Equity online banking for internet and mobile app account users in Kenya

Equity Online Banking In Kenya: How To Register & Activate For Internet Banking

Equity online banking stands out among the best in the Kenya banking sector. Equity has invested in technology to make its online services very convenient for its customers.

And that is why everyone in Kenya wants to connect his or her account to the internet banking system so as to make an unimpeded transaction.

Why Equity Online Banking In Kenya?

With an Equity bank account, it is possible to access your bank from your home.

Equity Bank Kenya online banking platform is designed to suit your very needs.

Do shopping, buy goods online, and send money safely online to friends or your family, all using the Equity mobile banking platform.

Equity bank online banking stands out as unique in Kenya. It is a model of banking that has dramatically helped Equity customers access financial services regardless of place and time.

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How Did The Equity Bank Start In Kenya

Equity bank was founded in October 1984 as the Equity Building Society. Originally, Equity was a mortgage financing provider to the majority of customers, mostly from low-income class.

It was incorporated and registered under the Kenyan Companies Act Cap 486. It is also licensed under the Kenya Banking Act. Equity Bank Kenya offers retail banking, microfinance as well as other related services.

Equity bank has subsidiaries in Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Today, the bank has over 9 million customers, thus making it the largest bank in terms of the customer base in Africa.

Equity Bank’s vision is” to be champion of the socio-economic prosperity of the people of Africa.”

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How To Register For Equity Bank Online Banking Services

To register for Equity internet banking today, you don’t need to visit the bank.

It is possible to do the registration from their online portal as long as you are connected to the internet.

If it is your first time, and you do not have an account with Equity bank, follow these steps to register for the Equity Bank online banking account:

Step 1: Get Connected To The Internet

For transactions of this nature, it is advisable to use your private Wi-Fi or data connection.

Never use public networks because hackers may take advantage of the opportunity to break into your account.

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Step 3: Go to the Equity Bank self-service portal

Open your browser and type in this URL https://online.equitybankgroup.com into the address bar and click enter.

Click on the “Login” icon. You’ll see a brownish button marked “New User” at the bottom of the portal site. Tap on it to sign in.

Step 4: Enter Your Details

You are to fill in all fields marked (*). Make sure the details are correct, particularly the telephone number, email account, and national identification number.

If you already have an account, make sure that you use the contact information associated with it.

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Step 5: Enter your chosen password

To safeguard your funds, consider using a strong password; it is crucial.

To do this, use special characters, capital letters, and numbers, make sure that the code you plan to choose is memorable.

Never write it down because you can easily endanger the security of your Equity online banking account.

Just memorize it and hold it only in your mind.

Step 6: Confirm The Password

Enter the same password as above and proceed to the next stage.

Click the “Next” button. There will be a new window for the third and final stage.

Accept the terms and conditions: most people do not usually pass these rules.

We recommend that you carefully read each of them to understand what is expected of you.

Once you have finished, tick the box below the page to accept the terms and conditions of the Equity Bank.

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Step 7: Click On “Register”

Clicking this button gives you instant access to the Equity online account. Provide the one-time password sent to you via phone.

Check for a code sent to your phone to complete the registration and type it in the given text box.

Step 7: Click on full registration

You are almost ready for the good stuff of Equity bank online banking now.

In the next tab, you will see the following message, “Your profile has been generated successfully.”

How To Register For Online Banking If You Already Have An Account

Now, you have an account with Equity so you may be asking how do I register for Equity online banking?

If you already have an account with Equity bank and want to register for Equity Bank Online Banking account and here is what to do:

1. Login to your account

Go to the Self Service Portal, and then click on the login page to enter your credentials.

2. Enter your account number

Because you already have an existing account, you just have to enter your account number and press the “Start” button.

3. Enter the One-Time Password

A one-time password will be sent when you open the account to the phone number you used to register.

Enter the password in the given text box and press “Confirm.”

You will receive a confirmation message on your mobile phone indicating that you have connected your account now.

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What are the requirements to register for Equity Bank Online Banking?

To be able to register for Equity online banking, there is a primary requirement you should have.

These include the following;

  • Be connected to a safe network
  • Have a smartphone or computer or a laptop with internet access
  • You must have an active phone number
  • Have an active email account
  • Ensure you have your national ID

If you already have an account with Equity, the only requirement is for you to remember details as per your account information.

What is the importance of registering for Equity Bank Online Banking Account?

Equity bank has made access to their accounts from any location in the world a reality for its customers.

The online banking service comes with a wide range of specially formulated banking services to help clients improve their banking experience.

It is now possible to bank in the comfort of your office or home from any part of the world at any time.

Equity online banking services with minimal downtime are versatile and accessible throughout the year.

Consumers can do more and save time by accessing the website of equity banks.

Surprisingly, the online service portal of the Equity bank is easy and pleasant to use.

With a simple design and quick access to your money, the system can be adapted for novice internet users.

Equity online banking provides clients with sufficient freedom to gain a consolidated view of their investments and accounts.

Moreover, real-time banking ability is one of the remarkable features that lift service standards among online banking members.

Digital users can now view, among other resources, the clearance status of their checks and full account statements.

Customers can now apply for their online banker’s check, checkbook, loans, report a missing ticket, fixed deposit, and deposit modeling, among other banking requests through the Equity Bank Kenya internet banking platform.

Corporate clients have significantly benefited from Kenya’s online banking by Equity bank, particularly in terms of wage payments.

How To Activate Equity Bank Account In Kenya

Follow these simple guidelines to activate your dormant Equity Bank account in Kenya:

  1. Visit a nearby Equity Bank branch in Kenya.
  2. Provide your national identification card.
  3. Add your Equity Bank account number.
  4. Ask the Equity Bank help desk at the banking hall to activate your account for you.
  5. The customer care personnel will give you a form to fill.
  6. Provide all the information that is required.
  7. If you are facing any challenges, ask the Equity bank help desk to assist you.
  8. Submit the form.
  9. When all the information provided is confirmed by the staff, they will activate your Equity bank account for you.

They will ask you to pay an activation fee of about Ksh 220.

When you make the payment, they will complete the account activation.

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Equity bank remains dedicated to make their services convenient and easily accessible. Through Equity Bank Online Banking, this is true. It is easy to operate your account at any point in this world.

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