Here is the comprehensive guide on the WhatsApp business app for androind and apple iphones

WhatsApp Business App – New WhatsApp For Business On Android & iPhone

Whatsapp, which is an instant messaging service, has officially launched Whatsapp Business. Initially, it was only available for Android devices. WhatsApp Business for iOS has also been released and most iPhone users can now comfortably use the app.

This is a totally different messaging app that will enable small businesses to connect with their customers.

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What Is A WhatsApp Business Account?

The business account is a separate account from the standard account, and its main purpose is to connect businesses and customers rather than the conventional family and friends.

Moreover, the business account is a paid account which means you spend some amount of money for sending and receiving messages. The standard Whatsapp account is free and doesn’t cost for usage.

WhatsApp Business App was built with the small business owners in mind. This doesn’t mean big companies cannot use the app.

When you install the app as a business owner, you can easily interact with your customers. The app also has the added advantage of sorting, automating, and quickly responding to customer messages.

Moreover, when you are using the business account, you can still connect with ordinary users.

This is normal since there is no need to download a separate app and the usual WhatsApp users will know when a business account is contacting them.

It appears as a business account. Until now, the beta version of the WhatsApp Business was tested in other countries like Mexico, the United States, Italy, United Kingdom, and Indonesia.

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Update On WhatsApp Business For iOS

Finally, the business app for iOS has been released and is available on the App Store for these countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • India

According to the company, WhatsApp Business for iPhone will be released to the rest of the countries in a few weeks time.

The size of the app on the App Store is 155.1 MB.

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Beta Version For WhatsApp Business For iOS Is Finally Released

I used to get emails with questions like:

  • Is there WhatsApp business for iPhone or iOS?
  • How do I download WhatsApp for business on your iPhone or iOS?
  • Can I use WhatsApp for business on my iPhone?

If you once asked any of these questions, rest assured and keep reading.

Here is the big news.

After a long wait for the business app for the iPhone family, the app has finally been launched.

It is now available for iPhones and the iOS family. The app is totally free, and the beta version is ready to download on your iPhone now.

The business version is fully compatible with iOS 8 and higher.

The features of the WhatsApp Business beta for iOS hasn’t changed. It is the same as that of the Android version.

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Steps To Follow To Install WhatsApp Business On iPhone Or iOS

The following simple tricks will enable you to install WhatsApp Business on iPhone. Because the iOS version is in Beta, you can try it for free.

  1. Make sure you have an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher.
  2. Install TestFlight on your iPhone from the App Store.
  3. Enter the WhatsAppBetaInfo TestFlight and download WhatsApp Business for iOS.

Once you have it, you will see that the app is practically the same. However, it also includes extra messaging tools for businesses as well as a somewhat different color.

Also, after installing it on your iPhone, you will see that you can migrate the chats without losing anything.

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How Do I Set Up WhatsApp For Business On iOS And Android?

If you want to set up the app on phone or any device, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install the app from the Google Play Store. For iPhone users, the app is available for download on the App Store.

Step 2: After installing the app accept the terms and conditions.

Step 3: Add and verify your business phone number.

Step 4: Add your business name and logo.

Step 5: Update additional business information.

Step 6: Set up Greeting Messages, Quick Replies, and Away Messages.

Step 7: Track your performance using the Statistics of the app.

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Main Features Of The Business App

Here are the main features of the business app for both Android and iOS:

1. Important notifications

Larger companies can use the app to send customers important notifications such as flight schedules, order delivery confirmations and other updates.

In the case of the smaller businesses, the app will serve as a more direct way of communicating with your current and potential clients by sending them official communications.

The app has a dual purpose. Firstly, the app allows the entrepreneur to communicate with all his contacts.

The second option advertisers to place ads on the Whatsapp platform to reach a wider audience.

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2. Verified Business Profiles

One major aim of business owners is brand visibility. On your Android or iPhone, it allows businesses to be easily seen and discovered by customers.

This is because with Whatsapp Business you create a business profile with relevant information for your customers.

This information includes your address, business description, phone number, email address, and website.

If you see a green icon next to the user’s name it means that the app confirms that the contact’s phone number belongs to a company account.

Communications with that contact will be differentiated by yellow messages inside the chat window, and it is not possible to delete those messages.

The verified profiles will accept pre-configured commands to speed up communications and send automatic responses.

3. Smart Messaging Tools

With the new messaging tools, you can save an enormous amount of time. One such amazing tool is the “Quick Replies”.

What this feature of the business app for iOS and Android does is that it enables you to save and reuse messages you frequently send.

This helps the already busy businessmen to answer common messages or questions with no delay.

Another great feature of the Whatsapp business app for iPhone and Android is the “Automated Messages”.

What this does is to allow businesses to set an away message when they are unable to respond to customers.

You can also use the automated feature to create a welcome message to introduce your business to your customers.

4. Organize chats with labels

Users of the app can Organize contacts or chats with labels, so they can easily find them again.

5. Chat list filters

The chat list filter feature in the app lets you filter chat list by categories like broadcast lists, unread messages, or groups.

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6. Block Accounts And Report Spam

However, what happens if users do not want to receive commercial content? Very simple: they should only block the number from which they receive notifications.

To block a contact, you have to access the “Settings” menu within the application and add the number.

Also, WhatsApp will make available to users a tool to report spam and the ability to manage the service to receive a greater or lesser flow of messages from companies.

7. Translation And Multimedia

Also, it will have other uses, such as real-time translations and sending multimedia messages that promote interaction with the client.

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8. Messaging Statistics

The app has a messaging statistics feature which allows businesses to review simple metrics behind the messages they send.

This feature of the app will enable you to know how many of your Whatsapp messages were successfully sent, delivered, or read.

9. WhatsApp Business Web

Besides using the Whatsapp Business app on iPhone and Android to send and receive messages from your customers on mobile, you can equally send and receive messages with the app on your laptop or desktop.

Moreover, it makes it more convenient for business especially if you work with a customer support team.

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How To Download WhatsApp Business App For iOS And Android

Before you can use it on your Android phone, you need to download the apk file from Google Play Store and install it on your machine.

Since WhatsApp Business for iOS is now available at the Apple app store those using iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices can now install and use the app.

However, the iOS version is available only for some selected countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There have been many questions about the use of the Business app and these are few of the many frequently asked questions:

Can I Use WhatsApp Business For PC?

The business account can also use the WhatsApp Web functionality. It means you can connect your business account on a browser by scanning the QR code in your WhatsApp Business app.

This way, you can use it your PC or laptop.

Is WhatsApp Business Available For iPhone And iOS?

Yes, it is fully supported on iOS devices such as the iPhones and iPad.

When its full compatibility with the iOS after the beta version for the rest of the countries, one can access all the features on the app on the iPhones and other Apple devices.

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Can I Use The Same Number For WhatsApp Business?

You can install the app on the same phone that you installed the standard messenger, but you can’t register with the same number.

When you try to register Whatsapp Business with the same number as the standard messenger you will get the following message:

This phone number is currently registered with WhatsApp Messenger and you can’t use it for WhatsApp Business at the same time.

Would you like to continue and move this phone number to WhatsApp Business or would you like to edit the number?

This means that you can only move existing WhatsApp Messenger number to the business account.

That’s it.

Also, if you are using the WhatsApp business for iOS or Android and you want to share your experience, use the comment section below.

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