How To Change KPLC Account Name

How To Change KPLC Account Name, Follow These Steps

Do you know how to change KPLC account name in Kenya? We will show you the steps to do that in this guide.

It is imperative to ensure the names which display on your KPLC account are correct.

If they are not, then you ought to change.

In the same case, if you are married and your partner dies or you divorce, you can change the account name to your name for an easy billing process.

In this blog post, I’ll share how to change the KPLC account if the names are incorrect or you would like to transfer an existing account to your name.

It is by law to have the person who established the KPLC account be under their name.

If you use someone else’s name to register the account, it is against the law and can get you into trouble.

Below is an explanation under which circumstances you can easily change the KPLC account name.

Circumstances under which you can replace your Kenya Power account name

If you would like to change the KPLC account name, you ought to meet it under certain circumstances. 

It’s an easy process if you’ve married, divorced, or legally changed your name, or if you want to correct a typo.

However, a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or a court order permitting the name change must be presented.

When invoices have two names on them, and you’ve split up with your spouse, or he’s passed away, you’ll need to convert the account to your name exclusively.

You’ll need a death certificate or documentation proving that you’re now the sole owner or tenant.

As soon as the change is made, you’ll assume the current account number, open date, amount, and credit history in your name.

If there was an existing pending bill, then you will now be the one to clear it.

How to change KPLC account name

If you have the documents to prove you were married to the existing KPLC account holder, have a death certificate, or divorce papers, then you can easily change the KPLC account name.

Before KPLC changes the account name, you will have to verify the documents you presented to them.

The process of verification is not specified.

 If you are confident, you have all the right to get an existing KPLC account name changed to your name, visit the nearest KPLC offices.

The process is more straightforward about the name change, but it is longer to change the name or ownership.

AT the office, they will explain the whole process.

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