How To Start A Profitable Taxi Business In Uganda

How To Start A Profitable Taxi Business In Uganda, Create A Lucrative Taxi Business

When you travel to Kampala, you will hear the hooting of cars and drivers or the conductors yelling to customers to board their vehicles loudly. Small minivans and minibuses moving along the roads. They are usually public service vehicles. Kamunye is one of the commonest and the most used form of public transport in Uganda. The city of Kampala itself has over 180,000 taxis. With the recent launch of Uber and other mobile taxis, there is a great improvement in the taxi industry. Therefore, this article focuses on how to start a taxi business in Uganda. 

Is the taxi business profitable in Uganda?

The taxi business in Uganda is very assuring cash daily. An average amount of Ksh 50,000 to 60,000, is needed depending on the condition of the car and the route it’s working on.

What legal requirements are required to start a taxi business in Uganda

When starting a taxi business, there are so many things that are required to be done apart from purchasing the vehicles and other equipment involved.

1. Establish your location

Set your taxi business where you can earn lots of money from that location. Pick a location where there is a lot of people, like public places and near markets. You can locate your business near shopping malls and supermarkets, where people can easily travel with their luggage. You can also have a headquarter where you can receive the request and assign the drivers to do it. For this, you will need a proper communication channel with your drivers. You can also locate your taxi business near the buildings of choice.

2. Licenses of the taxi driver

When you start the taxi business in Uganda, you need to apply for an operator’s license. This operator’s license proves to people that you are an official taxi driver. It is easily accessible in Uganda from the local council. This license helps taxi drivers a lot. For instance, you can easily pick a customer from a certain street. The Uganda local council decides on the type of cars, color to allow them to impose rules. 

The drivers of the taxi business also need to be licensed by the local licensing authority.

3. Insurance cover

It is a legal requirement, but aside from that, you need to consider one. The road risks are there, and the public liability insurance for the public if they are to be injured in case of anything. It is important to protect the business and other areas as well.

4. Vehicle registration

Make sure to register all the vehicles for commercial transportation with the necessary business permits and documents.

How to get the driving team for your taxi business

Having a driving team for your taxi business is very important for the success of a business. When you hire the divers for your taxi business, consider the following;

a) Drives must adhere to the rules and regulations of the taxi business.

b) drivers must ensure proper branding of the company to ensure the prosperity of the business.

c) Arrange for well-designed clothes for the drivers.

d) Check for their background information

e) Let them beware of the operating times

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