How To Check Your KPLC Bill Online

How to check your KPLC bill online, Kenya Power Bill

In this guide, we will show you how to check KPLC bill online in Kenya.

KPLC is mandated and obliged to manage the electricity in Kenya.

Over the years, it has come up with various ways to improve to lend its services better and among the approaches is to come up with different ways to check the electricity bill.

Among the laid down ways you can see your Kenya Power bill is through online.

In this blog post, we enlighten you on different t ways to check your KPLC bill online.

It is quick and easy to understand options.

How to check your KPLC bill online

The following are two ways you can opt if you would like to see your Kenya Power bill online:

1. Know You Bill Via Via E-mail

The first option is to check the bill by sending an email to KPLC.

Today it is possible to check KPLC bills online via e-mail because they have installed a new system e-bill.

The Kenya Power & Lighting Company’s e-Bill is an electronic facility for inquiring about electricity bills.

It enables you to manage your power account at any time by monitoring the balance and bill due date by SMS or e-mail.

You can check your electricity account balance and bill due date by email using the E-bill e-mail service.

There are no charges, it is free, and response is immediate. 

Steps for checking Kenya Power electricity bills via email service

  •         Log in to your email account
  •         Select compose a new email.
  •         Enter the first part of your Account Number in the subject field.
  •         Enter KPLC e-mail address
  •         Click send

After successfully sending the e-mail, you’ll receive a reply from KPLC, which comes within minutes detailing your KPLC bill and when you are required to have cleared the bill.

2. How To Check KPLC Bill Online Through the Kenya Power website

The second way to check your KPLC bill online is by visiting the KPLC official website.

Here are steps to follow;

Visit the KPLC website by searching KPLC or enter this address

Click on the tab ‘my bill,’ and then you will be directed to a new page where you are prompted to either login to the portal details.

If you go back to the first page to create an account

After you have logged in successfully, click on the tab ‘Bill/Meter Query’ and you’ll be redirected to another tab and enter your meter account.

After entering the account, click search.

The system will search for your bill, and within minutes you will get the bill and due date.

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