How To Unlock KPLC Token Meter

How To Unlock KPLC Token Meter, 2022, Find How Unblock To Kenya Power

Have you tried to top up your Kenya Power meter, but you find it is locked? Worry not because there is a solution on how to unlock KPLC token meter.

KPLC introduced the token meter way in 2009, which was piloting and later started installing the token meter to those new customers who applied for electricity connection.

The KPLC token meter allows you to buy tokens where you receive 20 digits which you key into the token meter like the way you top up your mobile phone, and after the token has depleted, you have to buy again.

Unlocking Kenya Power Token Meter

Since the introduction of the KPLC token meter, there was abolishing the monthly fixed payment and ease the payment of electricity bills. 

More so, the move reduced the KPLC cost of sending bills via the post office and confronting customers with an unpaid bill.

Nowadays, when the token has the depleted electricity disconnected automatically and connects automatically after you buy the token.

Before the token depletes, the token meter gives you an alarm to start thinking to top up as the alarm is triggered once the token is below 20 units.

Although the KPLC token meter came with its advantages, there are challenges like unlocking.

When it has unlocked, you cannot top-up, leading you to stay in the dark.

Fortunately, below is what you ought to do to unblock the meter.

Steps to follow to unlock KPLC token meter

If your KPLC meter has been unlocked, below are steps to follow and successfully unlock it.

You don’t need an expert to assist you on how to unlock KPLC token meter because they are easy steps to follow.

  •         Ensure your KPLC token meter is connected to electricity or it is on
  •         If it is on, then proceed and enter the following digits on the meter 59698686
  •         After entering the above digit, then enter your meter account number
  •         Click the Ok button.
  •         If the meter accepts, then enter the following digits 1275 4194 1448 6450 5970
  •         Click the Ok button.
  •         If the meter accepts, then enter your meter number
  •         If all goes well, you will have by now unlocked your KPLC token meter.

There are instances where you try to enter the above digits, but the meter fails to accept, don’t worry and try later.

 If you wait and the meter still doesn’t accept, then contact KPLC customer care for assistance.

The easiest way to contact KPLC customer care is through call using mobile number 0703070707.

That is all you need to know about how to unlock KPLC token meter in Kenya.

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