Kariba Dam Level Guide, 2022, Check The Current Kariba Dam Water Level For Today

Are you wondering how high or low the Kariba dam is? That is the main purpose of this guide. You can check the daily and weekly Kariba Dam water levels in this guide.

For those who may not know, the dam’s construction began in 1955 and was completed in 1959 at the cost of 480 million US dollars. It was built on the Zambezi river, and it is uniquely located between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

What Is The Kariba Dam Water Level – How Full Is It

According to current statistics, the Kariba Dam has a total water capacity of 180 cubic kilometers of water and occupying a surface area of 5,400 square kilometers.

You can use the table below to check the current water level of the dam:

Kariba Dam Construction

As we have said earlier, the dam was constructed in the Zambezi River, and it forms the lake Kariba.

It is an arch-type dam with a double curvature architecture holding over 180 cubic kilometers of water.

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What Would Happen If The Kariba Dam Water Burst

If the unfortunate thing happens and Kariba Dam fails, this is what will happen: the dam will flow down the Zambezi river impacting properties, animals, buildings, and even people.

It will flow until it reaches the Cahora Bassa Dam, where the effect will be minimized.

How Deep Is The Kariba Dam Water Level

The dam has a maximum water depth of 97 meters, which is almost 318 ft. The Kariba Dam is 420 ft tall, 79 ft wide, and 1,900 ft long.

It is advisable to check the current Kariba Dam water levels from the main website.

Check the current monthly data for the Kariba Dam in the table above.

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How Long Did It Take To Fill Lake Kariba

According to authorities, the dam was started in 1955 and completed in 1959. This means it took about six (6) years maximum to finish everything.

What Is The Biggest Dam In The World

According to usgs.gov, the Three Gorges Dam in China is the biggest hydroelectric dam in the world.

However, based on reservoir volume, the Kariba Dam on the Lake Kariba is classified as one of the world’s biggest.

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Which Dam Is The Biggest In Africa

The Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia is considered the largest in Africa. It generates about 6000 megawatts of energy annually.

That is what you need to know about the Kariba dam level in Zambia.

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