What is Crate & Barrel return policy and price adjustment and price match for customers.

Crate and Barrel Return Policy – How To Get A Refund, Exchange, or Credit (USA & Canada)

Please find out all that you need to know about the Crate and Barrel Return Policy. In this guide, we will walk you through the return and refund policy, proof of purchase, price adjustment, and price matching among many other things you must know.

What Is Crate And Barrel Return Policy?

As a customer of Crate and Barrel, you are assured of nothing but quality and reliable products. The company is trying its very best to ensure a positive customer experience with every buyer.

However, should you face any challenge with any of the products offered by Crate and Barrel, you are covered by a flexible return or exchange policy.

Crate and Barrel Return Policy For Non-Furniture Items

For non-furniture items, they should meet the following conditions before they can be accepted under Crate and Barrel return policy:

  • Return the non-furniture item within 90 days of purchasing the product.
  • It should be returned in good condition. Meaning it should not have been washed or used.
  • Provide a valid proof of purchase.

This means you must keep all receipts or any evidence that shows that you bought an item from Crate and Barrel to avoid any inconvenience with returning a product.

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What Is Included In Crate And Barrel Proof Of Purchase

For you to be eligible for a return, refund, or exchange, you need certain things to confirm your eligibility.

These include the following:

  1. Original packing slip
  2. Gift packing slip
  3. Original paper receipt
  4. Gift receipt
  5. eReceipt

You should note that there may be tax charges when returning your products to Crate and Barrel depending on state laws.

It must be stated that Crate and Barrel return policy has excellent terms for items with a manufacturer’s defect or those that were damaged during transit.

The item that had a defect or damaged during transit can be returned or exchanged for another product.

This means you don’t have to take any of the receipts for granted.

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Why Won’t Crate And Barrel Accept My Returned Item?

The most common reason why your returned product was declined is usually the failure to provide proof of purchase.

Moreover, if you purchased live botanicals or you bought the item at the final sale, then it cannot be allowed for return or exchange.

For those who purchased items outside the United States, you will be covered by Crate and Barrel return policy at the purchased location.

Crate And Barrel Credits And Refunds

There are several ways by which you may receive a credit or refund, among which are the following:

Crate and Barrel return policy with gift or credit card for exchange and refund

Image source: Crate & Barrel

1. If you have a Gift packing slip or Gift Receipt, you will be refunded by a Shop Card.

2. For those with an original paper receipt, Crate and Barrel Credit Card, eReceipt, order number or original packing slip, then the refund will be made in the Original Form of Tender. However, you are limited to $100 cash refund in-store, and the remaining amount refunded as a check through the mail.

3. You can present your gift Registry Number without proof of purchase, and in that case, you will get a refund by a Shop Card at the current selling price.

4. For those of you who ordered your items online or by phone, you can use Crate and Barrel online return feature. Your refund should be credited to your credit or debit card within 7 to 10 working days.

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Does Crate and Barrel Offer Price Adjustments Or Price Matching

The price adjustment policy of Crate and Barrel is not so clear. However, they have a price matching policy where you are allowed to pay for a product for less within a certain window period.

Here are certain things you need to know about the Crate and barrel price matching policy:

  • They allow just one price match per identical product per person.
  • The item should be identical in model number, color, weight, brand name, quantity, and size.
  • The lower price must have been validly published at the time you requested the price match.
  • You must provide a proof indicating the valid price.
  • The lower price item should be in stock at the time you requested a price match.

You should note that there are some exclusions and restrictions that apply to the price matching policy.

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Can You Return Crate and Barrel Item To CB2?

According to the Crate and Barrel return policy, you need to return items for refund or exchange to the store brand where you purchased the item.

This means you must return Crate and Barrel items to a Crate and Barrel store. Also, CB2 items should be returned to a CB2 store.

In any case, you must provide receipts or proof of purchase within 90 days.

How to Return Item To Crate & Barrel Store

It may happen that you bought an item in-store and you had ample time to review and even test it before taking it home. Sometimes it doesn’t work as expected after you start using the product.

In this case, two things come to mind: return the item for a full refund or ask for an exchange. Either case, Crate and barrel got you covered.

Follow these steps to return an item bought from Crate & Barrel store:

  1. Gather all necessary information that will be required. Take photographs if necessary.
  2. You must identify the main reason why you want to return the item to the shop.
  3. Get your receipt/invoice ready.
  4. Collect all parts that came with the item, and this may include accessories, packaging, manual, I mean everything.
  5. Be double-sure if your item comes with a warranty.
  6. Determine the means by which you will return the item. Depending on the nature of the item you bought and of course your location, you may choose to ship, post, or send it in person.

Always remember to call the store representative ahead of time so as to get specific instructions.

You can call the Create and Barrel customer service on 800 237 5672 or (00+1) 630 369 4464.

Crate And Barrel Customer Service Hours (USA and Canada)

If you want to contact Crate and Barrel in the United States, you can call this phone number (00+ 1) 630 369 4464.

Also, the Fax number is (00+ 1) 630 527 1448.

The customer service hours are as follows:

Also, the working hours for weekdays are Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm CT.

The Crate and Barrel customer service hours are Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6pm CT for weekends.

If you want to contact Crate and Barrel customer support in Canada, then here are the phone numbers and working hours:

Contact number: (888) 780 5873.

Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm CT.

Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6pm.

Now that you know the USA and Canada’s customer service hours, you can call the phone numbers given.

Please leave a comment about your experience while requesting a refund or return from Crate and Barrels.

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