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What is the KPLC paybill number? This is one of the many questions I keep getting in my emails. Most people want to pay their Kenya Power electricity bills, but they do not know what the correct pay bill number to use is.

If you are also facing such a challenge, then don’t worry yourself. You are not alone in this dilemma.

I am here to help you find the recommended KPLC paybill number for purchasing electricity bills in Kenya.

In this guide, I will show you the paybill number for Airtel Money, M-Pesa, Equitel, Dynamo, and Vendit.

Also, you will know who to contact if the KPLC pay bill number is not working.

One interesting thing you will learn in this guide is the many alternative pay bill numbers you can use to buy electricity in Kenya.

If you are ready, then continue reading.

How Do You Pay KPLC Using Airtel Money In Kenya

Are you paying your Kenya Power utility bill using Airtel Money? That is a great idea.

But what is the KPLC paybill number for Airtel?

That is another interesting question.

Since KPLC encourages all its customers to use 888888 and 888880 for making payments for postpaid and prepaid, I will implore you to go by that directive.

Meaning, the KPLC pay bill number for Airtel Money in Kenya is 888888 for postpaid and 888880 for prepaid.

You can buy KPLC tokens using Airtel money in Kenya.

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KPLC Mpesa Paybill Number

There is a variety of options available for you to pay your KPLC bills using your M-Pesa account.

Paying postpaid and prepaid bills on your phone is now very simple.

You can use the KPLC paybill number for all Mpesa payments.

You must know that you can use your Mpesa account to pay for your Kenya Electricity bills.

All that you need is the KPLC paybill number for M-Pesa, your PIN, and the money on your Mpesa account.

When paying for KPLC bills on your M-Pesa account, select Pay Bill from your M-Pesa menu.

After that, you need to enter the pay bill number, which is 888888 for postpaid meters and 888880 for prepaid meters.

Follow the instructions to pay for your electricity bill on your phone.

Alternative KPLC Paybill Number (Token)

You can buy KPLC tokens using an alternative paybill number.

More importantly, it is always advisable to use the official KPLC pay bill number when you are making payments for your Kenya electricity bills.

Third parties manage most of these alternative KPLC business numbers and because of that, you need to what you are doing.

For example, 800904 and 501200 are alternative KPLC Paybill numbers for Dynamo and Vendit, respectively.

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How Do I Pay My KPLC Bill With Equitel

With Equitel, you can buy KPLC tokens and pay your electricity bills either for prepaid meters or postpaid meters.

The process is fast and secure.

One key thing you should know is that the KPLC paybill number for Equitel is 888888 for postpaid meters and 888880 for prepaid meters.

You can buy Kenya power prepaid tokens using Equitel by selecting Eazzy Pay from the menu.

After that, select Pay Bill from the Eazzy Pay dashboard.

You can follow the steps to buy KPLC tokens via Equitel in Kenya.

Moreover, you can also KPLC prepaid tokens through the Eazzy banking app using the same pay bill number.

You can also pay your KPLC electricity bills at any of the Equity Bank branches throughout Kenya.

Thus, when you go to the bank, you can pay your electricity bills by cash.

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What Is The Dynamo KPLC Business Number

With the Dynamo Pawa app, you can pay your utility bills. The Dynamo KPLC paybill number is 800904.

Before you can buy tokens using the Dynamo Pawa app, you need to download the app from PlayStore.

When making a payment with the Dynamo KPLC paybill 800904, you must follow the usual procedure by Safaricom.

The Dynamo app is very fast when buying prepaid tokens for Kenya Power.

Here is the bonus tip: The Dynamo Pawa app offer loan in the form of tokens for users who are credible based on their activities.

Vendit KPLC Paybill Number (2022)

Vendit is one of the fastest ways of buying electricity tokens for prepaid users.

The Vendit KPLC paybill is 501200.

When you purchase electricity tokens via Vendit, you get them immediately. Yes, that is what most Vendit users are saying.

There are no delays when you buy tokens through Vendit.

With Vendit, you can also become a vendor and earn a commission when you sell electricity to other KPLC customers.

Is 501200 A KPLC Paybill Number

Most people wonder if 501200 is the official KPLC business number for buying electricity tokens for prepaid users or postpaid.

As I have said earlier, the recommended pay bill numbers for KPLC are 888888 for postpaid and 8888880 for prepaid.

This means that 501200 is not the main business number for KPLC when buying electricity in Kenya.

For a faster KPLC business number, use the ones recommended by Kenya Power.

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KPLC Paybill Not Working – Contact Customer Care

Is the KPLC paybill number not working for you?

It happens occasionally. Few customers report that the business number does not work for them.

If you are one of such people who are finding it difficult to pay your electricity bill using the paybill number, then relax.

If you are having any issues, call these contact numbers:

KPLC Customer Care Numbers: 95551 or 0703 070 707 and 0732 170 170.

Kenya Power hotline: +254 203201000

KPLC Email address:

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