How to pay GOtv in Uganda

How To Pay GOtv Subscription In Uganda, 2023, GOtv Uganda Payment Guide

Multichoice has made it easy for GOtv subscribers to make their monthly payments without much difficulty. In today’s guide, I will show you a step-by-step guide to make your GOtv subscription in Uganda. I will take you through the process of how to pay GOtv in Uganda.

One interesting thing is that you can renew your GOtv subscription or for your family and friends.

So follow the simple guide to pay GOtv in Uganda.

Here are the options available for you to pay your GOtv subscription in Uganda:

Pay Your GOtv Subscription At The Nearest Multichoice Branch

You can visit any of the GOtv outlets or Multichoice offices in Uganda and pay for your subscription.

When you get to the office, the customer care personnel will ask for your GOtv decoder number (IUC number), and a few details from you.

Provide all the information they will require from you, and they will renew your GOtv subscription for you.

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How To Pay Your GOtv Subscription Using PesaPal

GOtv has now made it possible for Subscribers to pay for GOtv in Uganda using PesaPal.

To pay your subscription through PesaPal:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click on “Pay“.
  3. A list of online payment options will appear.
  4. Select PesaPal.
  5. Enter your details, including your decoder number.
  6. Next, enter the amount (money) you want to pay.
  7. Check if all the information provided is correct.
  8. Complete the payment of your GOtv subscription.

When everything is done, your GOtv account will be renewed for the month you pay for, and you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.

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How To Pay GOtv Subscription In Uganda Using Airtel Money

Follow these steps to pay for your GOtv subscription via Airtel Money in Uganda:

1. Dial *185# on your phone and press Send.

2. Select Pay Bill.

3. In the next option, choose Pay TV and click enter.

4. Select GOtv.

5. You need to select the bouquet you are subscribing to and press the Send button.

6. Make sure all the details you provided are accurate.

When everything is successful, you should be able to pay for your GOtv subscription using Airtel Money in Uganda.

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How To Renew Your Subscription Through Your Bank Account

It is now easy to renew your account through your bank in Uganda.

Pay your GOtv subscription in Uganda using the following accredited banks:

Bank Name: Barclays Bank PLC, Uganda

Account Number: UGX0341500265

Account Number: USD0344042500

Bank Branch: Hannington

Bank Name: Centenary Rural Development Bank Ltd

Account Number: UGX2210300036

Bank Name: Bank Of Africa

Account Number: UGX01242940018

You can pay for your subscription to any of the banks listed above.

Here is how to renew your GOtv account using the bank:

  • Visit any of the branches of the banks listed above.
  • You will see a Multichoice cash deposit slip at the banking hall.
  • The slip contains the Multichoice Uganda account information.
  • Enter your deposit amount.
  • Fill in your Smart card number.
  • Provide all other information as may be needed.
  • Submit the form for the payment to be completed.

Note also that if you pay directly at the bank, you need to contact the GOtv customer care in Uganda for the reconnection of your account. This does not apply to Stanbic Bank customers.

Also, make sure your decoder is powered on before making the payment to ensure a successful activation of your GOtv account.

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How To Pay GOtv In Uganda Using UTL M Sente

Here is how to subscribe to GOtv via UTL M Sente:

1. Dial *500# and press send.

2. Select Pay Bill

3. Select Pay TV

4. Select GOtv

5. Select Bouquet

6. Review the payment information

7. Complete your subscription

Paying Your Subscription In Uganda Using EZee Money

Follow the steps to pay GOtv in Uganda with EZee money:

  • Select S6
  • Choose GOtv
  • Enter your smart card number
  • Select the package you want to renew
  • Make the payment

Your GOtv account will be renewed.

Make GOtv Subscription In Uganda With PayWay Auto Venting Machine (AVS)

If you want to make your GOtv subscription with the PayWay Auto vending machine (AVS), then follow this simple guide:

  1. Touch the TV icon on the PayWay main screen.
  2. Select the GOtv icon.
  3. Enter your GOtv smartcard number and press Next.
  4. Confirm your Smart card/IUC number.
  5. Enter your phone number and press Next.
  6. Insert the actual amount you want to pay for your GOtv subscription.
  7. Touch the Next button.
  8. Check if all the details you have provided are accurate
  9. Touch or select the Pay button.

When your GOtv subscription is successful, you will see the details of your transaction. You will also receive an SMS notification.

Note also that PayWay services are made available at some supermarkets, malls, and shops in Uganda.

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How To Pay GOtv In Uganda With MTN Mobile Money In 2021

Here are the steps to follow to pay your GOtv subscription using MTN Mobile Money in Uganda:

1. Dial *165# on your phone.

2. Select Payments – Option 4.

3. Select Pay TV – Option 2.

4. Select DSTV & GOtv – Option 1.

5. Select GOtv – Option 2.

6. Select Bouquet.

7. Enter your GOtv smart card number.

8. Enter the amount you want to pay for the bouquet.

9. Enter your PIN to confirm the payment.

That is it. You have successfully renewed your GOtv subscription using MTN Mobile Money.

Subscription At The PayWay Web Kiosk

Apart from using the PayWay vending machine, you can also renew your account using the PayWay web kiosk.

Here is how to use the PayWay web kiosk:

  • Got to and log in.
  • Click on the TV icon on the dashboard.
  • Select the GOtv icon.
  • Choose the bouquet you want to renew.
  • Follow the instructions to complete your subscription.
  • Enter your debit card details.

Your subscription will be active and your GOtv channel will open.

How Do I Contact GOtv Uganda

Contact GOtv Uganda and pay subscription
Contact GOtv Uganda

If you want to contact GOtv customer care in Uganda, then use the following:

GOtv Uganda Phone Number: +256312245245

GOtv Uganda USSD code: *208#

GOtv shortcode: 6488

GOtv Facebook Contact:

GOtv Twitter Contact:

GOtv Uganda email address:

GOtv Uganda Contact Address: Plot 17B Impala Avenue Kololo, Kampala

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