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Jetstar Baggage Allowance, 2022, The Best Jetstar Baggage Travel Guide

In today’s article, you will learn about the Jetstar baggage allowance.

We will take you through all you need to know about baggage allowance.

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What Does Baggage Allowance Mean

It is the weight and size of baggage that a carrier allows free of charge. This is indicated on your ticket, and it varies among airlines and even according to the origin, destination, and the class.

Your Jetstar baggage allowance is the amount of luggage (by weight) you are permitted to take with you on a flight. Your allowance is for the luggage you check in to be stored away on the flight and is separate from your carry on luggage.

Remember, these are two different allowances.

What is my baggage allowance for checked-in luggage?

Your standard baggage allowance for luggage that is to be checked in is between 15kg and 40kg. You can purchase an additional allowance if you wish up to as much as you need.

Jetstar Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Your standard carry on baggage allowance refers to the items you bring onto the flight with you personally.

People use this to carry on their valuable items or in-flight entertainment devices.

This can either be kept in front of you or be stored above you in the space provided. It is not permitted to be stored in the aisle of the plane.

Your carry on allowance is 7kg, but you can purchase an additional 3kg if you wish.

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What Is Oversized Baggage According To Jetstar

Jetstar does not permit any luggage to be over 32kg, which is plenty for the average case or large bag. Every individual passenger is allowed up to 40kg, but this can be split between multiple items.

For example, you could bring on a case that weighs 30kg and a smaller case that weighs 10kg.

For larger oversized items like surfboards, this will need to be declared at check-in, and then have your upgraded to accommodate the large item.

Jetstar understands that some passengers will really need to transport items that are larger and heavier than a standard case on occasion.

Jetstar Baggage Allowance For Infants Or The Disabled

The Jetstar baggage allowance for infants and the disabled is very flexible.

Items such as prams, strollers, and wheelchairs can be checked in for free and will not count towards a passenger’s baggage allowance. We understand these items are required and will do our best to keep them safe and close.

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Jetstar Carry-on And Musical Instruments

Smaller musical instruments can be brought with you as carry-on luggage. These items are usually valuable and fragile, so we believe this is the safest thing to do to keep them safe.

If you wish to carry an instrument as your hand luggage, then there is no cost for this. However, if this is alongside your hand luggage, then there will be an additional charge.

Larger instruments must be checked in. However, due to their fragile nature, size, and value. It is recommended to alert Jetstar to enable them to take the necessary procedures to keep it safe.

It will also need to be checked-in as an oversized item.

In some cases, we understand passengers will want to book an additional seat on the plane for their instrument.

This is only possible if the item is too large to be considered a carry on luggage but weighs less than 15kg. If it exceeds this weight, it will need to be checked in.

Please, check the main website for more information about the Jetstar baggage allowance for carry-on and musical instruments.

What Does PC Mean For Baggage Allowance

For those who do not know, if a baggage allowance shows PC, then it stands for “piece”. That is, 1PC mean “1 piece of baggage,” and 2PCs stands for “2 pieces of baggage”.

Airlines are very particular about their rules, so if your Jetstar baggage allowance is indicated as 1PC, then you should carry just one piece of luggage.

If it is 2PCs, then you are at liberty to carry 2 pieces of luggage.

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Fragile And Valuable Items

Jetstar cannot be held responsible for damage fragile or valuable items. We recommend you keep them on your person in your carry on luggage.

This was you will be able to keep a close eye on them and make sure they are safe with you. For much larger items that need to be checked in, we have a policy for this.

They need to be labeled and marked as fragile, so our handlers know to treat them with additional care.

You can also check the website to know more about the Jetstar baggage allowance for fragile and valuable items.

Lost, Delayed And Damaged Items/Baggage

If a traveler is unable to locate their luggage upon arrival, then it is recommended they let an attendant know as soon as possible.

The item itself may be nearby, and we may hopefully be able to locate it soon. If however, we are unable to then we will report it as lost or delayed, depending on the circumstance.

It is possible that Jetstar may know where the item is, but delivering it to you may pose additional complications.

If your baggage is confirmed as delayed, Jetstar will supply you with a unique reference number in order to trace it.

You will be able to follow this online, and you will be updated as and when it is available.

In the unlikely event that the luggage is lost or damaged, you can file a claim for compensation.

Jetstar would simply need you to fill out a form with the details, then the management team will assess this for you and reply with their findings as soon as possible.

However, it is important to note that items misplaced by yourself, such as being left on the plane or in an airport are not Jetstar’s responsibility.

They gladly try and help you locate it, but they cannot be held responsible financially for these losses.

Alerting them as quickly as possible is always the best thing to do in any of the above scenarios.

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How To Add Baggage To An Existing Booking

To add more allowance to an existing booking, you can do this in many ways.

You can do it upon check-in and pay the difference there, or you can edit your booking on their website and complete this transaction early.

Then you will have the peace of mind to know it has been accepted.

Remember, it is not always possible to adjust your allowance at check-in, depending on the flight and what you are bringing.

Select “Manage my booking’ on the website and follow the instructions.

That is how easy the Jetstar baggage allowance makes room for existing bookings.

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Does Jetstar Provide Baggage Transfer On Connecting Flights

Jetstar does not transfer your luggage in between flights. This is the responsibility of the traveler to the necessary arrangements.

However, if your next flight is with one of their international partners and both flights are part of the same booking, then Jetstar will transfer your baggage for you.

This will be made clear in your booking confirmation.

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Prohibited Items On Board

Jetstar does not allow certain items to be carried onto a flight. These prohibited items include weapons, meat, seafood, frozen produce, aerosols, powders, gels, or liquid.

Some of these items may be checked-in and declared, or in more extreme cases will be confiscated. You can check the list of all prohibited items in more detail on their website.

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Traveling With Medication

Please bring all medication in your carry on baggage. This is in case you need it in an emergency. Medication will be off-limits when stored in the hold, and the crew will have no access to it.

Keep essential items like this nearby at all times.

Now that you know enough about the Jetstar baggage allowance, you need to start saving on your air travel.

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