Profitable business ideas in Botswana and Africa

Super Easy Business Ideas In Botswana, 2022, Profitable Business Opportunities In Botswana

What are the business ideas available in Botswana? How do you identify those business opportunities as an entrepreneur? Do you have some small capital to start something but you don’t know the best business opportunities in Botswana for startup entrepreneurs?

Don’t continue to worry over the questions above and continue reading.

Kindly go through the list of business opportunities below and figure out which one works for you.

In any case, if you are confused about doing business the right way, check out the comprehensive guide on how to start a business as an entrepreneur.

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Now here is the list of small business ideas in Botswana that will make you a successful entrepreneur:

Idea # 1: Clothing Business Ideas In Botswana

Clothing is one of the business ideas in Botswana.

If you are interested in the clothing business, then you have to think beyond fashion. It means you are selling something that gives your consumers nothing but confidence.

Starting a clothing business in Botswana is very easy.

Establishing the clothing enterprise also creates more local business opportunities.

You have to be creative with your business ideas and remain focused. Now that there is a high demand for custom design clothing in Botswana, this is the perfect time to tap into the enormous opportunity out there.

The advantage is that you can start at home.

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Idea # 2: Preparing And Editing Videos

This is for those who are ready to start an online business. Putting together professional videos of any kind is a rewarding business idea anyone can dream of, and if you have experience in this field, then take advantage.

There are three major types of content on all web pages: text, images, and videos. It is very easy to record a video, but it is much more difficult to have a professional appearance.

Among institutional presentation videos, YouTube channels, and others, it is clear that there is an important market for those who decide to set up a video preparation and editing business.

You can work online for any customer in any country around the world.

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Idea # 3: Starting Crafts At Home

This is one of the business ideas in Botswana.

This business is perfect in Botswana. Most people in Botswana have a keen interest in craft products, and so they are always in high demand.

What you should keep in mind is that if you are successful with your craft business, then you must produce it at the speed of the demand you have.

So it is advisable to look out for people who can do the crafts with you. You can sell them online and get money.

Idea # 4:  Cattle Rearing Business In Botswana

If you are a resident of Botswana, then you have no excuse to complain of job inadequacy when over two(2) million cattle are grazing around.

You don’t need me to tell you that cattle rearing is a profitable business in Botswana. Considering the manufacturing business opportunities that cattle products present, you have no option but to give it your best shot.

Did you know?

Livestock production in Botswana, especially cattle rearing from over 80% of the total agricultural GDP.

Cattle rearing and livestock remain the primary agricultural product and a source of export earnings.

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Idea # 5: Blogging As A Business Opportunity

Creating a blog is undoubtedly an interesting way to start an online business. You don’t need any special coding skill to start it.

Most people think starting a blog cost a fortune.

This is also a business idea you can do from home. All you need to start a blog is a domain, hosting, and a passion to drive you.

You can even start without paying anything, with a free blog.

Idea # 6: Meat Business Ideas In Botswana

This is one of the business ideas in Botswana.

Cattle, goat, sheep, and other livestock are very common in Botswana. This makes the meat business in Botswana one of the most profitable businesses you should consider.

It also requires little capital to start.

Investing in the meat business creates an opportunity for you to export the meat to other countries where demand is high.

For small businesses, you can still engage in your meat business for sale in your local area.

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Idea # 7: Sculpture As A Business Idea In Botswana

It is the same case of painting; you can teach, make your own sculptures.

You can dedicate yourself to creating your own art, or rather to elaborate figures that have utility and that have your brand.

For example, a sculpture that is a lamp.

Idea # 8: Convert Your Hobby Into A Profitable Business

I do not have a clue what your hobby is, but I strongly believe that can be turned into a profitable business. It is natural to think of transforming a hobby into a full-scale company.

You will have to learn to differentiate your amateur interest from your business objectives, but it can be a very profitable activity.

Building and sustaining a business requires planning, commitment, and many more.

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Idea # 9: Fast Food And Restaurant Business Ideas In Botswana

Restaurant is one of the business ideas in Botswana.

The food industry is arguably one of the most lucrative business ideas for small businesses. The reason is obvious. So long as we live, we will continue to depend on food for survival.

Also, since we all have different choices when it comes to food, people will still be interested in whatever type of restaurant you establish as a business.

It is necessary to know what the majority of the people are interested in so that you can tailor your services to suit their demand.

You can even start your food business at home and gradually expand it to the level you wish.

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Idea # 10: Sell Secondhand  Products On eBay

Another way to start a business without much money is merely dedicating to the sale of second-hand products. For this, you can use online shopping sites such as eBay, or set up your own online store.

Maybe it’s best to start with eBay, and once you have contacts and more customers, move to your own store.

And what can you sell? On sites like eBay, you have the freedom to sell whatever you have so long as people are interested in buying.

Idea # 11: Molding Brick For Construction

With the increase in construction activities in Botswana, you cannot go wrong by investing in the bricks and construction business.

The construction business opens room for endless business opportunities for electricians, plumbers, tilers, cement manufacturers, etc.

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Idea # 12: Organize Events

Event organization is one of the business ideas in Botswana.

Organizing events need a lot of organizational skills, many contacts but practically no need for massive investment.

You can think about planning weddings (one of the ten (10) examples of business plans that are proposed by many), birthdays, or business events.

Idea # 13: Organize Private Classes

Another business opportunity in Botswana and also related to education is the possibility of giving private lessons.

Depending on your training you may be able to provide classes for children who go to school, high school kids, or even students at the university.

Idea # 14: Agriculture And Horticulture Business Ideas In Botswana

Another lucrative business idea in Botswana is the investment in the agriculture and horticulture sectors.

It opens up lots of business opportunities for local farmers who are ready to venture into cash-crops as well as other livestock.

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Idea # 15: Starting A Hair And Beauty Business

Hair and beauty salon is one of the business ideas in Botswana.

Opening a hair salon is considered by many entrepreneurs as a daunting task, but in reality, it is easy to establish.

What you have to consider is the location and the type of hairdressing business.

For the type of hair salon business, you need to determine if you will be a sole trader, a limited company, or a partnership.

The services at home are both practical for the customer and very cheap to start up.

This is especially true for service activities such as beauty care and beauty in general.

Idea # 16: Rent Out An Extra Room

I must say that you have nothing to lose in this business. Especially if you live near a beach, renting out an apartment can be a way to make some money.

Moreover, you could set up a placement service for people in different homes, and charge a commission for it.

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Idea # 17: Starting A Digital Photography Business

If you have the talent to take photographs, then start a business as a photographer. In Botswana, the opportunities in the photography business are limitless.

You can specialize in specific niches such as occasion, products for catalogs, business, natural spaces, pets, art, etc.

Idea # 18: Graphic Designer Business Ideas In Botswana

Graphic design is one of the business ideas in Botswana.

There are many portals for freelancers where you can sign up to work as a graphic designer. One that is specialized for professionals designers in this niche is

Yes! These are some of the most profitable business ideas in Botswana that every startup can patronize and make money.

There are franchise businesses available for people who may be able to start their businesses on their own.

Idea # 19: Start A Stationery Business.

For many people, starting a stationery business is very simple and straightforward.

These people have the notion that the suppliers of the items give it out at a very low price and hence more profit for them. These people are right to some extent.

The most important thing to know about the stationery business is the location and the level of competition.

The better the location and the lesser the competition, the more likely you are to make more profit.

If your stationery business is located near a school or to a densely populated area, the more the patronage and hence profit for you.

Idea # 20: Open A Barbershop In Botswana

This is one of the business ideas in Botswana.

The success or failure of your barbershop depends on several factors. To start this business in Botswana, you will need the appropriate licenses and permits.

Moreover, a good location is essential to attract a stable customer base.

A properly equipped barbershop not only includes equipment for barbers, such as chairs, scissors, mirrors, but also must have the equipment and sanitary facilities to promote comfort for customers.

In addition to providing a comfortable and pleasant environment, a barbershop needs a good and reliable barber.

You must go all out to provide a decent and trustworthy service as possible.

Word of mouth is a great advertising tool for barbers.


What every serious entrepreneur should take note is that the wheels of entrepreneurship start slowly.

You will never be rich overnight. Start slowly and be objective with whatever business idea you have in mind.

Being passionate and consistent is what will bail you out in every business endeavor.

Let me know what you think about the business ideas outlined in the comment section below.

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