How Much Does KPLC Charge Per Kilowatt

How much does KPLC charge per kilowatt, Find Out Below

If you are among Kenyans, who wonder how much KPLC charge per kilowatt, then this blog post is for you.

It is a comprehensive blog post covering factors that influence the charge of electricity and how much Kenya Power charges electricity per kilowatt.

The Kenya power charges for electricity are arrived at after several factors are taken into consideration.

First, they have categorized their customers, and their electricity charges differ according to the category you fall into.

How much does KPLC charge per kilowatt

KPLC offers different electricity tariffs to its customers, and the charge per kilowatt differs according to the category.

This is the first consideration when determining the charge per kilowatt.

Domestic consumers

If you buy fewer than ten tokens, each unit costs Ksh. 12.00.

If you purchase more than ten tokens at once, you will be charged Ksh. 15.80 for each.

Small scale consumers

Consumers on a small scale for fewer than 15,000 tokens: It is necessary to pay Ksh. 15.80 per power unit.

An industrial customer purchased more than 15,000 units.

Commercial consumers

Commercial customers used more than 15,000 pay to supply three-phase four-wire post-pay 415 volts of electricity: Each token cost Ksh. 12.00.

KPLC Surcharges

Besides their traffic, other surcharges affect the charge of electricity in Kenya.

These surges are always highlighted in the bill.

Fuel Cost Charge (FCC) 

The fuel cost charge depends on the current fuel prices, which the government regulates.

The charge is always indicated on the bill, and it is not static.

Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuation Adjustment (FERFA)          

The sum of the foreign currency costs incurred by KenGen, the sum of the foreign currency costs incurred by KPLC other than those connected to Electric Power Producer. Also, the sum of the foreign currency costs incurred by KenGen make up Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuation Adjustment.

Inflation Adjustment (IA) 

Inflation Adjustment (IA) includes the Underlying Consumer Price Index, as published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

The Consumer Prices Index for all urban consumers (CPI – U) for the US city average for all items 1982 – 1984, as published by the US Department of Labor Statistics, are two inflation adjustment factors.

Why the energy price in Kenya depends on how much people in the United States pay is not clear. 


The amount of electricity supplied from hydroelectric plants in the previous month is used to calculate the WARMA Levy.

ERC Levy         

The ERC levy stands at 3 cents per kWh

REP Levy         

The REP levy stands at 5% of the base rate


The VAT currently stands at 16% on everything except the WARMA, ERC, and REP levies.


After all these factors are considered, is it where the KPLC determines the charger of electricity per kilowatt.

The current rate is posted on the KPLC website; therefore, if you would like to know the KPLC charge per kilo, visit the official KPLC. 

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