KPLC Connection Fee

KPLC connection fee, Kenya Power Connection Charge

In this blog post, we share details on the KPLC connection fee. It is a comprehensive blog post you’ll find useful if you are looking to get an electricity connection.

Electricity is among every household and business rely on every day. 

In Kenya, after building a house, the next thing you start to think about is to get an electricity connection.

The connection comes at a fee.

The government of Kenya has tried to lower the electricity connection fee and made it affordable not long ago.

Today the electricity connection is affordable even to the ordinary Kenyan than it was around nine years ago.

Even when you compare the electricity connection fee with other countries in Africa, it is cheap.

The move is meant to allow more Kenyans to get electricity connections.

With the KPLC connection fee reduction today, there is electricity in the village, something people used to see in towns or hear about.

How much does it cost for Kenya Power electricity connection in?

Even after KPLC reduced the electricity connection fee, many Kenyans don’t know how much they need to have their homes or business connected with electricity.

Back in 2004, after revision on the electricity connection fee, KPLC used to charge Ksh.35 000 for single-phase and Ksh. 49,080 for three phases.

After the new government came into power in 2013, the cost of electricity connection was further reduced to Ksh.15 000.

The reduction of the fee was aiming at enabling even ordinary citizens to get electricity connection.

The reduction on the fee was possible because it was supported by the Kenya government African Development Bank (AfDB), World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Union, and Agence Francaise de Development (AFD).

As of today, according to KPLC, you have to apply for the electricity connection.

What You Need to Know About KPLC Connection Fees

After reviewing your application according to the details you give, which they verify later, they will send you a quotation on how much to pay for the connection electricity.

Therefore, the KPLC connection fees as of today differ depending on where you live.

There are those whose connection fee is on the lower end and those on the high end.

It is upon the KPLC to review your application, verify the details and send you the quotation.

In conclusion, the KPLC electricity connection fee is standard.

Several factors will determine the fee, such as whether there is electricity pass by, how many poles you need, the distance from the nearby electricity wires, and other factors.  

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