How To Start A Recycling Business In Zimbabwe

How To Start A Recycling Business In Zimbabwe, Make A Living From Recycling

The recycling business in Zimbabwe is not only profitable but also takes good care of our environment. It is a business that hasn’t quite developed, but it has many returns and requires just a little investment.

Tips to start a recycling business

One starts a business to help it grow and produce more profits. For any recycling business to be successful in Zimbabwe, it requires determination and hard work. Here are some tips to help your business be successful;

  • Look for a location with potential customers. Starting a truck business without any potential buyers may lead to a not-so-steady source of income. The best location is near schools or in schools.
  •  Advertise your business on posters, tell your friends and family and tell them to keep the word going. This will help you as your first customers will be your friends and family.
  • Study the strengths and weaknesses of other milk business owners and get to know what challenges they face.
  • Look for a company where you can purchase the stock at wholesale then sell it at retail to make even more profits.
  •  Hire competent employees who will help you run the business smoothly.

Legal requirements for starting a recycling venture

Starting a business in Zimbabwe requires one to meet certain requirements for the business to run smoothly. Here are some of the requirements needed;

  • First, you must go to NSSA to find out the permits that you will require to run the business. You can go to the offices physically or visit the website to know more details.
  • The next website to visit is the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority website. This will give you information on how the taxes will be charged and paid.
  • You can also get a lawyer to represent your company and help you with the registering process.
  • Get a unique business name and register it. It is ideal for small businesses and big businesses to register a company name using a lawyer.
  • You can also get a company seal and certificate of incorporation for about $25.
  • The next important thing is the City council business permit. Without this permit, it is really hard to start any business in Zimbabwe. The cost may vary depending on the size of the business and premises. Upon payment of the initial cost, you will get a receipt and a certificate later in about a week.
  • Health is another really important sector in any business, especially food-related businesses. One is required to have a health certificate upon inspection by a health officer.
  • A fire safety certificate is also required to ensure the safety of your employees, yourself, and customers.

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