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Africa World Airlines: The Ultimate Guide For AWA Passenger

Africa World Airlines Limited (AWA) is one of Africa’s leading airlines and is starting to make a name for themselves across the African continent.

All the information about the AWA airlines have been summarized in this article. We will talk about the owners of AWA, the fleets of aircrafts available, baggage allowance, security checks that may be conducted.

We will also take you through what you need to know before booking a flight, when you get to the airport, and also what to expect when you get onboard.

If you are traveling with children, you need to know the rules governing that and we will teach you all that in this post.

We recommend that you take your time to read all the details provided but if you are in a hurry or you came here for specific information, then use the table of contents below to jump to that particular section.

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What Is Africa World Airlines Ghana

Established in 2010 in Ghana, AWA airlines initially offered flights between four of Ghana’s most significant cities such as Takoradi, Accra, Tamale, and Kumasi. AWA has since positioned itself as Africa’s o to’ airline, offering flights to Nigeria and Liberia.

The company took to the skies for the first time on the 21st of September 2012. Expanding its influence across the continent, AWA also aims to organize flights to The Ivory Coast and Sierra-Leone in the near future.

From there, Africa World Airlines hopes to expand beyond its operations Africa itself into Europe, Asia, and the Americas. At the time of writing, AWA is booking frequent flights to other destinations like Lagos, Abuja, Monrovia, and Freetown.

Who Is The Owner Of Africa World Airlines

Togbe Afede XIV holds the position of CEO for the company and for another organization called the SAS FINANCE GROUP, founded the AWA.

You should know Togbe Afede because he is the Chief of the Asogli State and a prominent figure in Ghana.

In recent years The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), national government pension initiative invested heavily into the AWA airlines.

By so doing, essentially, every Ghanaian citizen is an indirect shareholder in the business.

With this investment and faith from the people of Ghana, the AWA airlines have been able to support the countries tourism.

With the government, the people and the Africa World Airlines all working together to turn Ghana into the cultural capital of Africa, everyone stands to gain.

It will be interesting to see if other African countries, companies, or indeed, countries and groups abroad will adopt a similar approach.

So far, this relationship has worked well, allowing the AWA to invest in a much larger aircraft, which can carry more passengers to further destinations safely and quickly.

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AWA Fleet Of Airlines

Africa Wolrd Airlines recently announced they have added the impressive ERJ 145LR to their fleet, making this their sixth and largest commercial aircraft.

There are also plans to expand the size of the fleet in time, adding even larger models as well. And this will be an exciting moment for the company as it’s growth continues exponentially.

The company’s website is very informative, helping potential passengers learn exactly what they need to do and bring with them.

What You Should Know Before Booking Your Flight With AWA

While many customers are repeat fliers, some will be boarding an aircraft for the first time in their lives. This means it is essential to be educated on what to do and what not to do.

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Africa World Airlines Baggage Allowance

AWA recommends its passengers do not exceed their baggage allowance. This will be stated on the documentation you receive after booking.

This baggage allowance can vary depending on the passenger, so it is essential you know what the limit is.

Like with most airlines, passengers will be allowed to check their suitcases in upon check-in, but you will also be permitted to carry on a small bag.

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Carry-On Baggage

Anything carried on must comply with safety instructions.

This will be checked by security, so if a passenger is ever unsure of what can or cannot be brought onto the plane; you should always check with a member of staff.

Baggage with dimensions equal to or lower than 56cm X 45cm X 25cm and less than 5kg may be allowed into the aircraft cabin.

Thus for carry-on baggage, AWA airlines allow one cabin baggage. Also, you can have either a laptop bag, handbag, and maybe a small backpack.

Please note that small is relative and is only determined by the staff at Africa World Airlines.

For checked baggage, AWA allows you to have two (2) luggage depending on your flight. The baggage allowance for Africa World Airlines is up to 23kg.

Anything exceeding 23kg will require you to pay additional fees. If you are using a domestic flight, you will pay GHS5 per kilogram.

For those using regional routes, the cost of excess baggage is USD3 per kilogram.

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Security And Identifications

Being subjected to airport security checks can be a daunting task and sometimes scary thing to do. But AWA airlines is committed to helping its customers and making the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

The AWA require their passengers to bring certain documents to verify their identity.

This includes their Voter ID Card, National Health Insurance Card, and some accompanying ID such as a drivers license.

In many cases, travelers who arrive without this information will not be allowed to fly, so it is important that you comply.

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Booking, Check-In, And Boarding

It is advisable that customers arrive at least 2 hours and 40 minutes before takeoff. Upon arrival, passengers are required to produce their ticket and check-in.

This is where their documentation will be reviewed, including their ID.

One important point is any ID documents will need to be the original. Photocopies or pictures on a mobile phone will not be accepted.

The company is hoping to arrange soon the possibility to improve the Online Check-In service at Flyafricaworld to save it’s customers’ time.

Although it’s worth pointing out that even when this is in place, a customer will still need to come along with the same documents listed above.

The check-in may be done online, but there are further ID checks later on before boarding.

Seating is confirmed on the ticket, the airline does request that passengers do not sit in premium seating if you have not booked those seats.

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What Happens Inside Africa World Airlines

Once onboard passengers will be greeted by members of the cabin crew and addressed by the Captain or First Officer.

There will be a safety briefing before takeoff. It is recommended that all passengers pay attention to this even if you are frequent fliers and have seen this demonstration before.

Safety legislation changes every now and then. So it’s crucial not to take anything for granted, listening could save a life or the life of a loved one.

The cabin crew will supply passengers with complimentary hot drinks, fresh juice, and biscuits.

Breakfast foods such as croissants are also available, and the airline serves fresh meat and fish pies if passengers require something more substantial.

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Traveling With Children

Africa World Airlines will allow only children who are old enough to travel as an unaccompanied minor. With these children, the staff at AWA will assist these children with check-in and boarding.

However, all the particulars of the unaccompanied child, as well as that of the guardian or parent, must be provided in addition to the actual destination.

For children below 2 years of age, AWA does not permit them to have their own seat. Unless in some instances such as an adult who is traveling with more than one child.

Even with that, a proper child restraint device is necessary.

Fares And Fees By Africa World Airlines

The ticket you pay for your flight covers the only carriage from the airport of your origin to your destination airport.

The fare does not include any other ground transport within or outside the airport.

We cannot say for sure what you will pay for any of your trips since the final fare is determined based on many factors.

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How To Pay For Your Fares And Fees At AWA

You can book your flights via the AWA website: You can also buy a ticket by calling the customer service center on 0242438888 or the toll-free number 0800200200.

With Africa World Airlines, you can make your payments with their MTN Mobile Money option.

Africa World Airlines mode of payment
How To Pay With AWA

Another payment option and the most commonly used is by using Credit or Debit card payment method.

For those who may not get the means to book their flights with any of the digital payment options mentioned above, do not worry. You can still walk to the head office and sales offices of AWA for instant bookings.

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Africa World Airlines Online Check-In

You can check-in instantly from Africa World Airlines in the comfort of your home or office. The online registration at Flyafricaworld actually speeds up the process and makes you travel hassle-free.

With AWA, you can check-in your baggage and select your seat in advance before departing for the flight.

Africa World Airlines Trave Class

The two (2) main travel classes by AWA are Economy Class and Premium Economy Class. With the Economy Class, AWA offers a wide and comfortable seating at a very low cost. With the Premium Economy Class, priority boarding and check-in is assured.

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Africa World Airlines Contact

AWA has offices in Ghana, Nigeria, and Liberia. In Ghana, the head office is located in Accra at the SSNIT Emporium building. Africa World Airlines can also be found in Kumasi and Tamale.

In Nigeria, you can contact AWA at the Lagos office at the Airport Ticketing Office at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. Call them on +234 (0)704 342 7130 or +234 (0)704 3427132.

At Abuja in Nigeria, you can contact Africa World Airlines at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, off Gana Street. Call the Abuja office on +2348171481189 or +2348171481480.

If you are in Liberia, then you can locate AWA in Monrovia at the Roberts International Airport on the 1st floor of the Kabah building on the Benson/Mechlin Street.

You can call the following telephone numbers: (+231)886 691623, (+231)881 108682, and (+231)881 108666.

The email address for Africa World Airlines head office is

For any concerns or issues, contact AWA at

This guide is intended to cover the important points associated with Africa World Airlines history and the services they offer their customers. We would also like to direct potential passengers to their website ( where even more information is available.

Customers can also use Flyafricaworld to view flights by location as well as the times they are available, book the flights and pay for them there and then. The website also connects to the company’s social media pages and has the option to contact them directly if there are any questions at all.

The company’s growth in such a short space of time has been impressive, and we expect them to hold the position as Africa’s premier airline soon.

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