How To Know KPLC Meter Number

How To Know KPLC Meter Number, Kenya Power Number

Since the launch of the prepaid meter, one essential thing to know is the KPLC meter number. You get to use this meter number to purchase the token.

Don’t worry if you don’t remember your KPLC meter numbers; I’ll share how to know it here.

The prepaid meter installed by KPLC comes with unique 11 digits, which you get to use every time you would like to purchase tokens.

It is not easy to memorize these 11 digits.

Despite the account number labeled on the meter, at some point, the label may get removed.

Even if the label was removed, it doesn’t mean you cannot know the KPLC meter number, though. Below is what you are supposed to do. 

How to know KPLC meter number

It is easy to know your KPLC account number and you don’t need to seek electrician support.

Different companies manufacture the prepaid meters installed in our house and since you can get the account number from them.

You have to know the company that manufactures one in your house and then check below what to do and get to know your KPLC meter’s account number.


If the meter box in your house is branded CONLOG, press #100 and then enter or # sign 


HEXING is the most common meter, and you can know the account number linked to the meter through dialing 804 and hit enter for


If the meter is branded ACTARIS to know your meter account number, dial 100


If the meter is labeled SHENZEN you can know the account number by dialing 65 and press enter to reach a SHENZEN meter box.

When you are unsure of the brand of your meter box, dial #000 or #100 or try all possible codes; this will assist you in establishing your meter box brand meter number.

If the account number is not an 11-digit number, try again.

After you have gotten the message, ensure you write it down to retrieve it whenever you need it.

If you try the above options and cannot get the account number, the best option is to contact KPLC customer care for assistance.

You can reach KPLC customer care by dialing 0703070707 or 0732170170.

Also, through social media, especially Twitter through their official page, Kenya power. 

You should send a detailed message about your issue, and customer care will get a response within minutes.

If not, tag their page on a tweet.

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