1 thought on “Ecobank Ghana, 2022, Ultimate Customer Contacts Guide For Ecobank Ghana”


    Im a Ghanaian and an account holder of Eco bank Ghana . I have been out of the country for a while and had some problems with my account. I tried as much as I could to get to the bank through the mobile app by using the live chat option. My concern is that , its not easily accessible. I could see that since some messages has been programed there as a virtual communication tool, its limited in terms of services. No one ever responded to me via the live chat. Despite the number of times I have tried, and no matter the time of the day. I have tried so many times to reach the bank through that for security reasons, but all has proofed fail. My humble request is that, I would urge the bank to keep a close eye on the application and to respond to the request made by customers as its the only safe means to address concern especially when the customer is living abroad and cant reach the bank in person.

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