Google old search console gone and legacy tools and reports in new console

Old Search Console Gone: What Is New In Legacy Tools And Reports

Google says goodbye to the old Seach Console but the good news is that some of the old features are maintained in the new Search Console under Legacy Tools and Reports.

Today, 9th September 2019, the Google Seach Console team are saying goodbye to the old Search console reports.

For over a decade, the old Search Console has helped many webmasters improve the performance of their websites.

According to the Google team, those pages have been viewed more than a billion times.

Google search console team says goodbye but introduce legacy tools and reports
Image Credit: Google Search Console Team

Currently, there are few reports from the old search console which is accessible in the New Console under Legacy Tools and Reports below Security issues and above the Links tab.

Feature Under Legacy Tools And Reports

In your new Webmaster Search Console, when you click the Legacy Tools and Reports, a drop-down menu displays the following items:

  • International targeting
  • Removals
  • Crawl stats
  • Messages
  • URL parameters
  • Web Tools

You can check out these changes in the Google Seach Console (GSC).

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What Can You Do Under Legacy Tools And Reports In New Search Console

There are tons of activities that can be performed in this feature of the Google Webmaster Search Console. Here are some of them:

International Targeting

You can use the International targeting feature in the new Search Console to set a country to target in search results. You need to use this when adding hreflang tags to your website for easy crawling in different languages and regions.


Here, you can remove URLs temporarily from Google Search results.

Crawl stats

With Crawl Stats, you get a fair idea of how often Googlebot crawls your website and how many requests are made.

Here, you can regulate the frequency with which Google crawls your site.


This is where you get messages sent to your properties.

URL parameters

This is another interesting tool under Legacy tools and reports. Use these tools to let google know of any particular parameters you are using in your page URLs.

Please, you should note that this is for advanced users only. You should use this feature only if you know what you are doing. Messing with it will spell your doom.

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Web Tools

It gives you access to other useful tools for your site.

How To Pay Tribute To The Old Seach Console

For those who want to pay their tribute to the old Search Console, you can use the #SCmemories hashtag on Twitter.

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