How To Check KPLC Meter Number

How To Check KPLC Meter Number, 2022, Kenya Power Meter

Chances are you are here because you are searching how to check the KPLC meter number.

We have this blog post to enlighten you on how you can check the Kenya Power meter number without calling an electrician to help you.

We will share with you to understand why it is important to know your KPLC meter number and what an electric meter is.

Thus, it is a comprehensive quick read blog post with all details you need.

What is an electric meter?

You may have seen the KPLC meter, but do you know its purpose?

The meter installed during electricity connection is referred to as an electrical meter, and it is meant to monitor your electricity consumption.

In addition, it was also meant to ease the bill because today, KPLC installed a prepaid meter.

Energy usage is measured in kilowatt-hours using electricity meters (kWh).

You must take two readings and subtract the second measurement from the first to determine how much electricity you have utilized in a specific time period.

How to check KPLC meter number

To understand what electrical meter. Now let’s dive into understanding how to check the KPLC meter number. 

Every meter KPLC installs comes with a unique number that is used for billing or buying tokens.

In most cases, the account linked to that meter is written on the meter, but if it is removed, you can check the account number, which is essential during the billing or buying token process.

How to check the KPLC meters differs because KPLC installs meters that are manufactured by different companies.

Therefore, the first step to checking your KPLC meter account number is to know which company manufactured it.

Below are the common brands used by KPLC and how you can check the account number.


Press 100 and then enter or #, and the account number will be displayed on the screen.

 HEXING Meter Box

Press 804, then enter or #

CONLOG Meter Box

 Press #100, then enter or #


Dial 65, and then press enter.

If you try the above option and are not successful, you can also press 000# or 100# and see your account number.

If you try all the above options and still don’t get the account number, the best option is to contact KPLC customer care by dialing 95551, 0703070707 or 0732170170

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