How To Start A Mining Business In Zimbabwe

How To Start A Mining Business In Zimbabwe, Establish A Lucrative Mining Firm

Some people consider the mining business very dangerous, but one can make quite a lot of money from it with safety precautions. This article will talk about mining business in Zimbabwe.

There are different minerals one can mine, including very beneficial gold. Though there are few things, one has to look for the requirements before starting mining. Here is a look at how to go about it;

How much capital does mining in Zimbabwe need?

Mining requires a lot of capital not only in Zimbabwe but worldwide as well. There is small-scale and large-scale mining. Depending on which one you want to dwell in, the capital is different, the large scale being more expensive. Nevertheless, the returns at the end of the day are worth the investment.

Tips to start a mining business in Zimbabwe

  • The first thing is to draft a business plan and follow it to help you know how you will use your funds and what expenses you will be expecting.
  • The next step is to send an application to the secretary of the mining affairs board of Zimbabwe. Also, they will then review your application and approve it or not. You will then be informed as to where you stand.
  • Know the mineral you are going to dwell in. Different minerals come with different requirements. For instance, coal mining and gold mining both have different requirements.
  • One will also need to buy equipment. Mining requires a lot of equipment, and if one cannot buy, you can easily lease them.
  • Add a transportation service for transporting the minerals as they are bulky. Hire or buy some trucks or rails that will help you transport the minerals to their destination.
  • Get all the necessary business permits to start and run the business smoothly.
  • Advertise your business both on posters and on social media to companies and also make an effort to create a website.
  • Apart from all these, there are also other services that one requires to put into place to help with the business and in case of anything. This includes;

1. Power supply

2. Security and safety are really important minerals

3. Medical services in case of any emergency

4. Waste management service

One also has to hire other workers to help in the mining process as it is quite hectic.

Challenges facing mining in Zimbabwe

Though the mining business is quite profitable, there are challenges that it faces. This include but is not limited to;

High capital investment

Fluctuating price in minerals

Water and power supply

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