How To Talk To GTBank Customer Care In Nigeria

How To Talk To GTBank Customer Care In Nigeria

For those searching for how to talk to GTBank customer care in Nigeria, this is the right place for them.

In this short guide, we will show you all the contact information about GTBank.

Guaranty Trust Bank is a leading African financial institution that offers retail and investment banking, pension management, and payments services.

The bank, founded in February 1991, aims to provide customers with excellent customer care services in Nigeria and across Africa.

We will first show you the information you may have to give when talking to the bank’s customer care.

What Information Is Required

If you file a complaint with the GTBank customer care in Nigeria, you should provide the following information:

  • your account details, including your account name and number
  • the product /service you are complaining about
  • copies of relevant documents needed to verify your complaints
  • The transaction details, including the amount, date of transaction, the channel of transaction used, and transaction references number,
  • you can propose actions to resolve your complaint

. This is the information you may be required to give when you talk to GTBank customer care in Nigeria.

How To Talk To GTBank Customer Care In Nigeria

To talk to the GTBank customer care, you can dial any of the following numbers:

  • Tel: +234 803900 3900
  • Tel: + 234 1 4480000
  • Tel: +234 802900 2900
  • Tel: 0700 48266328

You can also contact the bank through WhatsApp at +234 701 697 4994.

For corporate inquiries, please call +234 1 271 5227.

You can email the bank at if you have issues relating to GTBank shareholdings, such as unclaimed dividends, e-dividend process, and migration of shares to the CSCS account.

Visit and fill out the online inquiry/complaints form for non-shareholders inquiries, requests, or complaints.

This is how to reach GTBank customer care in Nigeria.

What Happens When You Talk To GTBank Customer Care In Nigeria

When they receive your complaints, customer care will automatically log the complaints.

They will then send you an acknowledgment email within 24 hours containing an auto-generated Ticket Identification Number.

After that, your complaint will be reviewed and investigated fairly and promptly.

If the bank requires more time to carry out further reviews or investigations, you will be notified and continue to get updates until the issue is fully and satisfactorily resolved.

When the final feedback is provided, GTBank customer care will conduct a root-cause analysis to modify or improve the service or process.

This is all you need to know about how to talk to GTBank customer care in Nigeria.

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