Game Guide Game Guide, 2023, How To Use Itchio Bundle is a website where users can sell, host, and download indie video games. So you can visit the Game website and get either a single or bundle game of your choice. It may be free or paid.

As you may be aware, itchio was created and released seven (7) years ago in March 2013.

With over 100,000 video games hosted on the website, users of can host game jams where participants usually have 1 to 3 days to create game.

Most users find these jams thrilling, and those who engage in such contests, especially in groups, learn much about game programming and design.

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Who Owns Game Website

The founder and owner of is called Leaf Corcoran. Leaf created in March 2013, and he has seen it grow into such a huge enterprise. Leaf Corcoran designed the dynamic programming language called Moonscript that compiles to Lua.

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Who Are The Other Team Members Apart From Leaf Corcoran

The following are the other team members who are working together with Leaf Corcoran to build

  1. Amos Wenger
  2. Lisa Morrison
  3. Spencer Hayes
  4. Natasha Dawn Thomas
  5. Jesús Higueras

Those are some of the main developers and contributors of the game website.

Is Itchio Safe (2021 Review) Game Guide Game Website

Yes, I can say confidently that itchio is a safe site. For safe browsing and security of your login details, what I can say is that uses Secure Site Layer (SSL), which means all your browsing information is encrypted.

As you may be aware, itchio is one of the best gaming platforms, especially for game developers, supporters, and buyers.

Like most other legitimate game websites, is safe for browsing and almost any other stuff.
So my good friends on Reddit, just be calm since has been proven to be safe by many game lovers.

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Is Game Legal

Yes, it is legal to use for your gaming activities or anything that is lawful under any jurisdiction.

This means that so long as you are using the website for legitimate purposes, and you are not infringing on the rights of others or not pirated anyone’s legal property, you are safe to use

And one more thing, if you register an account on the website, play games, purchase, or download games on the site, then you are bound by the terms and conditions of the website.

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Can You Make Money On The Game Website

You can make money on, but it all depends on the quality of the game you publish on the website.

From personal experience, I have seen a wide variety of games on the itchio website, and they range from personal games to the most popular indie games.

Though most of the games are free, some itchio users make between $1000 to $90,000 on their games.

If you make a game that people love, you can make more than $100,000 on the website.

The secret to making money from your game is by developing an engaging game.

As Amos from stated in one of his Reddit posts, games are not the only thing you can sell on the website. You can also sell soundtracks, comics, game assets, and many other things and make money on the platform.

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How Does Work In 2021

Here is what you need to know about and how it works:

It is an open marketplace where game lovers (developers and gamers) focus on their video games.

It is one of the few game platforms that allow anyone to sell their digital and intellectual properties.

If you are a seller on the website, then you can take absolute control of how it is done. Meaning, you control sales on itchio by setting the price or even the design of your pages.

It is not compulsory to get followers, votes, or likes for your content to be approved. Changes can also be made to your work anytime you want.

Itch gives a widget for game developers to sell from their website directly.

For those of you who hate DRM, is the place to buy your favorite games.

According to some game developers that I know, you can sell more than 10 times copies of your game on itchio than on Steam.

That, basically, is how works.

What Are Bundles

Bundles are a collection of games that are available for sale. Why would you buy each game at a time while you can buy games in bulk at the bundle page?

Economically, it is cheaper to buy bundle games than buying them separately.

For developers, hosting a co-op bundle allows you to team up with other creators to sell your games as a bundle instead of a single copy.

One of the most successful bundles in history was the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. This bundle raised over $8.1 million for charities in solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement, which is 163% more of its target of 5 million dollars.

Over 800,000 people purchased the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality at an average rate of $10.

What is more, that bundle contained over 1,700 games from 1,361 digital creators.

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