How To Check KPLC Postpaid Account Number

How To Check KPLC Postpaid Account Number In Kenya, 2022

If you are a postpaid customer, you’ll find his blog post useful as it entails how to check KPLC postpaid account number.

The account number is essential as you use it to pay the bill at the end of the month.

Without knowing the account number, you’ll not make the bill payment, leading to electricity disconnection. 

Bearing in mind the importance of electricity, no one would like to get disconnected.

Therefore, I will enlighten you on how to check the KPLC postpaid account number, make the bill payment on time, and enjoy KPLC services uninterrupted.

How to check KPLC postpaid account number

It is easy to check KPLC postpaid account numbers.

More so, there are several places where you can find the account number.

Below is how to check the account number without having to think too much about where to find it.

1. On your electricity bill

The first place where you can check KPLC postpaid account numbers is in your electricity bill.

Every month KPLC sends you the electricity bill you ought to pay.

In the message sent, they included the bill among the account numbers.

Thus, you can retrieve the last message you received from KPLC and check the account number.

In addition, you can also try to locate the letter they used to send through the post office.

The bill was easily broken down for you in that letter, and at the top, they indicated your postpaid account number. 

You can try to locate where you used to store those bills and check the account number.

2. On your electricity meter

Did you know you can even check the KPLC postpaid account number from the meter?

Yes, the meter which KPLC installs comes labeled with the account number.

Unlike today’s prepaid meters installed inside the house, the postpaid meters are installed outside where the cables are connected from the pole.

If you want to see the account numbers open that box, you will see numbers on your lift down.

Note they are written in plastic and not the ones appearing on the ‘screen’ of the meter.

3. Visit the nearest KPLC offices

If you try the above two options and still can’t get to see the postpaid account number, visit the nearest KPLC offices for assistance.

KPLC has its offices spread throughout the country.

Thus, there is one near you.  At the office, customer care will assist you get the account number without hassle. 

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