DStv Show Only Channel 100

DStv Shows Only Channel 100 [SOLVED] & What To Do DStv Is Showing Only 100

Are you a DStv subscriber? And it happens that your DStv receiver is displaying channel 100 only.

Don’t worry as we will show you what to do to get all your channels, but before we start, what’s channel 100 on DStv?

It is a promo channel found in each DStv bouquet. It’s a free-to-air channel that gives information about all of the multichoice promotional contacts.

Why is my DStv not showing all the channels?

If some of your DStv channels are not displayed, then there is some reason behind namely,

Suppose your satellite dish is not well aligned when your account has depleted, or other frequency is not showing. One convenient way to solve the problem is by confirming if your account is active.

In a case where some of your DStv channels are not showing, you should contact a multichoice officer or installer to fix the error.

What does it mean when your DStv decoder is showing only channel 100

Below is the reason why your DStv is only displaying channel 100.

If your subscription runs out, your DStv receiver automatically turns to channel 100.

If you experience an error code like E16, E30 & E32, then only channel 100 may show on your decoder.

And when DStv is facing technical problems.

What to do when your DStv decoder only shows channel 100

Use the following instructions when your DStv is displaying channel 100 only.

Utilize the DStv self-service shortcode or space to confirm your subscription status

You can turn to any of the channels, for example, 154 or Africa magic channel, and go through the information shown on your screen. That will help you know the source.

Turn to any other channel, let say supersport blitz, which is found in all DStv customers. Now the error code will appear on the screen to let you use the self-service to clear it.

Reboot your DStv receiver and rescan your channels.

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