Visa free countries for Ghana passport

List Of Visa Free Countries For Ghana, 2023, Just Passport Needed

Are you looking for visa-free countries for Ghana? Just take your time as we have researched all the countries that you can visit without a visa at least for some months.

Ghana’s passport is 68th in the global ranking of Arton Capital. With a Ghanaian passport, you can travel to 40 countries without a visa and to 29 additional countries where you can apply for a visa upon arrival.

However, if you are a holder of a Ghana passport, then you are required to have a visa before you can visit the remaining 129 countries in the world.

Note: If you don’t want to read all the post, you can use the table of contents below to get the information you want:

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What Do Visa-Free Countries For Ghana Mean

It means you are allowed to travel without a visa and the only thing you need is your passport, ticket and enough money.

So what does a visa-free mean to a Ghanaian passport holder?

The answer is simple. Visa is not required to enter that country, so no documentation hassles, no time-wasting at embassies in getting a visa, and is less expensive too.

What Is The Difference Between Passport And Visa?

For those who do not know, a visa and passport are two different documents that one is required to travel abroad.

A passport is an official document that tells other countries that you (the passport holder) are a true legal citizen of that particular nation of origin.

This means that a Ghanaian passport tells other nations that the holder of the passport is a citizen of Ghana.

On the other hand, a visa is an official endorsement placed on the passport which grants the holder of that passport permission to enter, stay, or leave a country for a certain period.

Simply put;

While a passport is proof of identity and citizenship, a visa is a confirmation that you have a legal right to enter another country.

All The Visa-Free Countries For Ghana

The Business Alert presents you with a complete list of countries or international territories in which Ghanaians do not require a visa.

However, before your trip, we recommend you contact the embassy of the country you are visiting for more information.

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African Countries

Most African countries are open to Ghanian passport holders who want to travel. These people do not need a visa or in some cases are provided with a Visa upon arrival in that country.

It is, however, essential to know that most African countries like Benin, Somalia, Seychelles offer a 30 day stay without a passport.

Visa Free African Countries For Ghana Passport

African CountriesExtent Of Visa Free
AngolaPre-visa on arrival
BeninVisa-free / 90 days
Burkina FasoVisa-free
Cape VerdeVisa-free
ComorosVisa on arrival for 45 days
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)Visa-free / 90 days
EswatiniVisa-free / 30 days
EthiopiaVisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Gambia Visa free
Guinea Visa free
KenyaVisa-free / 90 days
MadagascarVisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
MauritaniaVisa on arrival
MauritiusVisa-free for 90 days
MozambiqueVisa on arrival / 30 days
RwandaFree visa on arrival / 90 days
SenegalVisa-free / 90 days
SeychellesTourist registration / 30 days
Sierra LeoneVisa-free
SomaliaVisa on arrival / 30 days
South AfricaVisa free
UgandaVisa-free for 90 days
ZambiaVisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
ZimbabweVisa-free / 90 days

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Update: As of 10th July 2019, Ghanaian citizens no longer require a visa before entering South Africa. This is because Ghana has been added to South Africa’s list of visa-free countries.

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi disclosed this in South Africa’s Home Affairs Twitter handle.


South Africa announced in September 2018 that it was granting Visa-free access to some seven (7) countries.

However, as of November 1, 2019, all the countries have completed the visa waiver program except Ghana.

The majority of the countries like Ethiopia, Madagascar, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, etc. offer 90 days stay without a visa for Ghanaians.

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Asian Countries

Apart from the vast African countries that offer visa-free entry for Ghana, there are many visa-free countries for Ghana in Asia.

Visa Free Asian Countries For Ghana

Asian CountriesExtent Of Visa Free
BangladeshVisa-free / 90 days
CambodiaVisa on arrival / eVisa for 30 days
IndonesiaVisa-free / 30 days
IranVisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
JordanVisa on arrival
LebanonVisa on arrival for 30 days
MacaoVisa on arrival / 30 days
MaldivesVisa on arrival / 30 days
Myanmar [Burma]eVisa / 28 days
PakistanVisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
PhilippinesVisa-free / 30 days
QatareVisa / 30 days
SingaporeVisa-free for 30 days
Timor-LesteVisa on arrival / 30 days
UzbekistaneVisa / 30 days

For example, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines are visa-free countries for Ghana. Moreover, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, offer visas on arrival.

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North American Countries

The North American visa-free countries for Ghana are Jamaica, Belize, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago.

Countries like Haiti, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada among others offer either 30 days, 90 days, or 180 days visa-free.

Visa Free North American Countries For Ghana

North American CountriesExtent Of Visa Free
BarbadosVisa-free for 180 days
DominicaVisa-free / 180 days
GrenadaVisa-free / 90 days
HaitiVisa-free / 90 days
NicaraguaVisa on arrival for 30 days
Saint Kitts and NevisVisa-free for 90 days
Saint LuciaVisa on arrival / 42 days
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa-free / 30 days
Trinidad and TobagoVisa-free

In South America, Bolivia offers visa on arrival for 90 days while Ecuador also is visa-free for 90 days.

Pacific Islands Visa Free Countries For Ghana Passport Holders

The pacific island countries that offer visa-free entry for Ghanaian passport holders are Fiji, and Vanuatu for 120 days and 30 days respectively.

Moreover, Samoa allows 60 days visa on arrival whereas Palau, and Tuvalu both offer 30 days visa on arrival. For the rest of the pacific islands, a visa is required

For which countries do we need a visa upon arrival?

Other countries require a visa, but it is obtained upon arrival.

The African countries that Ghanaian passport holders need a visa on arrival are Angola, Comoros, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mozambique, Rwanda, Somalia, and Zambia.

Not only African countries but also Asian countries like Cambodia, Pakistan, Lebanon, as well as North American countries like Nicaragua and Saint Lucia, all provide visas on arrival.

For which countries do we need a visa and what kind?

Finally, we arrive at the countries that we will need a visa. In this instance, we have two (2) types, the traditional and the e-visa.

But is Ghana a visa-free country to the USA? The answer is NO! Ghanaians need a visa to visit countries like United States, United Kingdom, Georgia, South Korea, Canada, Bahamas, Belarus, China, Russia.

The list is a tall one.

Ghanaian passport holders still need a visa to enter 129 countries. Most of the countries are in Europe, America, and Asia.

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What Is The Difference Between Visa, Visa On Arrival, And E-visa?

A visa is an authorization to enter a country, and depending on our nationality may get it in different ways.

The traditional visa is the one we access through an appointment at the embassy of that country.

On the other hand, the visa upon arrival is, as its name implies, the one that is acquired upon arrival at the airport of the country of destination.

And, finally, we have the e-visa. In this case, the application is made online, and then the confirmation of receipt by email arrives.

That confirmation is associated with our passport, so it is crucial to complete all of this information correctly.

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The ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) is the new requirement by citizens of other nationalities to enter any country of the European Union.

Currently, with the passport and other requirements, we can do it without a visa, but it is expected that ETIAS will be in force by 2021, replacing this modality.

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Where Can I Get Further Details On Passport?

In the passport index of Arton Capital, you can compare passports from different countries and see several graphs of the most “welcoming” states in the world.

In the index of Henley & Partners, however, you can get a more global idea of ​​the countries that you can visit without a visa by looking at them on the map.

Keep in mind that a visa is not always expensive or difficult to obtain.

For example, if you want to visit Cuba, you only need a tourist card and to go to India, it is enough to take an electronic visa, without going through an embassy.

On the other hand, this can change from one year to year due to political decisions.

Is Dubai Visa-Free Country For Ghana Citizens?

No. Dubai is not among the countries that Ghanaians can visit without a visa.

I know many Ghanaians would want to travel to Dubai for obvious reasons, it is unfortunate a visa is required to enter the country.

In fact, the United Arab Emirates(UAE) is not a visa-free zone for many countries including Ghana.

This means that if you want to travel to Dubai either for tourism or business purposes, you will need to obtain a valid visa.

You need to make sure all your documents are intact before you begin your journey to the UAE.

Can Anyone Travel To Ghana Without A Visa?

No. You cannot travel to Ghana without a visa unless you are a citizen of a country that is visa-free to Ghana.

Some countries can travel to Ghana without a visa or with visa-on-arrival.

You need to have a valid document before traveling to Ghana.

So, you know which countries you can visit without a visa as a Ghanaian.

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  1. You said you don’t need a visa to travel to South Africa but in your concluding part in countries that needs visa to travel, you included South Africa… Please which is which?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nana Kwame,

      Thanks for your comment. That was an unfortunate oversight. South Africa just added Ghana to the Visa-free countries list.

      The post was therefore edited but that section wasn’t corrected. The changes have been made now.

      Thanks for your time.

      1. I’m still unsure about this SA bit. Kindly do a fact check. My big brother presently is awaiting his SA visa so he can travel.

        1. Hi Dasante,

          As I said in an earlier comment, the visa waiver process is a technical and constitutional activity and cannot be completed by mere pronouncement.

          Currently, Ghanaians with diplomatic and service passports are allowed visa-free entry into South Africa.
          Those with ordinary passport can only enjoy free visa entry after the whole waiver process is completed.

          I checked the South African Immigration portal and because the list has not been updated since July 2016, I cannot speak to that effect.

          You can check it out here:

          I will continue to follow-up on that and keep you updated.

  2. Hello
    What about Guyana. They recently gave Ghana a visa waiver and it was to start from 1st July, 2019. Can you share something about that?
    On Barbados too, I am always confused. On every website, you see Ghanaians have visa free to Barbados. But recently, I read that Barbados Government has given Ghanaians, Cameroonians and other countries a visa waiver. Recently, Ghana’s current president was there and they agreed on visa waivers for each country. So which is which now? Please bail me out since I want to visit the place soon

    1. Hi Prince,
      Thanks for pointing out that. Guyana and Ghana have both signed a visa waiver agreement.
      In the agreement, passport holders of both countries can travel without a visa for 90 days after which there will be the need for renewal.
      I must add that the visa waiver process is a legal exercise. The Immigration Service of both countries is responsible for the enforcement.
      For example, the Ghana Immigration Service has to implement such an agreement based on the Immigration Act, 2000 (Act 573) as well as the Immigration Service Regulation 2001 (L.I 1691). Same applies to Guyana.
      But I will advise that you make your checks even before you travel to any country, either visa-free or not.

    1. Hello
      I will like to know if i can travel to Cambodia since its visa on arrival without having any indication that shows i have a visa? If i have a ticket and hotel reservation but no visa to show to Ghana immigration,can one travel and obtain the visa on arrival at the Cambodia airport instead?

  3. Visa to South Korea that’s
    I wished South Korea was also part of visa free countries
    I would have been gone by now haha

  4. I am a Ghanaian visiting the UK. I am hoping to pass through China before going back home. I did not apply for a visa before leaving GH is it possible for me to apply from here to go to China?

    1. Hi Araba,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I have been receiving emails about transit visas, especially through China.
      China has a 72-hour visa-free transit for a selected 53 countries which allows passengers from these countries up to 72-hour stay in 18 cities without a visa.
      Unfortunately, Ghana is not one of those 53 selected countries. But the good news is that there is a direct transit for 24 hours for all passengers.
      Depending on your itinerary, you can enjoy the 24 hours transit in China.
      If you want to stay more than the 24 hours, then you will need a visa.
      You must, however, note that entry permit is the sole discretionary right of the immigration.

  5. what do I need to or what will they ask when I arrive in Babados .Is there any required pocket money and hotel reservation

    1. Isaac Newton Frimpong

      This is my first time of visiting this site. In fact, I’m so excited for the kind education you have been providing to us. God bless you.
      My question are, if a country is visa free, does that mean I’ll just buy my ticket and enter into that country?
      Secondly, upon my arrival at the airport, will they ask me about my reasons and the kind of money I have on me?

  6. Thanks but they have a new update that says Ghana and Turk and Caicos are no more visa free my friend in Jamaica went to buy a ticket to Turks and Caicos they told him he needs a visa now because they updated their free visa waiver and Ghana is no longer a visa free. Thanks.

    1. Hello Sham,

      Thanks for your feedback. I have contacted the Turks and Caicos Immigration via email to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the visa-free waiver for Ghanaian passport holders.
      Am waiting patiently for their reply. I hope it doesn’t keep long. I will let you know on this same website whatever the outcome will be.
      But while we wait, you can check the Turks and Caicos’ immigration website here:
      There are tons of information you can find there.
      Have a nice day.

      1. Hello abrokwa,
        How are you ? I just want to ask have you hear from them the information about tursk and caicos visa free waiver thanks.

        1. Hello Sham,
          Am doing great.
          I have not received any message from them yet. As and when I get the feedback from them, I will update you. So for now we cannot confirm if is visa-free or not.

          1. Hi am jake and I want to know if Dominican republic is a Visa free country and do I need police report and medical report before I can get there

    2. With a Ghanaian passport, you need visa to Turks and Caicos island.
      Please check with the Netherlands embassy for this visa

      It’s same for St. Maarteen and Aruba

    1. Hi Eben,
      Under normal circumstance, an interview is not required for visa-free entry but hey, each country has its own rules. It is advisable to check at the embassy or official website of the destination country.
      Have a safe trip!

  7. hi I will like to find out, are we not allowed to visit any of the pacific islands like Samoa, Fiji, etc with visa? if we are, can you please give me the list of pacific countries we can visit without vis. thanks

    1. Hello Sedem,

      Thanks very much for pointing out this.

      I overlooked the pacific island countries. Based on the numerous messages I receive about their visa policy, I think it is worth editing the post to include them.

      But in the main time let me provide your answer first. It is only Fiji and Vanuatu that allow visa-free up to 120 days and 30 days respectively for Ghana.

      Three (3) other countries, however, give visa on arrival for Ghanaian passport holders and they are Tuvalu, Samoa, and Palau.

      The article has been edited to include details on the Pacific Island countries so you can check it out.

  8. Hi.
    For south africa i know its reserved for diplomatic and service passports only and not involving ordinary passport. Additionally, i want to know if they (south africa) allow for transit visa at the airport if you have a long waiting to connect a flight

    1. Hi Coby,
      Thanks for the question. South Africa allows transit for travellers who want to pass through the country to their destinations. You can obtain the South African Transit Visa easily and very fast.

  9. Please I want to know if I will go to Guyana I need a transit visa before I will go or I dont need a transit visa.

    1. what do I need to or what will they ask when I arrive in Babados .Is there any required pocket money and hotel reservation

  10. Hi, I would like like to know if Ghanaian ordinary passport holders enjoy visa free to countries like Thailand and Honkong? Please, how many days do they give?

  11. Hello Abrokwa am Owusu I wanna go to Trinidad and Tobago. What documents do l need before l enter the country l heard is a visa free country to Ghana

  12. I recently went to the passport office and I was shocked when I saw the number of people who are about to also apply for a passport to be able to travel abroad. The question I asked myself is if Ghana loose all of them, who is going work for the enomic growth of the country. But if I look at the condition in Ghana here, majority of the population feed theirselves and those who work for the government who benefits most also feed on them at the long run. There are a lot of energetic citizens in Ghana who by one way or the other were not lucky to get the needed assistance to be educated or learn a handy job who are struggling on the street of Ghana but our leaders jux don’t think of them but rather waste money on big cars, big women and properties that they will not take along when they die. If the soo called leaders are able to set up good foundation for the upcoming youths, I don’t think we will bother ourselves travelling to be slaves in another country for them to benefit from us. It pains me a lot when I look around our beautiful nation and I look at the rich minerals that God has given us but the majority are still suffering, I jux wonder how. People should rather be applying for visa to Ghana but because of the wicked mind we have,we are rather chasing for visa to abroad. Kantanka is building up nice and brindnew cars but is as if that car doesn’t move, the government is rather fighting that the Toyota company will build an assemblage house here. Instead of the government to invest in our own products so that we can build more engeneers, artists, ect, they are rather making way for foreign investors because the little they will get into their pocket. All the state own egencies are not function because everybody does whatever he or she likes. A tipical example is the students in the government schools and those of the private ones, each year student who attend private owned institutions perform massively in the BECE exams than those in the government schools. What I don’t understand is that, the teachers in these private schools are mostly SHS graduates while those are the government schools are the soo called professional teachers who went to teacher training colleges so why should that happen. Oh God help mother Ghana.

  13. Is true that they still deport people , especially African
    from entry to Bahamas , if yes what is the reason behind it
    can you give me some insight about it ….

  14. Am soo impressed with how he answeres questions,but please,what are the procedures must one follow to attain this free visa if he or she wants to travel to one of these countries.

  15. Please guys am highly much happy about your comments here and replies… but i want to know how will it cost to get a Dubai Visa..

  16. Owusu Asiamah Richard

    Trinidad and Tobago is visa free to Ghanaians. You need invitation letter from a citizen of Tribagonian before you can enter the country. The immigration will ask you more information about the one who send u the invite.

  17. Edward Kwoffie.

    Is Norway a visa free country for Ghana passport holders? Iam trying to get the right information from Ghana immigration service official website but I’m not getting it clear. Keep me posted please.

    1. What are the processes you need to go before you can to the North American countries like Dominica Republica.I really want to travel to Dominica Republica

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