How To Rescan DStv Decoder, 2022, Steps To Get Channels On DStv PVR HD decoder

Do you know how to rescan the DStv decoder? Don’t panic if you don’t know because the process of rescanning is simple.

In today’s article, we will guide you to know how to rescan your Multichoice decoder to get channels.

This simple guide applies to most DStv decoders including the HD and PVR decoders.

How to rescan your DStv decoder for more channels

Here is what you need to do.

After you have reset your DStv, your receiver will restart, and all you will need is to rescan to get channels before viewing your preferred programs.

Below are guidelines you can follow to rescan your DStv:

1. Once your decoder is done restarting, you will see a screen like the one below.

2. You will need to pick a satellite based on your country.

3. Use the cursor on the left and right of the “OK” button pick the right satellite for your decoder

4. Select between quick and manual setup

5. We suggest you go with manual setup

6. Go to “manual” and enter “OK.”

7. At this point, you need to choose the kind of LNB used to set up your dish.

8. If you are using another DStv decoder apart from DStv Explora, we recommend Universal LBN.

9. Swipe left or right and choose “universal.”

10. Look into tuners 1and 2 to see its signal is over half the bar.

11. Next, scroll down to scan.

12. Enter “OK.” 

13. The scanning operation will begin.

14. Be patient as it will scan all the channels automatically

15. When done with the process, your decoder will turn to channel 100, and you will view pictures on your TV screen.

That simple, and you are done rescanning.

How to recover lost channels on DStv

That is pretty easy.

There are various ways you can recover lost channels on DStv.

Rescanning the preferred one because it’s secure and straightforward compared to the reset option.

You have to restart your DStv receiver to get your lost channels.

How to find channels on DStv

It’s preferable to contact a professional DStv installer to help search new channels on the free-to-air or paid channel for your DStv.

But if you are confident you can do it your self here are steps to follow:

  • Use the DStv push-button control
  • Click on the menu button on the remote
  • Proceed to the menu
  • Choose satellite installation
  • Ensure that the DStv signal indicator is on for the frequency you are searching

Rescan DStv decoder for free on-air channels

You can also view the free-on-air channel on your DStv receiver.

The core problem with the free-to-air channel is that they don’t display premium TV programs.

Therefore, it’s preferable to subscribe to the DStv channel that relies on a free on-air track.

How to rescan DStv HD decoder

The process of rescanning the DStv HD decoder is similar to the above-mentioned rescanning steps.

All the quality definition channels will be scanned together with the HD channels.

How to rescan DStv PVR decoder

It is also possible to rescan the DStv PRV decoder and get more channels and recover channels.

PRV is Better than the Standard DStv decoder because it’s more advantageous.

In this case of PRV, it’s wise to contact a qualified DStv installer to do the scanning process to avoid any channel loss or challenges with the setup. 

But if you are comfortable rescanning your PRV yourself, follow the steps above to scan the DStv decoder for more channels.

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