List of top real estate companies in Kenya

List Of Top Real Estate Companies In Kenya, 2023, Latest Update

Are you looking for the best real estate companies in Kenya, then welcome to today’s article as I list all the top real estate developers not only in Kenya but also in East Africa and beyond.

I will not waste your precious time and this list will take you a few minutes to go through.

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Kenya, being one of the fast-growing economies on the African continent and Eastern Africa as a whole, has seen significant growth in the real estate sector, since it’s inception in the late 2000s.

Expatriates have found Kenya as one of the suitable places for economic investment. And no doubt, the real estate business in Kenya is one of a kind.

Moreover, Nairobi, being the largest capital city in Kenya, has become a hub for the leading real estate companies in Kenya.

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In this post today, we are going to give you the list of top real estate companies in Kenya, notable among them that will shock you on the list is number 7.

Stay with us as we show you the top among the best real estate companies in Kenya in 2021.

Here is the list:

1. Villa Care Real Estate – Best In Kenya (2021)

Villa Care is one of the top-performing real estate companies in Kenya. It consists of highly skilled personnel with enormous experience in both commercial and residential markets.

This team of competent estate developers at Villa Care has been actively involved in the marketing, consultancy, and development in the real estate sector.

What is more, Villa Care Real Estate started with a staff of 4 members working with five (5) clients.

As the saying goes, Great Things Have Little Beginnings!

That is a true manifestation of how far Villa Care has evolved over the years.

Today, it has consistently gained attention in the real estate sector not only in Kenya but also in the East African region. They have grown their team of staff to over 200 with an increase in overwhelming clients at their services.

Villa care has spearheaded itself into the top recognized and most patronized real estate in Kenya.

The site view, layouts, building plan, and unparalleled customer service is one of the standout features you will love to see at Villa Care.

With Villa Care real estate, you have access to the following services:

  • Commercial property management
  • Residential property management
  • Project management
  • Commercial property marketing
  • Residential property marketing
  • Valuations
  • Joint ventures

If Villa Care falls within your choice, then I believe you would want to know more.

Kindly contact the company directly with the following contacts:

The Address of Villa Care Real Estate in Kenya is P.O Box 66331 – 00800. They are located at the New Rehema House on the Rhapta road. Westlands, Nairobi.

You can send your emails to

If you want to call them, then here is the phone number for Villa Care Real Estate in Kenya: +254 722 512 803, 020-4447444.

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2. Azizi Realtors In Kenya

As the name “Azizi” in Swahili means “treasure”. Therefore at Azizi, they give you treasures and nothing else. Azizi Realtors mainly deals in sales, renting, and property management. It is located at Lavington Green Mall.

They have highly skilled and experienced trained graduates to deliver fast sales of your projects, hustle free management of your properties.

In addition to that, you enjoy quick tenant procurement. Azizi real estate in Kenya has a wide range of rooms and apartments for sale.

It usually ranges from 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments for sale. That notwithstanding, you can request any customization of your choice, and Azizi will deliver to your taste.

It is stunning to see how their buildings are planned, especially the site layout, and a very serene environment.

With Azizi realtors, you are welcome on board to enjoy the following services:

  • Property management
  • Consultancy Services
  • Property sales
  • Property letting
  • Managed properties

For more detailed information about Azizi Realtors contact them through the following:

Address: Lavington Mall Center on James Gichuru Road in Nairobi, Kenya.

You can call Azizi Realtors on these phone numbers: 020 263 0000, +254 703790095.

You can send your emails to

3. HassConsult Real Estate – Kenya

HassConsult is considered the biggest among the others in the real estate sector in Nairobi. Since entering the Kenyan market, HassConsult has grown to become a choice for many investors from land purchases, property sales, and property rentals.

Their quality of service is beyond measure.

With HassConsult, you get value for your money. They have a wide range of land sizes for sale.

This is what I love about HassConsult.

Their choice of site locations is one of a kind.

Are you looking for HassConsult? Use the following address and phone numbers:

Location: 4th Floor, ABC Place, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya.

HassConsult phone number is +254 709 479 000.

If you want to contact the HassConsult Sales rep, then use this phone number: +254 709 479 479.

If you are comfortable with emails, then send your queries to

You can as well follow them on their social media handles here:

Facebook, and Twitter @HassConsult.

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4. Lloyd Masika Limited

They were established in 1979, and that tells you how experienced they are in the real estate business in Kenya.

From the Kenyan citizens, Lloyd Masika real estate comes among the very few experienced in consultancy, property management, sales and letting.

They have the expertise to offer you services beyond customer satisfaction.

Lloyd Masika real estate has a highly-skilled, trained, and competent working force who have undertaken several services and delivered successfully.

Customer service is at its peak at Lloyd Masika.

Property listing at Lloyd Masika includes

  • Office to let
  • Residential for sale
  • Commercial for sale
  • Residential to let
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Vacant plots

For more inquiries, contact Lloyd Masika:

The postal address for Lloyd Masika is P.O.BOX 45733-0100 Nairobi, Kenya.

They are located at Arch Palace on the 8th floor, Nyangumi road off Dennis Pritt road.

You can call Lloyd Masika real estate on these phone numbers: +254 (0) 202215900, 2279000, 2218112/3, +254 (0) 722481504 , (0) 733579050.

Their Email address is

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5. Suraya Property Group

Suraya Property Group was established in 2006 by Sue and Pete Suraya.

Their vision is to become the leading property company in Africa, creating quality, eco-friendly as well as affordable development.

Suraya does not do away with values such as quality, affordability, lifestyle, innovation, teamwork, and eco-friendliness.

With services such as property sales and property management, you are assured of quality delivery and affordable services.

Contact Suraya Property Group in Kenya for more details:

Address: P. 0. Box 76069, 00508 – Nairobi, Kenya.

They are located on Spring Valley Business Park Block E on the Ground Floor.

The office is off Lower Kabete Road opp Spring Valley Police Station.

Send your emails to

Call Suraya real estate on the following phone numbers: +254 712 219106, +254 716 852554, +254 708 406637/8.

You can check out more on their website here

The Suraya Sales Office Address:

Tigoni Road, Off Argwings Kodhek, and opposite Yaya Center.

The Suraya Sales contact is 0728 386310, 0732 249613.

6. Hayer One

Hayer one, the giant among the biggest real estate companies in Kenya. You don’t need anything more to choose Hayer One.

Moreso, it has already marketed itself immensely among others, proving beyond limits that they have what it takes to be called one of the best in 2021.

With experts in planning, structure, and site layout, Hayer One stands out the best in the real estate sector in Kenya.

Recently, Hayer One bagged four (4) awards at the just ended 2019 “African Property Awards”.

Notable among the categories include Best high-rise architecture in Kenya, Commercial high-rise development, Residential high-rise development Kenya and Residential high-rise architecture Kenya.

This should tell you Hayer One real estate will offer you quality in terms of your property.

Hayer One has some furnished and top-notch residential apartments that have made names in the real estate sector, winning them awards, namely “The Marquis”.

I know you are itching to contact Hayer one:

The phone number for Hayer One real estate is +254 786 342786.


Facebook @hayerongroup.

7. Gakuyo Real Estate – Kenya

Gakuyo real estate is well established today and has been serving customers very well. It is one of the registered real estate companies in Kenya and because of that, they offer professional services.

Their mission is to constantly serve customers and produce high quality and innovative service available ever.

Gakuyo real estate in Kenya boasts of some core values such as excellence, integrity, and commitment.

At Gakuyo, you can have access to the properties of land and houses at an affordable rate. They have a well-committed team working together tirelessly to provide the best of service to their clients.

Contact Gakuyo real estate:

Address: Yala tower, on the 6th floor, at Biashara Street, Nairobi – Kenya.

Call Gakuyo real estate on this telephone number: 0800721250/1.

Mobile: +254 (0) 700250250.


Their Twitter handle is @GakuyoRealty.

8. Optiven Enterprise Limited Kenya

Optiven promises to provide the best real estate services available in Kenya in 2021. With their strong and excellent working force, Optiven has emerged as one to be trusted when making a choice.

They have several strategic flourishing businesses. Notable among them are Optiven real estate, Optiven construction, and Optiven water.

They aim to create over 30,000 direct employees by 2030. The London stock exchange in 2019 singled out Optiven Enterprise as one of the companies to uplift Africa.

Optiven Kenya thrives on the following core values:

  • Honesty
  • Customer Obsession
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism

You can contact Optiven through the following:

The Optiven Head Office:

Barclays plaza Loita street 14th floor Wing A.

Other Optiven Branches:

Kitengela: Acacia Junction (Right on Tarmac)

Their Postal Address is Post Office Box 623-00600 Nairobi, Kenya.

Call Optiven on this phone number: 0790 300300, 0723 400500.

The Email address is

The USA Office (North America – Midwest)

You can locate them at Overland Park, KS 66212.

Call Optiven real estate on 913-221-5046.

The Regional Representative is Mr. Stanley.

Send your email to

9. Dinara Real Estate Developers in Kenya

At Dinara real estate Kenya, you are assured of properties at a very affordable rate for high, middle, and low-income earners.

They have what suits everyone and access to improved public services and social amenities. It won’t be bad to check them out if the needs arise.

For more details contact Dinara real estate.

Address: 3rd Flr, 10 Woodvale Groove, Westlands. Nairobi, Kenya.

Mobile: +254 20 232 5241.


Social media;

Facebook: Dinara Developers @DinaraDeveloper

Twitter: @DinaraDeveloper

10. MySpace Property – Kenya

MySpace Properties provides you with listings of both home or rental properties in Kenya. However, being a buyer, investor, or an estate developer, you will meet your needs at MySpace Property Developers.

Myspace property real estate aims to be your first choice when it comes to choosing your properties. They are very good at sales or rentals and you are assured of quality service.

For more details contact Myspace real estate:

Address: Nkrumah Road, Mombasa, Kenya.

Phone: +254 722 442 077 / 734 555 556.



Now you know the best and leading real estate companies in Kenya in 2021 and where to contact them for excellent housing and rental services.

Please, note that these are just a list of the top estate developers in Kenya, but your individual requirements may be different.

You always have to check for what each of these real estate companies offers that you really need.

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