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  1. I have been surfing online more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours.
    The PayPal system in South Africa is not as straightforward as it is in other countries. You have made it clear for me.
    It’s pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the net will be a lot more useful than ever before. Thanks for the good and informative post.

  2. Am Anthony from South Africa. I like the layout of your website. It is very simple to use. I want to know if I can get money transferred to my capitec account?

  3. Thanks for this guide. We the South Africans have been left behind for too long. Common paypal and FBN has taken monopoly over it.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment. That is how the PayPal system has been made to be in SA. Lets hope for the best in the near future.

  4. Hi abbrokwa,

    i have followed your guide step by step and i have successfully registered for my paypal account.
    thank you.

  5. Please i am fro Nigeria but registered my Paypal account in SA. My question is how do I withdraw money from PayPal in South Africa?

  6. hi there i tried to open a paypal account ,now but there is no south africa to click on ,what do i do

  7. Thank you so much for this. I am just really struggeling to get in touch with Paypal. I opened an account some years ago but cannot get verification on my password to login and when I do I cant answer the security questions. there is no option to email them unles you are logged in. Ive messaged them via FB where they requested I use a number in the States to get this info but the nuber (14025174519) does not work from South Africa. I tried placing a Zero infront of it from both landline and mobile. I tried their UK portal and numbers also without success. This is just becoming really frustrating I was wondering if you had any advice.

    1. Hi Steve, don’t know if you ever figured this out, but for anyone who has this problem – you have to add 2 zeros in front of the number. This is a Nebraska number and from South Africa, you will dial it as 001 402 517 4519. Hope this helps someone.

  8. Hi, I have a query regarding this service. I have a Standard Bank Cheque Account (which is not a Credit Card). Can I possibly link my Standard Bank Cheque Account to PayPal and withdraw funds successfully without actually having an FNB account? If so, could you please help me out and explain to me step by step how to go about doing this correctly as I am not tech savvy. Thank you.

  9. To withdraw from paypal I used etopayzar.blogspot.com although they charged about 20% transaction fee but i was glad i got my money, they have a withdrawal option of Bank account, E-wallet and cashsend I got the money in 5 days through Email.

  10. I have Fnb bank cheque card not credit card is possible that I can buy online in uk? Let me know please…
    Thank you

    1. Editorial Staff

      For PayPal Nigeria, you can ONLY send money outside Nigeria but not receiving. This means you can not under normal circumstance send money from South Africa to Nigeria through PayPal.

  11. Josiah Loveness

    Hi! I have a question
    Is it possible for someone (foreigner) in South Africa to open a PayPal account for someone who is outside South Africa?

    1. Hi Pat,
      PayPal account verification does not cost much and whatever amount deducted during the verification process is refundable afterward. So feel free to verify your account. You have nothing to lose.

    1. Editorial Staff

      The PayPal dashboard varies slightly from country to country. Moreover, the Business Account is more flexible than the Personal Account. Hence it depends on several factors.

  12. I want to open pay pal accounts, i don’t even know were to start. Im in SA i want to parchase things in China.

  13. South Africa makes everything so complex. Common paypal registration too you have to face so many difficulties. Thank you for this guide!

  14. I had an FNB account 25 years ago, and my details have changed since then. Every other bank’s HAFIS system has updated, except FNB. Since I don’t have the ID document from then anymore, my profile can’t be activated/fixed/used ever again. They refuse to accept my newest ID document even though it’s more than 10 years old.
    Is there any way to cash Paypal funds out directly to a Capitec, Standard Bank or ABSA account?

    Many thanks

  15. I have also struggled but there is a website that charges way too much yet it is worth it if you want your money out of the paypal account, they have quite several options available to withdraw from paypal as long as you are in South Africa.
    It is called etopayzar, their website is etopayzar.blogspot.com

    NB: Only available for South Africans

  16. Good Day

    I have incorrectly made a payment online to us embassy on Monday last week online via PayPal. The payment of R2403. I wish to be refunded the money paid as it was incorrectly paid through my FNB account.

  17. Please help I tried many time to register PayPal account but I can’t always password not match I don’t know how because it’s my first time to register PayPal accont

    1. Hi Mahai,
      Sorry for the frustrations you might be going through. The error message you are getting is an indication of password mismatch. You can simply solve that by heading to the PayPal login page.
      Click on “Having trouble logging in”.
      Enter the email you used for PayPal account registration.
      Click Next and follow the instructions.
      PayPal will assist you to create a new password.

      Hope that works for you.

  18. Thank you for an informative page!

    Just fyi, there are two phone numbers for PayPal customer services on the same FNB page!
    0861 729 725 does not work!
    0875 729 725 works perfectly! And I even got to speak to a human! And he was able to answer my question! A trifecta of success!

  19. Thank you for detailed information, this is very helpful. Do you know how to get a SAR number for a foreigner (Diplomat) living in South Africa for creating Paypal account.

  20. Hi. Thank you for trying to help so many of us. I’m with ABSA. I have done all the necessary registrations. All was initially well when my current cheque account card expired. I now can’t link a new card as paypal wants a routing number. I registered with FNB online banking enterprise a few years back. I’m not able to access my FNB profile as it says that my username is incorrect but when I check, my records are correct. I really don’t have a clue what to do. I’m out of the country at the moment. Please, please can you help me.

  21. I am trying to update my contact number to log into my PayPal account, send numerous emails, but to no success. It’s so frustrating!

  22. Hi. Thank you for an informative article. Is there any requirement on how often one needs to withdraw money from Paypal account?

  23. Good day l want to ask l have my PayPal account loaded with my absa credit card it keeps returning me to the merchant so how can l use it

  24. Hi, Thank you for the information. I have a Paypal account (verified) and opened an FNB profile so I could receive funds from USA. I bank with Standard Bank. My question is how do I link my FNB profile/Paypal account to my Standard Bank account

    I went into Standard Bank today and they say that FNB needs to link to Standard Bank. Is that correct?

    I appreciate any help you can give me, please.

  25. Great guide on how to use PayPal in South Africa. You have made this so simple and easy for me. You saved a brother today. I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work.

  26. It must be noted, as a business you can see some hectic fees incurred for accepting a variety currencies. Ie. If your account is in USD and you get paid in GBR.
    About a 4.5% fee for accepting/billing a client.
    Then a exchange rate to turn the GBR to USD, just as you cash out to FNB. That’s 2.5%+. I got 4.4% they are crooks with this.
    Then FNB exchange at 1.5% , not so bad, plus a service fee.
    So about 10% of your bill is gone. Not great for receiving large payment for products and services…
    Do be careful

  27. On number 7. Access details, do you put the FNB User ID and password or PayPal User ID and password. Can i please get an example of User ID .

  28. Good day
    I’m from South Africa, and had my PayPal account for over 2 years now.
    What a nightmare to link a bank account, I went to the FNB site and everyone when I fill my details it gives me an error code, is there any other way I can use my PayPal funds, none of the grocery stores in South A frica accepts PayPal.

    I have funds but I can’t use it, it is really frustrating.

    Please help

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