How Does MTN MoMopay Work In Ghana

How Does MTN MoMopay Work In Ghana, 2022, MTN MoMopay

Have you registered to use MTN MoMo Pay and can’t figure out how it works. Hold your breath because this guide is all that you need. In this MoMo guide, we will take a look at how MTN MoMoPay work in Ghana.

MTN mobile money as a financial transaction platform always seeks to improve the quality of its services, invents new ways of making financial transactions very easy and accessible to all.

MoMo Pay is another tool in the mobile money bag that offers an easy, secured and cashless system of making payments, particularly in the market.

What Is MTN MoMoPay

Mobile Money Pay (MoMoPay) is a payment service on the MTN mobile money menu that allows cashless payment of goods and services using the merchant’s ID/ invoice ID.

The usage of MoMoPay includes paying for online products, booking accommodation, and others. Its usage attracts extra cost. This means you pay additional fees whenever you use MoMoPay.

How Does MTN MoMo Pay Work In Ghana

The operation of MoMo Pay revolves around the MoMo Pay Merchant’s ID / Invoice ID.

The merchant ID comprises six (6) numbers given to the MoMo merchant or MoMo Pay agent. This code indicates the name of the business.

On the MoMo menu, mobile money users select the second option and follow the rest of the process to get payment done with MoMoPay.

The money paid to the MoMoPay agent is stored on the MoMoPay wallet.

How Much Does MTN Charge For Using MoMo Pay

The following are the charges involve in using MoMoPay services:

•A fee of 0.2% is charged on a transaction from Gh¢ 1.00 to Gh¢ 50.00.

•Transaction above Gh¢ 1000.00 demand a fee of Gh¢ 2.00 at a flat rate

How Do I Pay Online Using MoMo Pay

Online payment is among the chiefest of operations for which MoMoPay was introduced.

You just need to choose MoMoPay as your preferred choice of payment for online goods in Ghana at the online checkpoint.

Enter the amount to be paid, your MoMo PIN code, and enter the captcha form to confirm the transaction.

Can I Withdraw Money Using MTN MoMo Pay

Although MoMo Pay has been specifically designed for making payments, however, there seem to be extra functions it can be used for apart from making payments.

Both subscribers and MoMoPay agents can use the MoMoPay service for withdrawing money.

For subscribers, they need to locate an MTN MoMo agent outlet and initiate the withdrawal process by following the steps involved.

For MoMo agents they withdraw by cashing out at other MoMo agent outlets.

That is all you must know about how MTN MoMopay work in Ghana.

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