Ecobank Ghana guide. The branches, phone contact numbers, app download, and internet banking.

Ecobank Ghana: The Ultimate Customer Support Guide (2020)

Ecobank Ghana Limited is one of the most prominent commercial banks in Ghana with certification by the Bank of Ghana. Ecobank has a sound presence in thirty-four (34) African countries such as Nigeria, Togo, Kenya, Senegal, Zimbabwe, among others.

The bank was incorporated in Ghana on the 9th of January 1989 under the companies code as a private company limited by liability. On the 10th of November 1989, the Bank of Ghana licensed Ecobank Ghana to operate as a merchant bank.

The bank performed tremendously over the years and hence acquired a universal banking status in 2003.

The Bank is registered to carry on the business of banking under the Banks and Specialised Deposit-Taking Institutions Act 2016, (Act 930).

Its principal activities comprise Corporate, Commercial, and Consumer banking.

It also engages in investment and advisory services, management of investments on behalf of customers.

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Currently, Ecobank has over 67 branches throughout Ghana with over 200 ATMs and several point-of-sale terminals.

Ecobank Ghana Branches And Contacts

Ecobank BranchesLocationTelephone Numbers
Accra Head OfficeNo 2 Morocco Lane, Off the Independence Avenue0302610400
Kumasi TafoTafo mamponteng Road0322040890
KNUST BranchCommercial Area0322063051
Stadium, AmakomEdward Nassar Building, Kumasi Sports Stadium0322083841
Sakumono BranchSakumono Estate Junction, Near The Traffic Light0303413617
Tema BranchTown Center, Plot No. TC/MKT/A/760303201053
East Lagon A And C MallShopping Mall, Jungle Road, East Lagon0302518890
SunyaniPlot No. 5 Block B, House No. B5/2, Sunyani Central0352025498
TanosoPetro Filling Station, Sunyani-Kumasi Road0322052043
Kwame Nkrumah AvenueGround Floor, Okofo House0302244835
Ring RoadFidelity House, 20 Ring Road Central0302244007
Legon BranchOff Nuguchi Road, Near Legon Mosque0302519835
EluboOpposite The Police Station0312222054
Ashtown East BranchDr. Mensah Traffic Light, Kumasi0322080552
TuduKimbu Road, Opposite Accra central MTTU0302685587
Takoradi MainOn The Axim Road, Harbour Commercial Area0312023870
Weija BranchGround floor of Aplaku Building, Old Weija Barrier0302853202
Safe Bond BranchFround Floor Of Safebond Car Park Building0302200946
Kwashieman BranchNear Kwasieman Foot bridge03027008751
Silver Star TowerGround Floor Of Silver Star Tower, Airport City0302767404
Takoradi Market CircleAdjacent Arvo Hotel, Takoradi0312024158

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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is vital to the Bank as it seeks to implement the ideals of fairness, transparency, accountability, and responsibility in its dealings with all stakeholders.

Ecobank Ghana also recognizes, as a banking group, the critical nature of its relationships with its regulators in executing its vision and safeguarding the deposits of the general public and other lenders.

To this end, the Bank ensures that the interests of stakeholders are taken into account in a balanced and transparent manner.

Ecobank believes that only good corporate governance can deliver sustainable good business performance.

As members of the Ecobank Group, Ecobank Ghana and its subsidiaries operate in accordance with the corporate governance directives that are issued by the Bank of Ghana.

It also complies with the Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) Group Principles and Practices on Corporate Governance.

According to the 2018 annual report, Ecobank Ghana had a total asset size of GHS10.454 billion and shareholders’ fund of GHS1.326 billion.

Per the same report, the bank had a profit before tax of GHS506.251 million and a profit after tax of GHS339.968 million. This represented a return on average equity of 28% and a return on average asset of 3.5%.

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Opening An Account With Ecobank Ghana

To open an account with Ecobank Ghana, you need certain requirements before you can proceed.

These requirements, however, depend on the individual as well as the type of account you wish to open with them.

Ecobank Savings Account

To save for the future and have your peace of mind, a savings account is the way to go.

This account is equipped with services such as mobile banking, SMS and e-alerts, monthly e-statements, and PAC Debit Card.

The Pan African Card (PAC) allows you 24-hour access to your money and is available in 34 countries and over 1200 branches in Africa.

To open the savings account in Ghana, you need the following:

  1. A valid national ID. This can be your voter ID, National Health Insurance ID, or any other valid identity card.
  2. Two passport pictures.
  3. You also need proof of address. With this, you can use your most recent utility bills or tenancy agreement.
  4. For a salary account, an employer’s letter of introduction is required.

It is worth noting that to open a savings account, Ecobank demands an initial deposit of GHS30.

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Types Of Savings Account

There is a wide range of savings account that Ecobank customers in Ghana can choose from depending on their needs.

Listed below are the options available to you:

  • Student Savings Account
  • Classic Savings Account
  • Advantage Savings Account
  • Premier Savings Account

Each of these savings accounts has a unique feature that it offers.

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Ecobank Current Account

When you open the current account, you have total control over your monthly income and bills.

You can bank online conveniently and securely with unfettered access to your money 24/7.

When you open the current account, here are the services you can enjoy the following:

  • Cheque services
  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Debit and Credit cards
  • SMS and e-Alerts
  • Monthly e-Statements
  • Asset management and trustee services ( For Premier current account)
  • International transfers (For Diaspora current account)
  • Relationship manager (For Diaspora current account)

Types Of Available Current Accounts

You can open any of the current accounts at any of the branches near you.

These are the various types of current accounts available to you as an Ecobank customer in Ghana.

  • Classic Current Account
  • Advantage Current Account
  • Student Current Account
  • Diaspora Current Account
  • Premier Current Account

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Ecobank Omni

The Ecobank Omni is an internet-based cash management system that seeks to target corporate clients to allow them to make multi financial transactions.

The Omni system provides a hassle-free financial management system in a secured, reliable, real-time, and convenient way for corporate bodies.

The Ecobank Omni provides customers with a flexible integrated web-based cash management system so powerful enough to meet a high volume of transactions.

This is an essential resource for public corporations, financial institutions, international organizations, and more importantly, the multinationals.

Ecobank Mobile Banking In Ghana

The mobile banking service allows customers to access all the information about their bank account right from their mobile devices.

There are several activities Ecobank customers can do with the mobile banking service.

These include checking account balance, transfer of funds from their account to their mobile devices, make payments of bills, as well as buy airtime. The safety, speed, and reliability of the service are always guaranteed.

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Ecobank Ghana Swift Code

The swift code is a unique code that is assigned to both financial and non-financial institutions.

The primary function of the swift system is for international money transfer between banks.

As an Ecobank customer, you may be required to provide a swift code while trying to transfer money to another bank, probably overseas.

This code is essential for such transfers though it may incur extra charges as the exchange rates are usually high.

The format for the swift code is pretty simple. It consists of 8 or 11 characters. The first four (4) characters represent the bank code and are only alphabets.

The next two (2) characters are the country code. The next two(2) characters represent the location code for the bank and made up of both letters and numbers.

The last three (3) characters in the swift code are the branch code. For the head office, the branch code is represented by “XXX.”

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Examples Of The Ecobank Ghana Swift Codes

These are some of the examples of the swift codes that you may use based on the location of your branch:

  • Ecobank Ghana Head Office – ECOCGHACXXX
  • Kumasi Branch – ECOCGHACKSI
  • Ecobank Tema Branch – ECOCGHACTMA
  • Takoradi Branch – ECOCGHACTDI

From the list above, you can see that ECOC is the bank code for Ecobank, GH is the country code for Ghana, AC represent the location code.

The real unique part of the swift code is the last three (3) characters. As you may have noticed, the branch codes for Kumasi, Tema, and Takoradi are KSI, TMA, and TDI respectively.

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The Ecobank Mobile App

The flagship Ecobank Mobile App is a very unique mobile banking application which gives you a fast, simple, convenient, and secure access to your bank account.

Unlike most mobile banking applications available on the market, the Ecobank mobile app enables you to do the following;

  1. Open an Ecobank Xpress Account instantly on your mobile phone.
  2. You can transfer money instantly to other Ecobank accounts or to other banks, and across the African continent, using Ecobank Rapidtransfer and Ecobank mVisa.
  3. Make secure payments using Ecobankpay through Masterpass, mVisa, and Mcash.
  4. You can also pay utility bills, school fees, subscriptions, make donations and buy airtime instantly.
  5. Generate payment tokens using Ecobank Xpresscash to make cardless ATM withdrawals or at an Ecobank Xpresspoint.
  6. Manage accounts and investments transparently and conveniently.
  7. Securely and reliably link your Mastercard or Visa from any bank.
  8. Buy airline tickets right from your phone.
  9. Locate the Ecobabk branch or ATM in Ghana.

Things To Know About The Ecobank Mobile App

These are some of the things you need to know when using the mobile app:

  • You need a smartphone running windows operating system, Android, or iOS before you can use the mobile app.
  • For security reasons, the app will automatically log you out when the screen is changed to another location.
  • You can only do transfers within Africa on the app.
  • For some selected bill payments and transfers, transaction fees are applied. For example, inter-fund transfers,
  • Ecobank Africa transactions, and card P2P services.

You can click on the Forgot PIN link and then call the contact center to reset your PIN.

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How To Withdraw Cash With The Ecobank Ghana Mobile App?

You can withdraw cash by generating an e-token via Xpress Cash on the Ecobank Mobile app, which you can redeem at any Ecobank branded ATM or the Xpress Agent Point.

To withdraw money, you need to generate an e-token through Xpress Cash via the Ecobank Ghana Mobile App.

After that, head to any Xpress agent point or Ecobank branded ATM terminal to withdraw your cash.

Where To Download The Mobile App

For Android users, download the app from PlayStore. Apple iOS users can also get it from the App Store.

To download the Ecobank Mobile App from PlayStore, then head to your android phone and open the PlayStore app.

On the search box type “Ecobank mobile app” and select the first app that will pop-up.

To confirm if you are downloading the right app, look out for these:

The app has over a million downloads and is rated 4-star. The mobile app has a file size of 38MB and a little over 16 thousand reviews.

It is also advisable to take a close look at the screenshot to be extremely sure you are downloading the official Ecobank mobile app.

Sometimes I encourage customers to take their time and read some of the reviews by actual users of the app to have a fair idea of what the user experience is like.

This way, you will be pre-informed of the peculiar problem people are experiencing with the app.

When you are done with all these checks, go ahead and download the mobile app and install it on your Android phone.

Login to your account and enjoy all the services by Ecobank.

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Ecobank Rapidtransfer

Rapidtransfer is one of the Ecobank mobile apps that enables individuals to send money to friends and families or any person for that matter in any of the thirty-four (34) Ecobank accredited African countries.

This is one of the most secure, convenient, and fastest ways of sending money to beneficiaries.

This is an internet banking service and as such connectivity to the internet is required, and data charges also apply.

To register for the Ecobank rapid transfer service, you will need the following:

  • A valid ID card
  • A clear image of yourself. You can even take a headshot or selfie of yourself, which must be as clear as possible.
  • A smartphone or tablet which is running Android, iOS, or Windows operating system.
  • Valid payment card be it Visa or MasterCard.

How To Contact Ecobank Ghana Customer Care

If you need further details, complaints, or feedback on the services offered by Ecobank Ghana, contact the Ecobank Customer Care on +233302213999.

The Ecobank customer care toll-free contact number is 3225 for MTN, Vodafone, and AirtelTigo networks. After calling the toll free number, you will be able to contact the help center for your issues to be resolved.

For those of you who are comfortable navigating web pages, you may contact the Ecobank help team via the live chat available on their website.

Another way to contact the support center is to fill the contact form on the site and submit your inquiries.

If you are comfortable with email, then you can send your complaints or inquiries to the Ecobank email at [email protected].

They will respond to your mails promptly though not as quick as the phone call.

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