How to fing Ghana Zip code and Postal Codes

Ghana Zip Codes | Find The Postal Code Or Zip Code For Ghana

The question: what is Ghana zip code or what is Ghana postal code has been asked severally. These questions generally arise when people are stacked on online forms.

That is when they are required to provide the zip codes or postal codes for their addresses.

Be it the zip code for Accra or for Kumasi or any other city for that matter.

For those doing business online, if you find yourself in this dilemma of what the correct zip code for Ghana is, then don’t panic.

I will explain in details what you need to know. Most countries like the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, etc. either use Zip code or Postal code.

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What Is Zip Code Or Postal Code?

The postal code is a scheme that assigns to different zones or places of a country a code that serves to facilitate and mechanize the routing of a piece of mail.

It is usually a series of digits. Although in some countries they include letters. It is also used in GPS navigators to locate places.

The modern system postal coding was first introduced in Ukraine which was a member of the USSR in 1932 but abandoned in 1939.

Germany started using the postal code in 1941, followed by Argentina in 1958, the United Kingdom (UK) in 1959, the United States in 1963 and Switzerland in 1964.

The vast majority of the state postal services in the world use postal codes. However, there are countries where zip codes or postal codes do not exist.

Countries such as Ireland and territories such as Gibraltar or Hong Kong are so small in size that the implementation of the postal code in them is unnecessary.

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Ghana Postcode, Ghana Postal Code, and Ghana Zip Code – What is The Difference

Since zip code and postal code have the same purpose, the actual difference between zip code. And the postal code is that the term Zip code is used in the United States of America (USA) whereas Postal code is used in other countries.

Hence Zip code for the USA is the most appropriate term as compared to postal code.

This means that it is more appropriate to say Ghana Postal Code instead of Ghana Zip Code.

On the other hand, postcode and postal code refer to the same thing.

So for the rest of this post zip code, postcode, and postal code will be used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

Postal codes have different formats and rules of use depending on the country. In most of Europe, the postal code goes before the name of the place or city and sometimes preceded by the country code.

Meanwhile, in the Anglophone countries (of which Ghana is part) it usually goes after the name of the place.

Although postal codes are usually assigned to geographical areas, there are also some that identify certain institutions that receive large amounts of mail.

Some of these include government agencies, large companies, television networks, etc.

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Ghana Postcode OR Zip Code

Ghana first adopted the postal code system the 18th October 2017 after the Ghana Post launched the National Digital Address System.

Ghana’s postal codes are alphanumeric and are unique to every 5 meter square in Ghana.

Before the launched of the GhanaPost GPS, Ghanaians were using 00233 and 23321 as Ghana’s zip code.

Though not internationally recognized, the zip codes 00233 and 23321 were widely used in filling an online form where zip codes or postal codes are required.

Even after two(2) years of the official launch of the GhanaPost GPS and the introduction of the official Ghana postal codes, most people in Ghana use the 00233 and 23321 for their zip codes.

Examples of zip codes in Ghana are GA078, AK-039-5028, CC453, WS857.

Accra Zip Code

For the zip code GA078, GA represents Accra Metropolitan District, and the 078 is the area code for Gold Coast City in Accra.

It implies that the postal code for Tema or Adenta will follow the same pattern since they are in the Greater Accra region.

The Postal code For Kumasi

For the zip code AK-039-5028, A represents the Ashanti region, K is the Kumasi District, 039 is the sub-district in Kumasi.

The last 4-digits 5028 represent the unique address within the postal code.

The postal code with the unique address come together to make up the unique identity of the area which is the digital address, zip code, or postal code.

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The Zip Code For Cape Coast And Takoradi

The same format of the Ghana digital address applies to the other postal codes like CC453, and WS857.

The CC453 is the postal code for the Cape Coast Metropolitan Area in the Central Region whereas WS857 represent that of the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis in the Western Region.

So where from the zip code 00233?

Now, What Is Ghana’s Zip Code For Filling Forms – 00233 OR 23321

From the above, you can see that Ghana recently adopted the postal code system.

For those online shoppers or anyone who is filling an online form, it is advisable to use 00233 or 23321 since it works just fine.


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