Equity mobile banking in Kenya, how to use Eazzy 247 And EazzyBiz

How To Use Equity Eazzy247 And EazzyBiz Mobile Banking In Kenya

Equity bank in Kenya has finally developed a customer service that has made banking simple at any time from anywhere in Kenya. Eazzy 247 mobile banking in Kenya is the banking service that enables Equity bank customers in Kenya to gain access to the information in their accounts without having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices.

What is Eazzy 247 mobile banking, and how to use it?

Eazzy 247 is a mobile banking app that allows you to use your mobile phone to access your bank account.

It’s available via Safaricom, Telecom, and Airtel, making payments anywhere, anytime easy for you.

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How to register for Equity bank mobile banking

The banking service that enables bank customers in Kenya to access the information in their accounts without necessarily leaving the comfort of their sofas is on your phone in Kenya is Eazzy 247 mobile banking.

Here’s how to register for Equity Bank Eazzy mobile banking account in Kenya:

  • Visit your Kenyan Equity Branch officer and ask for an Eazzy form.
  • Enter your account number.
  • Enter your national security ID card number.
  • Use your favorite mobile phone number to access all your transactions in your account.
  • At this moment, Equity bank Kenya will process and send you a confirmation email.
  • You will also receive a five-digit key to apply for the Eazzy 247 activation process.

On your mobile phone, activate your Eazzy 247 account in Kenya by dialing *247#.

Enter the pin sent by the Equity account, and then you’ll need to change your pin to a more convenient, safe one.

Immediately afterward, a confirmation email will be sent to your mobile while activating your Eazzy 24/7 account.

To log in to your Eazzy 247 mobile banking account, use your customer ID and your five-digit pin.

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What can you do with the Eazzy 247?

With the Eazzy 247 App, a consumer may control their account services such as the following:

  • Money withdrawals and deposits
  • Balance inquiries
  • Mini-state queries
  • Loan application status query and transactions
  • Payment for bills of goods and services

Customers with a joint account or a Chama account who access mobile banking services through their Equitel line may also use their pins to approve group transactions.

 What are the charges for using Equity Mobile Banking?

  • Free Activation/Registration
  • PIN Change / Stop Card / Change Language is Free
  • Balance Enquiry / Mini Report cost KES 10
  • Airtime Top Up cost KES 10
  • Funds Transfer cost KES 30
  • Bill Payments (KPLC, Power, DSTV, etc.) KES 30
  • Cash Withdrawal: withdrawal of cash by ATM or at equity agent outlets. Therefore, the charges for the ATM tariff apply.

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How to transfer money using the Equity mobile banking

Within Equity Bank, you can transfer funds to any account. To do so you first open your mobile banking app then;

  • Enter the account or Mobile number to transfer the money.
  • Now, enter the amount you would wish to transfer.
  • Reply with confirmation

How to Pay for DSTV/GOTV using the Equity Kenya EazzyPay

Here are the steps to follow to pay for DSTV or GOTV using the Equity Eazzy mobile banking in Kenya:

  1. Go on your mobile banking
  2. Choose my money option, then select EazzyPay
  3. Select Paybill
  4. From there, then pick the account you want to pay.
  5. Choose Company, then choose More
  6. After that select DSTV/GOTV
  7. Enter the number of your bill account and enter the amount
  8. Confirm details; enter and submit your PIN.gg
  9. Then the notification will be sent to you via SMS

How To Pay For ZUKU (Fiber, Airtime, or Satellite TV) Using Equity Kenya EazzyPay

If you want to use your Equity mobile banking account to pay for ZUKU in Kenya, then these are the steps to follow:

  1. Select my Money option, then Select EazzyPay
  2. Next, select Paybill
  3. Choose the account number you want to pay from
  4. Select others and Enter the Business number as follows:
  5. For Zuku Fiber 320320
  6. For Zuku Airtime 320321
  7. For Zuku Satellite TV 320323
  8. Enter the bill account number then Enter the Amount
  9. Enter your Equitel PIN and Send
  10. You will receive a confirmation via SMS
  11. Payment reflects on Zuku within 15 minutes

How To Transfer Money From Equity Bank To Mpesa

Here is how to transfer money from Equity bank to Mpesa in Kenya:

  • Go to your Equitel Menu
  • Select My Money
  • You should now select Send /Pay
  • Select Account
  • Next, choose To Others
  • Select preferred mobile money provider
  • Enter a phone number
  • Now enter the exact amount you wish to transfer
  • Confirm the details you have provided
  • Enter your PIN
  • You will now receive a confirmation

How to Check Equity Bank Balance Online

Knowing how much you have on your bank account and how much of your total balance is available for expenditure is critical.

Checking your account frequently lets you see where you are before they get out of hand as well as spot issues (such as fraud or errors).

Sign in online: you can check your account balance online at any time and much more.

Go to the website of your bank and access your account information to get started.

You can look for an alternative such as “Login” or “Account Access” in most cases.

Mobile apps and text messages: mobile phones, and other devices make it easy from anywhere to check accounts.

Many banks have apps (or at least mobile device websites) that allow you to monitor your online account balance.

Typically, apps allow you to do more than you can from a desktop computer.

What Is Equity Online EazzyBiz, And How To Use It In Kenya?

EazzyBiz is a powerful and prominent liquidity and cash management product that has been launched as a strategic plan for gaining momentum in online banking.

Financial services from EazzyBiz include collections and receivables, large payments, liquidity management, and cash management applications such as Host to Host (H2H).

For most companies, small and medium-sized businesses across the country, most of these programs have proven useful.

Seamlessly integrated online banking equity system to ensure customers gain a global sense of their financial investments.

EazzyBiz provides a great user experience through a dashboard with a central account.

The system facilitates the management of accounts and facilitates the pursuit of beneficial analytics.

What Are The EazzyBiz Key Features?

Here is the list of the main features for EazzyBiz:

  • Real-time payment processing at acceptable rates and convenience
  • Automated financial systems help save time and relief account holders with cumbersome transactions
  • Ease and quick to use with all the accessible tools and apps integrated into the dashboard.
  • Substantial uptime exposure throughout the day to promote and adopt financial management
  • Rampant cash flow using superior business management and collection mechanisms
  • Flexible credit agreements based on receivable data.
  • Automated serene settlement processes allowing Equity customers to knock off-invoice payment
  • Flexible and excellent audit trail makes it easier to inspect and monitor each transaction made via


Now that you have learned how to register and use your Equity Eazzy 247 and EazzyBiz mobile banking account in Kenya let me know your experience by sending your comments.

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