How To Enter KPLC Account Number When Buying KPLC Tokens

How To Enter KPLC Account Number When Buying Tokens, 2022

Are you searching for how to enter a KPLC account number when buying tokens?

You have come to the right place.

Here you’ll learn how to enter the KPLC number and successfully buy the token correctly.

If you don’t enter the account number correctly, your request to buy a token will be declined, and you’ll have no other option but to repeat the whole process. But even if you repeat the process and don’t know how to enter a KPLC account, it is in vain you’ll not be able to buy the token.

Before diving into how to enter the KPLC account, let’s look at how KPLC came up with this issue of buying a token.  It is imperative to know how to enter the KPLC account number, especially if you are a prepaid customer.

Now and then, you’ll have to purchase a token, and without knowing how to enter the account number, you’ll not buy the token. The KPLC officially launched the installation of the prepaid meter in 2013. The customer is supposed to buy the token after the once they have bought it depletes.

Therefore, the first thing important in the process of buying the KPLC token is to know the KPLC account and then know how to enter it correctly when buying the tokens.  If you don’t know your KPLC meter account, here are ways you can check it.

How to enter KPLC account number when buying tokens

Below is how to check your KPLC account if you don’t know it. The process to check is different depending on the meter box installed by KPLC.


If your meter is branded ACTARIS, dial 100 and then press enter or #

HEXING Meter Box

If your meter is branded, dial 804, then press enter or #

CONLOG Meter Box

If your meter is branded dial #100, then enter or press #


If your meter is branded SHENZHEN Press 65, then enter.

When you try the above and still the meter cannot display the account number try dialing 000# or 100#.

How to check meter number

If you know the account number, and in most cases, it is written at the top of the meter, here is how to enter it when buying the tokens.  

When entering the KPLC account number, you are required not to enter the last two digits. For example, if your account is 123456-06, you are required to enter 123456 and leave out the last two digits.

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