Why is competition in business the best way to go

The Competition Is You, 2022, Best Motivation Ever For Entrepreneurs

That competition is yourself! Compete every day. Take life as training yourself.

Learning always strengthen you. And when not, then you get injured.

Accept failure as much as victory. Learn from the two. Do something with both of them.

Do not look at the millions of other followers. Do not let them choose you. Do not let your style dictate trends. Make yours your trend. Believe, think and work for yourself.

Do not run for an imaginary audience. Do not think about the value of digital applause. Do not live for them not even with them.

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Competition In Business Is Good

Why is competition in business the best way to go
Competition in Business

Don’t worry about the competition. All you need to do is to compete with yourself.

No matter how excellent your product or service was last year, last week, or even yesterday. The most important thing is how you provide and execute that of today and nothing else.

The customers you meet today are the only customers that are very important, and what you have to focus on is doing better today than you did yesterday.
As an entrepreneur, you have to ensure that today is your best of all time. Make this your goal and your life will never be the same.

Your single most important competition is to become better today than you were yesterday.

This is very true whether you are in the Manufacturing, Banking, restaurant, Marketing, or other industry.
And so you must pay particular attention to things in your business that only you control. It could be Customer service, Quality of product, Product delivery, or even Customer relation.

But you know what…

I cannot tell you which areas of your business you should focus on.

You know yourself better than I do.

Live for yourself as much as you can, and above all, as much as you want.

Being born, in reality, does not make you unique and unrepeatable. The value of life is not in the inherited conditions. It’s about patenting our history.

In leaving our mark without imitating that of others. Let the outsider be an inspiration, never an obstacle.

That to observe is an incentive, never a mental wall as big as the difference between the number of followers of others against yours.

Write your life even if the noise pretends to distract you. Decide what you are without more influence than your convictions. That way, your life bears the label of your brand.

Those who are popular on social networks are right to call themselves influencers. Not because of its commercial capacity. They are influencers because their fame got into our heads as the fast way to feel relevant. They influence our head because whatever we do, a reference to them always emerges.

To its millions of followers, to its millions in sponsorship and to the supposed happiness that the adoration of third parties gives.

They are the problems of freedom. Of the world without walls. Of the power of the digital machinery that always has a history to scrub us that while we are not popular, we are nothing. In the creative industry, we often do not work for the love of art.

What’s more…

We do not even do it for money. We seek the acceptance of others. As if what we do does not exist except from the eyes of others. As if each work had to go through the eyes of judges charged with confirmation that our existence has meaning.

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Stop fighting to fit.

It is not about being the piece that fits into another’s puzzle. It’s about being your own puzzle. With your pieces chosen according to time, space and your expectations. With an arm so independent that you can remake yourself again and again until life is what you want it to be.

Do not be intimidated by the one who has more. Do not shrink from the one that leads you. Do not compete with them, compete with yourself. If you were a runner, you would measure your times on each lap of the track. You would respect your work plan.

You would squeeze when it was worth it; you would check if something is failing, you would start again when necessary.

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Don’t worry

Life is just like that. With people in the next lanes. With people in the gallery. But in the end, you follow your path, always thinking about setting your best time. For you and nobody else.

And not because you are conformist, but because you are ambitious.

If you improve your brand every day, you will end up defeating others. If you compete with yourself and beat your best version of the previous day, you will have won the world.

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What Is The Importance Of Competition For Entrepreneurs?

As an entrepreneur, you will have competition in the market, and many times, you may hate it. However they exist, it is necessary.

Before wishing that there is no competition, it is best to take a look at the importance they have for the market, customer, and even for you as an entrepreneur.

I know that when you talk about the importance of the competition, the first thing that comes to mind are only disadvantages.

And I do not blame you, they are supposed to be our “Enemies,” those we want to snatch from, remove territory, stand out from them, etc. However, we can not deny that the existence of competition has some advantages that are worth studying.

Actually, it is very simple, competition helps companies to be in constant movement to seek to improve their product and make it more competitive in the market.

Regarding consumers, the competition opens the range of options available in the market, allowing choosing what you prefer among a broader range of products.

Also, as long as there is a wider range of products, prices will become more stable and more accessible, since companies have to look for competitive prices in order to sell.

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