Aer Lingus baggage allowance, the latest fees and policy tips

Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance: Latest Fees & Policy Tips 2019

What is Aer Lingus baggage allowance?

This term is mainly used in commercial transportation, particularly airlines like Aer Lingus.

It refers to the total size, weight, and quantity of luggage (cases and bags) that a passenger is allowed to take into an airplane without attracting additional fees or charges.

In a simpler term, one can say it is the recommended number of bags or cases each passenger is allowed to carry into an aircraft.

Different airlines have various specifications and requirements for baggage allowance concerning weight, height, length, and width. Like we are going to discuss in this article, this is mainly limited to the Aer Lingus baggage allowance.

Passengers whose luggage exceeds the recommended baggage allowance would be required to pay extra charges.

In some cases, your baggage allowance is determined by your route.

In most airlines, passengers are only allowed to take in one piece of carry-on luggage and one personal case or an item such as small bags, laptops, hand purse, and briefcase.

Information or details relating to fees and other policies can be found on the website of every airline.

So for Aer Lingus, most of the information relating to their baggage allowance can be found on their website using this URL:

Passengers need to note that the Aer Lingus baggage allowance is determined by class, origin, and destination (route).

Some airlines indicate their baggage allowance with terms such as 0PC,1PC,2PC (PC represents pieces).

Things To Know About Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance

When traveling with Aerlingus and you need to carry more bags and cases, it is best to select their various luggage options on their website in other to save costs.

With Aerlingus, baggage fees are calculated based on destination and flight booking channels.

Passengers are allowed to carry one bag, which should not weigh up to 20kg into the aircraft.

Aerlingus also allows its passengers to take in one small personal item, such as a laptop or handbag. This should not exceed the recommended specifications and dimensions.

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What Is Aer Lingus Regional Allowance

Aer Lingus also has a regional allowance where passengers are allowed to take in luggage with a maximum size of 7kg, alongside one personal item. The regional baggage allowance is mostly offered by smaller aircraft that are operated by Stobart Air.

The number of bags you are permitted to check with Aerlingus is determined by the distance you are traveling and your route, whether it is within Europe or a transatlantic flight.

Aer Lingus Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Aerlingus carry-on baggage allowance is also known as cabin allowance.

Carry-on allowances are always determined by fare, and it must be within the recommended limits (number, size, and weight), so as not to incur additional charges.

Is Aer Lingus strict on cabin baggage?

Each passenger is permitted to take in one small or large carry-on bag, which must not weigh more than 10kg/22Ib. In addition, one personal item like a hand purse with a maximum dimension of 25cm x 33 x 20cm.

For regional allowance, a piece of carry-on baggage of 7kg or 15lb is allowed.

The maximum recommended dimensions by Aer Lingus for both small and large cabin bags are as follows;

Small carry-on bag size must be 25 x33 x 20cm

Large carry-on bag size should be 55 x 40 x 24cm

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What Is Checked Baggage Allowance For Aer Lingus

The Aer Lingus checked baggage allowance can also be described as a hold on baggage allowance.

Checked baggage is ordinarily inaccessible to the passenger or owner during flights, unlike the carry-on luggage.

Your checked baggage is usually taken to the cargo or luggage section of an aircraft. We can simply say that these are luggage that goes into the aircraft hold.

So, how much does it cost to check a bag?

Your checked baggage allowance depends on your destination, distance, and the class of your flight.

Aer Lingus allows only a maximum of three luggage to be checked in by a passenger. Any other luggage outside these would attract additional fees.

For flights within Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean, Aerlingus offers economy class and business class.

Aer Lingus economy class has various categories of savers fare, smart or flex fare and the business flex fares.

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For flights within Europe

  • Economy savers fare: In this category, there is no free checked baggage allowance. Each checked case carries its fees or charges.
  • Flex fare: this category allows a free allowance for only two checked bags.
  • Plus fare: Allows free baggage allowance for a single checked bag.

For Transatlantic flights

  • Economy savers fare; this category allows only a single free checked bag whose weight must not exceed 23kg(50lb), with maximum dimensions of 62in/158cm.
  • Smart/flex fares: With this category, you enjoy a decent hand baggage allowance or two checked bags, each with a maximum weight of 23kg(50lb), with maximum dimensions of 62in/158cm for the first bag and 55in/140cm for the second bag.
  • Business-class: This category allows free allowance for three checked bags, each with a weight not exceeding 23kg(50lb), with maximum dimensions of 62in/158cm for the first bag and 55in/148cm for the second and third bags.

However, passengers need to book their luggage online, as this attracts excellent discount rates on checked bags.

Aer Lingus Excess Baggage Tips

When traveling with Aer Lingus, if your luggage exceeds the maximum requirements or weight for each designated class or distance, you will be required to pay for excess baggage fees.

For flights within Europe, excess baggage attracts a fee of 10 EUR per kilo.

For trans-Atlantic flights, excess baggage fees for cases above the maximum weight of 23kg-32kg is EUR 75, USD 100.

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Aer Lingus Exceptional Items

When flying with Aer Lingus, one of the exceptional items that must be checked into the aircraft hold or cargo compartment is the sporting equipment.

Aerlingus allows only a piece of sporting equipment per quest or passenger.

The sporting equipment must not exceed 23kg, or you would have to pay additional fees for extra weight.

Sporting equipment can only be carried without any fees only when flying in a business class.

Use Of Portable Electronic Devices On Aer Lingus Flights

AerLingus permits the use of portable electronic devices such as phones, iPads, laptops during trips as long as they do not come in the way of a passenger’s emergency exit.

These electronic devices are to be put off or switched to airplane mode during fuel refills or bad weather.

About Baggage Transfer

Aer Lingus can transfer your luggage only to other airlines, in which they both share the same baggage agreement.

They will only transfer your pieces of baggage if you have the necessary documents with details relating to your planned destination. Also, the details must contain the route showing Aer Lingus and the partner carrier flights on the same flight ticket.

Aer Lingus has the same baggage agreement or allowance with airlines such as Air Canada, Air France, British Airways.

You can check the Aer Lingus website for more information.

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Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance For Infants

For airlines like Aer Lingus, infants under two (2) years old do not have a baggage allowance.

All luggage must be added to the adult baggage allowance.

For flights outside Europe, infants have a checked baggage allowance, which should not exceed 10kg.

Travel With Musical Instruments

Depending on the size of the musical instrument, they can be taken on board as carry-on baggage allowance or brought to the aircraft hold as checked baggage.

Small-sized musical instruments can easily be taken into the cabin as a carry on luggage. Still, you would have to purchase a seat for medium-sized musical instruments, which would also attract additional charges.

These medium-sized musical instruments must not exceed 75kg.

Larger musical instruments above 75kg must be checked in.

Travel With Fragile Items

When traveling with Aer Lingus, fragile items can be taken on board as carry-on baggage/checked baggage.

However, it is the sole responsibility of the passenger or owner of the item to ensure that they are correctly packaged to avoid damage.

How AerLingus Handles Lost, Delayed Or Damaged Baggage

Whether you have a lost, delayed, or damaged baggage with Aer Lingus, you must report your lost or damaged baggage at the information desk on arrival at the airport.

However, your baggage tag would be required when reporting an issue of lost, delayed, or damaged baggage.

Aer Lingus will not handle cases of minor baggage damage like minor scratches and cuts.

How To Add Baggage To An Existing Booking

Adding a piece of luggage to an existing booking on AerLingus is a straightforward process.

Some people always want to add extra hand baggage to their booking, and this is allowed.

However, this process is determined by the method used in booking the luggage.

If the booking was made online, all you need to do is to visit the Aerlingus website to amend or include additional items of baggage.

However, if the booking was made through the help of a travel agent, you will be required to contact the agent.

Traveling With Medication And Other Prohibited Items On Board

Aerlingus prohibits items such as firearms, stun guns, animal stunners, gases, sprays like acid sprays, tear gas, razor blades, box cutters, and crowbars.

When flying with Aerlingus, a medical clearance is usually required before you are allowed to travel with any medication. If not, you would be required to contact the Aer Lingus unique help center. 

Now that you know which airline has the best baggage allowance, send your comment and ask any question that is bothering your mind.

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