How To Register For The KPLC E-Bill

How To Register For The KPLC e-bill, 2022, Kenya Power eBill

In this blog post, I’ll share with you how to register for KPLC e-bill, and you enjoy quick access to KPLC services.

More so, I’ll explain what e-bill is and its importance. So you don’t need to go anywhere else if you would like to know about this new KPLC system e-bill and how to register.

KPLC has eased access to its services more than ever. The latter is possible as it has installed a new system e-bill. 

After successfully registering for the service, you will have easy access to KPLC services.

You’ll be receiving your electricity bill through email at the end of the month.

More so, you can send a request for the bill anytime and receive a response within minutes.

It is an excellent way to access the KPLC services.

What is a Kenya Power e-bill?

The Kenya Power & Lighting Company’s e-bill is an electronic facility for inquiring about electricity bills.

It enables you to manage your power account at any time by monitoring the balance and bill due date by SMS or email.

KPLC launched the e-bill service to efficiently check balances and power bills, boost their delivery, and improve the client experience.

This method gives you access to the information via your email address.

The E-bill does not substitute the regular distribution of KPLC bills.

Your electricity bill will continue to be sent to your postal office address as usual.

Rather it is a new system that gives you quick access to the billing services.

KPLC has adopted the latest technology to ease access to its services.

You don’t have to wait until they send you the bill details because, with the e-bill system, you can send a request for your bill anytime.

How to register for the KPLC e-bill

If you would like to register for the e-bill services, you need to have the following requirements and be requested to submit them during the registration process.

  • KPLC A/c number
  • National ID
  • An email address

If you have the above documents, follow the steps to register for KPLC e-bill services successfully:

  • Open your phone or computer search for email
  • Select compose or create message option
  • Type R, followed by the first part of your account number followed by # then ID No. in the subject field
  • Send this email to

If you successfully register for the service, you’ll be receiving your bill detailing every month through email. 

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