Visa free countries for Uganda passport holders

List Of Visa Free Countries For Uganda Passport Holders (2023 Update)

Most Ugandans have to take a long process to get a visa to travel to some countries.

However, do you know that there are countries in which you can travel without a visa or get a visa on arrival as a Uganda national?

To be able to visit these visa-free countries only require having only a valid Ugandan passport.

In this article, you will find all about what you require to visit visa-free countries for Uganda passport holders, what visa-free means, visa on arrival, and countries you can visit visa-free.

Read on to find out!

According to Henley’s passport index, the Ugandan passport is ranked 79th in terms of travel freedom. If you are Ugandan, there are advantages you can enjoy by holding a passport.

Do you know what a passport means?

See this guide: Embassy Guidelines.

What Is A Passport?

A passport refers to the travel document, usually issued to its citizens by the government of a country, which certifies its holder’s identity and nationality primarily for international travel purposes.

Meaning the Uganda passport is issued by the Ugandan immigration to its nationals.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in Kampala, Entebbe, Guli, Jinja, or Mbarara, you can apply for the Uganda passport very easily.

Standard passports may give information like the holder’s name, place and date of birth, photograph, signature, and other relevant identification information.

A passport holder is usually obligated to enter the country that granted the passport, although some citizens may not be full residents entitled to a passport.

A passport by itself does not provide any privileges in the country being visited or in any way connect the issuing country, such as offering consular assistance.

A passport is an essential travel document.

One should be in possession of a passport to travel across the world, and more so, the visa-free countries for Ugandans that we are going to see in this post.

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What Does Visa-Free For Uganda Mean?

Visa-free travel means the chance to get into a country without obtaining a visa first.

Visa-free policies come into play following agreements with other countries allowing their citizens to travel there without having to go through lengthy and tiresome visa application procedures.

So, a visa-free country prior to your visit allows you to enter with your passport across borders as it is in agreement with your mother country or issue your visa upon arrival.

While in most visa-free countries, you typically need no more than a passport to clear customs, some countries require specific documents, such as evidence of onward travel, before allowing you to enter.

What Does Visa On Arrival Mean In Uganda?

Visa on arrival refers to instances when travelers must obtain a visa in order to enter the destination country. Still, it can be issued with a visa upon arrival at the point of entry.

There is no need to apply for a travel visa before entering the country. Visa upon arrival takes minimum time to process and not a lengthy process to undertake.

Which Countries Can Ugandan Passport Holders Travel Without A Visa In 2021?

The table below shows all the countries Ugandan passport holders can travel to without a visa:

List of Visa Free Countries For Ugandan Passport Holders

CountriesExtent Of Visa-Free
Antigua and Barbudavisa-free / 180 days
Bahamasvisa-free / 90 days
Bangladeshvisa on arrival / 30 days
Barbadosvisa-free / 180 days
Beninvisa-free / 90 days
Boliviavisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Botswanavisa-free / 90 days
Burundivisa-free / 90 days
Cambodiavisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Cape Verdevisa on arrival
Comorosvisa on arrival / 45 days
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)pre-enrollment
Cubatourist card / 30 days
Dominicavisa-free / 180 days
Ecuadorvisa-free / 90 days
Eswatinivisa-free / 30 days
Ethiopiavisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Fijivisa-free / 120 days
Gambiavisa-free / 90 days
Ghanavisa-free / 90 days
Grenadavisa-free / 90 days
GuineaeVisa / 90 days
Guinea-Bissauvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Haitivisa-free / 90 days
Hong Kongvisa-free / 30 days
Indonesiavisa-free / 30 days
Iranvisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Kenyavisa-free / 90 days
Laosvisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Lesothovisa-free / 90 days
Macaovisa on arrival / 30 days
Madagascarvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Malawivisa-free / 90 days
Malaysiavisa-free / 30 days
Maldivesvisa on arrival / 30 days
Mauritaniavisa on arrival
Micronesiavisa-free / 30 days
Mozambiquevisa on arrival / 30 days
Myanmar [Burma]eVisa / 28 days
Namibiavisa on arrival / 90 days
Nepalvisa on arrival / 90 days
Nicaraguavisa on arrival / 30 days
Nigeriapre-visa on arrival
Palauvisa on arrival / 30 days
Philippinesvisa-free / 30 days
QatareVisa / 30 days
Rwandafree visa on arrival / 180 days
Saint Kitts and Nevisvisa-free / 90 days
Saint Luciavisa on arrival / 42 days
Samoavisa on arrival / 60 days
Senegalvisa on arrival / 30 days
Seychellestourist registration / 90 days
Sierra Leonevisa on arrival / 30 days
Singaporevisa-free / 30 days
Somaliavisa on arrival / 30 days
South Sudanvisa on arrival
St. Vincent and the Grenadinesvisa-free / 30 days
Tanzaniavisa-free / 90 days
Timor-Lestevisa on arrival / 30 days
Togovisa on arrival / 7 days
Tuvaluvisa on arrival / 30 days
Vanuatuvisa-free / 30 days
Zambiavisa-free / 90 days
Zimbabwevisa-free / 90 days

Hence Ugandans who wish to travel abroad have 68 countries visa-free, 15 of them in Africa. Among these visa-free countries, they differ in terms of how long you are allowed to stay.

For Example, Malaysia allows Ugandans to only stay for not more than two months while the Philippines allows only one month’s stay.

Other countries allow adequate time of up to 90 days, which is Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Zambia.

Among the 15 visas free visa-free for Ugandans, 14 of them issue a visa on arrival.

The conditions to issue the visa on arrival differ from one country to another.

In most cases, they will require you to have Ugandan Valid passport or travel documents, proof that you have enough money for expenses, a return ticket, and proof that you have booked a hotel to stay.

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Which Countries Do Ugandans Need Visa On Arrival In 2021?

Countries that issue visas upon arrival for Ugandans include the following; Cape Verde, Comoros, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mozambique, Senegal, Somalia, South Sudan, Senegal, and Togo. Others are Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, Iran, Laos, Macao, Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Nicaragua, Palau, Qatar, St Lucia, Samoa, Timor-Leste, and Tuvalu.

Meaning, as a Ugandan national, you can travel to any of these countries and obtain a visa when you arrive in the country.

Ugandans do not need to get a visa before traveling to these countries.

Is South Africa Visa-Free To Uganda In 2021?

No. South Africa is not a visa-free country for Uganda passport holders. This means Ugandan citizens require a visa to travel to South Africa. You need to acquire all the necessary traveling documents before you can enter South Africa.

For Ugandan passport holders, you need to go through all the appropriate embassies and offices to obtain a South African visa before you travel to that country.

You do not need to fake documents or use any counterfeit papers for traveling.

What Travel Vaccines Do Ugandans Need?

When traveling outside the country, there is a need for proof of vaccination for certain countries. This is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The WHO recommends the following vaccines for Uganda:

  • Cholera
  • Yellow fever
  • Polio
  • Measles
  • Rabies
  • Meningitis
  • Mumps and rubella (MMR)
  • Tetanus
  • Chickenpox
  • Shingles
  • Pneumonia
  • Influenza
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid
  • Diphtheria
  • Pertussis

Now you know the visa-free countries for Uganda passport holders. It is time to pack your bag and luggage and visit as many of these visa-free or visa-on-arrival countries.

Note that some of these countries may change their visa policies so I will advise that you visit the appropriate embassy or consular to get the latest information on the visa-free status for Uganda passport holders.

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