90 days
Pakistanvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Palestinian Territoriesvisa-free
Philippinesvisa-free / 30 days
Russian Federationvisa-free / 90 days
Saudi Arabiavisa-free
Singaporevisa-free / 30 days
South Koreavisa-free / 90 days
Sri LankaeTA / 30 days
TaiwaneVisa / 90 days
Tajikistanvisa on arrival / eVisa / 45 days
Thailandvisa-free / 30 days
Timor-Lestevisa on arrival / 30 days
Uzbekistanvisa-free / 30 days
Viet NameVisa
Yemenvisa on arrival / 90 days

UAE visa free countries. But do United Arab Emirate (UAE) citizens need a visa for the USA? How is Kyrgyzstan visa on arrival for UAE residents? We answer the questions: Do UAE citizens need a visa for India, Japan, Spain, Scotland, China, and many more countries for Emirati passport holders. The UK visa requirements for UAE residents.
Asian Visa Free Countries

Some interesting places you can visit without a visa in Asia include the following: Hong Kong, Jordan, Japan, Oman, Qatar, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, etc. With these countries, there is no need for a visa. 

However, some Asian countries require a visa on arrival. Some of these countries include Yemen, Pakistan, Nepal, Iran, Bangladesh, among others.

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Visa Free European Countries For United Arab Emirates

European CountriesExtent of Visa Free
Albaniavisa-free / 90 days
Andorravisa-free / 90 days
Armeniavisa-free / 180 days
Austriavisa-free / 90 days
Azerbaijanvisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Belarusvisa-free / 30 days
Belgiumvisa-free / 90 days
Bosnia and Herzegovinavisa-free / 90 days
Bulgariavisa-free / 90 days
Croatiavisa-free / 90 days
Cyprusvisa-free / 90 days
Czech Republicvisa-free / 90 days
Denmarkvisa-free / 90 days
Estoniavisa-free / 90 days
Finlandvisa-free / 90 days
Francevisa-free / 90 days
Georgiavisa-free / 360 days
Germanyvisa-free / 90 days
Greecevisa-free / 90 days
Hungaryvisa-free / 90 days
Icelandvisa-free / 90 days
Italyvisa-free / 90 days
Kosovovisa-free / 90 days
Latviavisa-free / 90 days
Liechtensteinvisa-free / 90 days
Lithuaniavisa-free / 90 days
Luxembourgvisa-free / 90 days
Maltavisa-free / 90 days
Moldovavisa-free / 90 days
Monacovisa-free / 90 days
Montenegrovisa-free / 90 days
Netherlandsvisa-free / 90 days
North Macedoniavisa-free / 90 days
Norwayvisa-free / 90 days
Polandvisa-free / 90 days
Portugalvisa-free / 90 days
Romaniavisa-free / 90 days
San Marinovisa-free / 90 days
Serbiavisa-free / 90 days
Slovakiavisa-free / 90 days
Sloveniavisa-free / 90 days
Spainvisa-free / 90 days
Swedenvisa-free / 90 days
Switzerlandvisa-free / 90 days
TurkeyeVisa / 90 days
Ukrainevisa-free / 90 days
United KingdomElectronic Visa Waiver (EVW)
Vatican Cityvisa-free / 90 days

When it comes to European countries, Emirati passport holders are fortunate. You can travel to most of the European countries without a visa.

The majority of these countries allow for up to 90 days visa-free stay. Many people wonder if United Arab Emirates citizens need a visa to visit the UK.

As you have observed from the table above, UAE passport holders do not need a visa to travel to the UK. This is because the UAE is part of the United Kingdom’s Electronic Visa Waiver program.

Some of the visa-free countries include Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Malta, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Finland, etc.

South American Visa Free Countries For UAE Residents

South American CountriesExtent of Visa Free
Argentinavisa-free / 90 days
Boliviavisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Brazilvisa-free / 90 days
Chilevisa-free / 90 days
Colombiavisa-free / 90 days
Ecuadorvisa-free / 90 days
Guyanavisa on arrival / 30 days
Paraguayvisa on arrival / 30 days
Uruguayvisa-free / 90 days

These are the South American countries that you do not require a visa for your trip. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and Uruguay are visa-free. For Bolivia, Paraguay, and Guyana, you need to obtain a visa on arrival, and it usually lasts for 30 days.

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Visa Free North American Countries For United Arab Emirates Passport Holders

North American CountriesExtent of Visa Free
Antigua and Barbudavisa-free
Bahamasvisa-free / 90 days
Barbadosvisa-free / 90 days
CanadaeTA / 180 days
Costa Ricavisa-free / 90 days
Cubatourist card / 30 days
Dominicavisa-free / 21 days
Dominican Republicvisa-free
El Salvadorvisa-free / 90 days
Grenadavisa-free / 90 days
Guatemalavisa-free / 90 days
Haitivisa-free / 90 days
Mexicovisa-free / 180 days
Nicaraguavisa-free / 90 days
Panamavisa-free / 180 days
Saint Kitts and Nevisvisa-free / 90 days
Saint Luciavisa-free
St. Vincent and the Grenadinesvisa-free / 90 days

For those tourists who enjoy visiting North America, the table above outlines all the available countries you can visit with your passport. Most of these countries have a 90-day period for which you can do almost everything you need to do.

If you need to stay beyond the 90 days, then you may need to apply for a visa. Countries like Barbados, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, Haiti, etc. are all free to visitors.

With Canada, you need an eTA with which you can stay for up to 180 days. Moreover, Cuba offers a tourist card, and you can use it for 30 days.

UPDATE: UAE Signs Agreement With Kiribati

The UAE Minister in charge of International Cooperation, Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, on Thursday 26th September signed another visa waiver agreement between the UAE and the people’s Republic of Kiribati.

This agreement, which will take effect from 23rd October 2019, will allow visa-free entry of both the citizens of UAE and Kiribati.

Does A Child Born In UAE Get Citizenship?

Under the laws of the UAE, a man need to be legally married to a woman before getting full recognition for their child.

The child adopts the nationality of the father in the case where the parents are of different nationalities. You need to go through the right means to acquire a residence visa and birth certificate for your newborn child.

It must be noted that the child of a foreigner who was born in Dubai will not have UAE citizenship. Such children assume the nationality of their parents.

Another thing to consider is that dual nationality is not permitted in the UAE. So renouncing a second passport is necessary under such circumstances.

How Can I Get UAE Citizenship In 2021

Obtaining Emirati citizenship is not a complicated process, but it is also not an easy one to be taken for granted.

There are about four (4) main ways through which one can get UAE citizenship. These are:

Birth: A child born to Emirati parents is automatically an Emirati citizen. Also, if a child is born in the UAE, but the parents cannot be traced, that child is regarded as an Emirati citizen.

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As a foreigner, you can get UAE citizenship if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have no criminal record
  • Have a good reputation
  • Adequate knowledge of the Arabic language
  • You must be a UAE resident for at least 30 years.

For persons who offer outstanding service to the country, no limitation of residence is imposed.


A woman of a different country can get UAE citizenship by marriage so long as the marriage lasts at least 3 years. She, however, loses the Emirati citizenship in the case of a divorce or if the woman marries a foreigner.


If an Emirati father or an unknown father and an Emirati mother give birth to a child, that baby becomes an Emirati citizen by descent. It doesn’t necessarily matter where the child was born.

However, if a foreign father and an Emirati mother gives birth to a child, that child has the right to apply for UAE citizenship after reaching 18 years of age.

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Is UAE The Most Powerful Passport In The World In 2021

Are you wondering what country has the most powerful passport?

It is the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, as you may have seen, the UAE has the most powerful passport in the world.

The UAE passport is the only passport that grants the holder access to 176 countries without much worries about acquiring a visa. It overtakes countries like Spain, Finland, United States, Denmark, and the rest.

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UAE Travel Ban And Warnings

Are you wondering which countries are banned in the UAE?

Here is the fact.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation bans its citizens from traveling to three (3) countries and issued travel warnings to twelve (12) other countries. Some of these travel bans and warnings are due to political, security, and health reasons.

The 3 countries UAE citizens are banned from traveling are Qatar, Lebanon, and Karabakh mountainous regions. The 12 other countries are Yemen, Madagascar, DR Congo, South Sudan, Afganistan, Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Libya, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Iraq.

Here is a complete list of the countries you can check online now

List Of UAE Travel Ban Countries

CountryDate of issueTravel Warning Reasons
Madagascar20-11-2017Plague epidemic
Democratic Republic of the Congo28-12-2016Security conditions , Ebola epidemic
Yemen21-09-2014Security conditions
south Sudan 10-08-2014Security conditions
Afghanistan 10-08-2014Security conditions
Somalia 10-08-2014Security conditions
Ukraine21-07-2014Security conditions
Pakistan26-06-14Volatile security situation in Karachi
Syrian13-06-2014Security Situation
Nigeria13-06-2014Security Situation
Iraq28-03-2013Security Situation
Libya 11-10-2012Security Situation
Qatar 5-06-2017Political Reasons
Karabakh mountainous region 8-08-2016Political Situation
Lebanon23-02-2016Security Conditions

This year, Ukraine and Brazil were removed from the travel ban list.

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Do UAE Citizens Need A Visa For UK?

The UK is one of the visa-free countries for UAE.

With an electronic visa waiver document, UAE citizens can travel to the UK without a visa for up to 6 months.

This means, so long as the United Arab Emirates passport holder is within six months in the United Kingdom, no visa is required.

However, after that elapses, the UAE passport holder will need to apply for a permit to continue to stay in the UK.

Therefore, if you want to study, work, or visit the UK for more than 6 months, then it is advisable to apply for a UK visa.

It is important to note that getting the electronic visa waiver document is free of charge, simple, and faster than applying for a visa. You can get the EVW online, and it must be done at least 48 hours before leaving for the UK.

What Documents For UK Visa Are Required For UAE Residents?

These are the checklist of UK visa requirements for UAE residents:

  1. A letter of invitation with an indication of your address in the UK.
  2. One (1) passport-size picture.
  3. Proof of finance.
  4. Accommodation and your traveling details.
  5. Your passport and other relevant travel documents.
  6. Bank statements.

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Do UAE Citizens Need A Visa For Switzerland

UAE citizens do not need a visa for Switzerland. This is because the UAE and Switzerland have a visa waiver program that allows UAE passport holders to travel to Switzerland without a visa for 90 days. Under the same agreement, Swiss passport holders are also granted a short stay in the United Arab Emirates with no visa.

Do UAE Citizens Need A Visa For Canada?

Since June 5th, 2018, UAE citizens can travel to Canada without a visa. United Arab Emirate citizens do not need a visa to stay in Canada for up to six (6) months.

According to a decision taken by the Canadian government, United Arab Emirate citizens will still need to hold an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to transit through or fly to Canada. 

This will allow Canadian officials to screen UAE travelers before traveling to Canada.

Do UAE Citizens Need A Visa For The USA

Yes, UAE passport holders need a visa to travel to the USA. The United States is not one of the visa-free countries for the United Arab Emirates.

Meaning, you need to pass through the required channel to get a United States’ visa. When applying for the US visa, you need to know the type of visa that is appropriate for you.

You may apply for either an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa to go to the United States. For residents in Dubai, it will usually take you 3 to 9 days to get your visa.

For a visitor visa, it takes typically 9 days while a student visa takes just 3 days.

Just be certain as to what you are going to do in the United States and apply for the appropriate visa.

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Kyrgyzstan Visa On Arrival For UAE Residents

Kyrgyzstan is one of the visa-free countries for UAE.

UAE residents are allowed to visit Kyrgyzstan for up to 60 days without a visa.

If you want to stay in Kyrgyzstan for more than sixty (60) days, then you are required to apply for a visa at the embassy.

The requirements for obtaining a 3-month visa include:

  • Passport picture.
  • Visa fee of USD 70 for a single entry visa.
  • A valid passport.
  • A letter of invitation to Kyrgyzstan.

NB: You must wait for about 7 days for the processing of the visa to be completed.

It is important to know that each country is different. You must make individual checks at the various embassies of those visa-free countries for UAE we have listed above.

If you are facing any issues with any of the countries, we encourage you to let us know using the comment section.

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