How Much Does The KPLC Meter Cost

How much does the KPLC meter cost, Find The Meter Fee

Do you know how much KPLC meter cost in Kenya? You will find the details in this guide.

If you are applying for an electricity connection or looking forward to getting a connection, one of the questions which might have crossed your mind is how much does the Kenya Power meter cost.

It is important to know the costs you ought to incur before applying for the connection to know if you will afford it or not.

Here we’ll share with you the KPLC meter cost, among other details related to electricity connection.

How much does the KPLC meter cost?

KPLC costs around sh.10000 to install one prepaid meter, but the customer is not charged for the meter during electricity connection.

Customers are not charged for installing the kits; according to KPLC, the benefits are substantial.

The new meter system enables the organization to reduce operating expenses associated with meter reading, improve customer service, improve financial management, and reduce bad debt levels.

KPLC thus is not specific on the cost of the meter.

During the electricity connection application process, the company, after you apply, evaluates the cost of getting connected with electricity and doesn’t break down the expenses.

What they send you is the total cost of getting an electricity connection.

About The Kenya Power Meter

One of the essentials you’ll have to apply during the electricity connection process is the meter.

The meter you apply for is based on the gauge.

It is KPLC that comes with the meter and installation.

They don’t require you to purchase the meter but do wiring in your house.

Today KPLC installed the prepaid meter.

It’s a kind of meter that is meant to regulate how much the consumer uses the electricity.

It comes with an interface that looks like a phone’s screen and allows customers to manage their power use the same way they manage credit units on their phones.

By entering a code on the meter’s customer interface unit screen, a customer can purchase electricity tokens and credit units to his meter.

The customer’s credit balance is depleted each day as they use electricity until the units are depleted, at which point the consumer must top it up.

Customers that use the prepaid billing method purchase tokens and put them onto their meters before using them.

This contrasts with the post-paid system, which allows customers to use electricity and then pay for it afterward.

If you have more questions, you can contact KPLC customer care by dialing 95551, 0703070707, or 0732170170.

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