Ukai dam water level guide

Ukai Dam level Today 2023, Check The Current Dam Water Rule Levels

Are you searching for the latest Ukai dam level in India? Just take your time and go through this guide to check the current state of the reservoir.

The dam was constructed in 1972 at the cost of Rs 1389 million. It covers a surface area of 612 kilometers square of land with an installed power capacity of 300 megawatts.

The Ukai Dam is one of the largest reservoirs in the Gujarat region of India.

What Is The Current Ukai Dam level Today 2021

The water level fluctuates, and it depends on several factors that may lead to a high or low capacity.

We have provided you with all the data about the Ukai Dam water level.

Still, it is advisable to visit the official government website for up-to-date information about the state of the water levels in the Ukai Dam.

You can check the latest dam water level for 2021 here

What Is The Rule Level Of The Ukai Dam

The rule level of Ukai Dam is a pre-defined level on a particular date, and that must be maintained in the reservoir to fill it in stages.

The main purpose of the Ukai rule level is to fill the dam at a specific rate to regulate and maintain high floods.

How Much Water Is In The Ukai Dam

According to authorities, the dam has a total water capacity of 7,414 MCM with an installed capacity of 300MW and an active capacity of 6,730MCM.

So that is the quantity of water the dam holds.

How Much Rain Does Surat Get

Winter in Surat is not really cold; however, temperatures can fluctuate from 10C and 15C.

According to authorities, the Surat district has an annual rainfall of 1143mm.

The climate of Surat changes so much.

Usually, summer has a temperature ranging from 37.6C to 43.7C, and as you can see, it is a bit hot.

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Rainfall Pattern In Surat

The rainfall pattern is unpredictable. There can be higher rainfall as well as low rains.

It largely depends on the time and season of the year.

The pattern can be as high as 160mm and can range from heavy to very heavy monsoon rain in some parts of the Gujarat region.

Please note: You must visit the official government website for any updates.

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